What can I use instead of Thai basil?

Italian basil
When I’m out of Thai basil I use Italian basil. This achieves similar results but the dishes don’t turn out quite as fragrant as when I use Thai basil.

Does Walmart have Thai basil?

McCormick Gourmet All Natural Thai Basil, 0.62 oz – Walmart.com.

What basil is similar to Thai basil?

Can You Substitute Sweet Basil for Thai Basil? Sweet basil can work in place of Thai basil in a pinch, but you will lose the kick that Thai basil brings to any dish. Supplementing with other fresh herbs like mint or cilantro can help make up for some of that flavor loss.

Can I buy dried Thai basil?

DELICIOUS All Natural Dried THAI BASIL McCormick Gourmet 0.62 oz REVIEW.

Does Trader Joe’s have Thai basil?

Eggplant is a versatile food that’s used in a lot of vegetarian dishes. It can serve as a meat substitute, and it also makes for some great side dishes. This plant is front and center in Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Eggplant with Thai Basil.

Does sprouts sell fresh herbs?

The produce section at Sprouts, in addition to offering seasonal, specialty and organic items, also offers flowers, bouquets, potted plants, live herb plants and fresh herbs, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, specialty salad dressings, dessert dips and marinade.

Can you substitute fresh basil for dried basil?

The easiest and most common substitution in the world of herbs is to simply use dried rather than fresh herbs. For instance, if you’re out of the fresh basil your recipe calls for, just use dried basil in its place.

How do I use dried Thai basil?

Thai basil is wonderful eaten raw, slivered, and added to salads, both your plain old cucumber-tomato salad or something meaty like northern Thai larb. But its hardy leaves stand up especially well to cooking—their flavor infuses readily into food and the leaves don’t wilt quite as much as Italian sweet basil’s would.

What do you do with Thai basil?

Here’s a great way to use it: Thai Basil Fried Rice! Add it to fried rice, and it infuses an irresistible aroma that makes it impossible not to take another bite. It’s a great way to use this herb if you have it on hand.

Is Thai basil the same as basil?

What Is Thai Basil? Thai basil is a variety of basil (Ocimum basilicum) best known for its use in Asian and Thai cuisine. Unlike its cousin, Italian basil (aka Genovese basil), Thai basil has sturdy, resilient leaves that stand up well to extended cooking times and prolonged heat.

Can I substitute Thai basil for sweet basil?

Perfect for Southeast Asian dishes, the purple-stemmed Thai basil has a bright mint and citrus flavor. In a pinch, you can substitute sweet basil for Thai basil.

Can I use cilantro instead of basil?

Perfect as a substitute for basil, cilantro can give pesto sauce an impressive kick and can help to balance Asian dishes such as Thai curries. Cilantro is the leaf of the plant that yields coriander seeds, and it possesses an exotic flavor.

Is Lemon Basil the same as Thai basil?

Lemon basil is the least commonly used type of basil in Thailand. It is also known as Thai lemon basil, in contradistinction to Mrs. Burns’ Lemon basil, another cultivar.

What is the difference between Thai and Italian basil?

Italian sweet basil is a type of basil that’s most common in Western cooking. It has bright green leaves and a green stem. The leaves are larger than the Thai variety (see the bunches on the right in the photo above). The flavor of sweet basil is milder than Thai basil, with hints of black pepper and subtle anise.

Is Thai basil related to mint?

Thai basil (Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora) is a member of the mint family and as such has a particular sweet flavor reminiscent of anise, licorice, and clove.

What are the health benefits of Thai basil?

Research shows that Thai Basil is high in antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, which is why it has been used in traditional healing since centuries ago. Aside from ingesting Thai Basil, you can also bruise the leaves and inhale its aroma to relieve stress.