Who played the first Pink Power Ranger?

Amy Jo Johnson
Kimberly Hart
Power Rangers character
Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly
First appearanceDay of the Dumpster (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Last appearancePower Rangers (film)

Who is the Pink Power Ranger girl?

But there are childhood heroes, and then there’s Amy Jo Johnson, the It Girl and the hero to practically every child who grew up during the 1990s. Johnson’s character of Kimberly Hart, aka the Pink Power Ranger on the kid’s television show “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers,” changed the landscape.

Who played the Pink Ranger in the 90s?

Amy Jo Johnson
Amy Jo Johnson is best known for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” “Felicity,” and “Flashpoint.” The American-Canadian singer-actress came to prominence in the early-1990s as part of the original “Power Rangers” cast.

How many people have played the Pink Power Ranger?

Despite the fact that approximately 15 women have borne the title of Pink Ranger in the Power Rangers megafranchise—which spans 24 loosely connected TV series across about as many years—only two seem to matter in a Google search: Kimberly Hart, and the woman who played her onscreen, Amy Jo Johnson.

Why is the Pink Ranger always a girl?

In the shows, the Pink Rangers are female because they are in the Sentai inspiration of the respective Power Rangers season. Saban, and the other owners of the Power Rangers franchise, simply adapted the Sentai seasons, since it’s cheaper to do that than creating your own material.

Who is the male Pink Ranger?

Daniel is the first male Pink Ranger seen in Power Rangers franchise, through the Boom! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic spin-off.

Who’s the best Pink Ranger?


If you’ve kept track of the Power Rangers timeline, this should come as no surprise. Jen Scotts, played by Erin Cahill, is the strongest, best Pink Ranger in franchise history. She’s also the only Pink Ranger in the franchise to lead a team of Rangers.

Was Skylar Deleon a Power Ranger?

While Deleon claimed (and news reports said) Deleon was once a star on Power Rangers, Deleon appeared only once as featured extra Roger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which aired May 4, 1994.

Who was the hottest Pink Ranger?

Aly Purrott-Armstrong

The SPD pink ranger is the hot one. She’s pretty and beautiful. With her girly and pinky style, she really stole the hearts of people.

Is Void Knight Amelia’s dad?

Well when I had a look in Power Rangers Dino Fury Wiki Fandom on Amelia’s character I accidently learn and found out that both Void Knight and Santura are really Amelia’s (the Pink Ranger)lost parents that have unknown disappear when she was a baby.

Who was the prettiest Power Ranger?


What is the rarest Colour Power Rangers?

The purple ranger
One of the rarest Power Ranger colors. The purple ranger has been both male and female, depending on the season.

Who is the most handsome red Power Ranger?

10 Troy (Megaforce)

But he became more noted as the handsome Red Ranger. Troy proved to be so much more than his looks. He was a diligent leader and was humble. When faced with bullies, he kept his cool and stood up for himself and others.

How many girls were in Power Rangers?

Did you ever notice how there were two female Power Rangers, but only one of them had a skirt? That’s because the American show used Japanese Power Rangers footage for the fight scenes, and in the original show, the Yellow Ranger was a man.

Is Yellow Power Ranger a girl?

Trini Kwan is the female Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers. She was portrayed by Vietnamese-American actress Thuy Trang.

Who was the most popular Power Ranger?

Tommy Oliver is perhaps the most famous and respected Power Ranger of all time. He’s been on board since the beginning of the franchise, working his way from villain to ally to leader of the Power Rangers. Despite being known as the leader of the Power Rangers though, he’s played practically every role on the team.

Is Tommy Oliver the strongest Ranger?

It is no secret that the most beloved Power Ranger of all-time is Tommy Oliver. Over the years, he has even earned his place as the strongest Power Ranger. However, strength doesn’t necessarily mean who can hit the hardest. Strength applies to the fortitude of a character in both body and mind.

Who is the most powerful villain in Power Rangers?

For this reason alone, it’s tough not to argue that Emperor Mavro is the out-and-out strongest villain in Power Rangers history.