How much is the Saturday NZ Herald?

The cost of the Weekend Herald to subscribers will increase 30c to $1.50. Readers buying the Weekend Herald from retail outlets will pay $2, up 50c from $1.50.

How do you access the NZ Herald?

Sign in from Desktop/Mobile
  1. Head to from your desktop, laptop computer, smart phone or tablet.
  2. In the left-hand navigation, click ‘Sign into your NZ Herald’.
  3. Fill out your email address and password.
  4. Click or tap ‘Sign in’ at the bottom of the window.

How do I get NZ Herald premium?

To upgrade your print subscription to include Premium digital access, visit

Is the NZ Herald app free?

The App is available for free download now at the Android Market. If you do happen to have any questions, please contact us here.

How much does NZ Herald Online cost?

The New Zealand Herald will next week launch digital subscriptions, showcasing New Zealand’s best journalism and commentary. NZME will become the first major New Zealand media business to unveil digital subscriptions – costing $5 a week, with a special introductory offer to be announced next week.

Is there a NZ Herald delivery today?

The Herald on Sunday – delivery is 7am across all areas with the exception of Waiheke and Wellington. The Northern Advocate, The Northland Age, Bay of Plenty Times, Rotorua Daily Post, Hawke’s Bay Today – are the same as the New Zealand Herald delivery times above.

What is the best NZ News App?

Top News and Magazines Apps in New Zealand of Google Play Store
Free Apps
1Al Jazeera Al Jazeera Network Stuff Limited
31NEWS Television New Zealand Limited
4NZ Herald News NZME

Who owns the NZME?

General Public Ownership

With a 19% ownership, the general public have some degree of sway over NZME. While this size of ownership may not be enough to sway a policy decision in their favour, they can still make a collective impact on company policies.

How much is a Herald subscription?

Join the Herald from $3.95 per week and support news you can trust.

How do I put my NZ Herald on hold?

How do I place my paper on a Temporary Hold? You can access our automated telephone system on 0800 100 888 (New Zealand Herald) 0800 001 099 (Regional Publications) and follow the prompts. You only need your registered phone number. You can also put a hold on your Newspaper using our website, click here.

How do I cancel my Nzherald subscription?

You can cancel your Digital Subscription at any time by following the instructions on your account details page on Cancellation will take effect at the end of your current subscription period.

Is the Herald Sun free?

New customers can subscribe instantly and get full digital access to for $1 for the first 28 days. Plus, weekend home delivery of the paper can be added for no extra cost.

Can you buy the Herald Sun today?

Today’s Paper is exclusively available to our Subscribers. If you would like to subscribe please contact us on 1300 696 397, or learn more about +Rewards here.

How do you get free access to Herald Sun?

How to sign up for a newsletter
  1. Register for a free Herald Sun account here; or login to your account by clicking on ‘Login’ in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Visit the
  3. Select the newsletters you would like.
  4. Click on ‘Confirm your newsletter’
  5. That’s it.

How much is a Herald Sun paper?

$15.99 per month after. Cancel anytime. Get unmatched reporting on everything happening in the Durham area with our website and apps.

How much is the Sun newspaper?

The advising of the 5p cover prices will take effect from Monday 17 January, News UK confirmed retail terms would be maintained. Weekday editions of The Sun will cost 70p, with the price of the Saturday edition rising to £1.

Is the Herald Sun printed on Christmas Day?

ALL the staff at the Herald Sun wish you a happy and safe Christmas. ALL the staff at the Herald Sun wish you a happy and safe Christmas. The Sunday Herald Sun will not be printed on Christmas Day, but you will still be able to keep up to date and entertained at and on our iPad app.

How much is Herald Sun home delivery?

That’s just $3.75 a week, or a minimum cost of only $15 for the first 12 weeks (terms and conditions apply) including weekend home delivery and access to Whichever way you cut it, keep up with the conversation and don’t miss this great value subscription deal.

How do I subscribe to the Herald Sun?

For just $1 for the first 28 days, get complete access to plus the papers delivered to your doorstep every Saturday and Sunday. It’s the perfect deal to keep you informed at home, or on the go as life returns to normal. A Herald Sun subscription delivers more than you’d expect.

How many subscribers does Herald Sun have?

In 2017, the Herald Sun was the highest-circulating daily newspaper in Australia, with a weekday circulation of 350 thousand and claimed readership of 1.26 million.

Can you cancel Herald Sun digital subscription?

How can I cancel, change or upgrade my subscription? If you wish to cancel or change your current subscription offer, you can do this by calling 1300 MY NEWS (1300 696 397).

How do I suspend my age delivery?

Log in to My Account, located in the top right menu of Select ‘Suspend your delivery’ from the quick links on the My Account homepage, or navigate to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.