How do I get the latest version of Cricut design space?

Select the Cricut icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Select “About.” A small window will appear showing the current version.
  1. Click on the arrow on the taskbar to show hidden icons.
  2. Let your mouse hover over the Cricut Design Space icon.
  3. The plugin version will appear.

Why won’t my Cricut Design Space update?

Disconnect your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore from the computer and power your Cricut machine off. Once your Cricut machine is disconnected from your computer and powered off, restart your computer. When your computer has restarted, return to Design Space and attempt the firmware update process again.

How do I update Cricut Design Space IOS?

Did Cricut Design Space change?

In March 2021, Cricut announced some changes to Cricut Design Space, including image upload limitations, offset, project search, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about these new Cricut Design space updates. Stop pulling your hair out and start creating confidently with your Cricut!

How do I update Cricut Design Space on my phone?

Is Cricut Design Space in the Microsoft store?

Get Cricut Design Space with Free Assets – Microsoft Store.

Does Cricut work on iOS?

You don’t need a computer for Cricut. Cricut Design Space is available on iOS and Android as well as on Mac, or a PC. However, the computer version of the application is preferred by most crafters. Some are happy with the mobile apps though.