Where in Paia does Willie Nelson live?

Willie Nelson

If you’re lucky, you might get a chance to hear Willie or his son Lukas Nelson play music at Charley’s Restaurant & Saloon in Paia during your next Maui vacation! As a longtime cherished Maui resident, Willie is obviously one of Maui’s favorite celebrities…he is one cool dude, that’s for sure!

Does Willie Nelson own property in Hawaii?

Paia and the North Shore are popular with celebrities of all stripes, though – Willie Nelson owns not just a house but also owns the bar Charlie’s in Paia. He occasionally plays there without notice. He has also been spotted in the small town of Makawao in the upcountry of Maui.

Do any celebrities live in Maui?

Oprah Winfrey, the $2.8 billion media executive, talk show host and former actress is arguably the most eminent celebrity who calls Maui home at least part of the time. Oprah owns an American-farmhouse style property in Upcountry Maui and an estimated 200 acres of land in the East Maui town of Hāna.

What celebrities have a house in Maui?

Movie Stars, Musicians And Others
  • Clint Eastwood calls Maui his “second adopted home,” and built his home. …
  • Steven Tyler owns a home in the Kihei area of Maui. …
  • Lars Ulrich (from the band Metallica) is rumored to live in Launiupoko, on the west. …
  • Baseball. …
  • Retired.

Where does Clint Eastwood live in Maui?

Clint Eastwood has had a home on Maui for many years now, and it’s found on sunny South Maui, in Kihei. Wailea in South Maui is one of the most desirable areas in all of Hawaii, with luxury resorts acting as boundaries between miles of white sand beaches.

Where does Lukas Nelson live in Maui?

Those newfound domestic impulses helped motivate Lukas to get a place of his own for the first time in his life. In December, he bought a house in a community called Haiku on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Where does Jim Carrey live in Maui?

Jim Carrey has had a home on South Maui for several years now, with a luxury location just past Wailea. It’s an area that’s known for attracting celebrities, thanks to the opulent resorts and beaches.

Which Hawaiian island Does Bill Gates Own?

About eighteen miles southwest of the Garden Island (Kauai), sits Hawaii’s “Forbidden Island”, also known as Niihau.

Which Hawaiian island Does Bill Gates Own?
RankOwner nameIslands
4Molokai RanchMolokai

Where is Willie Nelson’s house on Maui?

Where Is Willie Nelson’s House On Maui? Willie Nelson is one of Maui’s favorite celebrities, and a long-term resident of Paia on the north shore. Paia is a favorite haunt of several celebrities, and Willie Nelson has had a home there for several years now.

Where is Willie Nelson’s ranch?

BRIARCLIFF, Texas – A world away from the stage, and with the steering wheel of his old pickup truck instead of a guitar in hand, Willie Nelson loves few things more than to go on a drive around his 700-acre chunk of the Texas Hill Country near here.

What is Willie Nelsons net worth?

In 1990, Nelson’s assets were seized by the Internal Revenue Service, which claimed that he owed $32 million.
Willie Nelson
BornWillie Hugh Nelson April 29, 1933 Abbott, Texas, U.S.
OccupationMusician actor activist
Years active1956–present

Does Willie Nelson live in Paia Hawaii?

Willie and his wife Joy live in Kihei, while he is frequently seen hanging out in Paia.

Who owns most of Maui?

State of Hawaii
Ranked by Acres owned
RankOwner nameIslands
1State of HawaiiMaui
2Pulama LanaiLanai
3Alexander & Baldwin Inc.Maui
4Molokai RanchMolokai
Dec 6, 2013

Who is the largest landowner in Hawaii?

The Robinson Family has 101,000 acres on Niihau and Kauai, but most of that is on the Garden Isle. Parker Ranch, on Hawaii Island, is a working cattle ranch that is now run by a charitable trust. It has 106,000 acres. And Kamehameha Schools is the single largest land owner with 363,000 acres.

Did the cast of Lost live in Hawaii?

As Lost was filmed in Hawaii, this put some considerable strain on the personal lives of its actors. Some, like Evangeline Lilly, decided to move there. Others, like Emilie de Ravin, had to make the best of it.

What bar does Willie Nelson own in Maui?

Opened in 1969, Charley’s is something of a Maui institution: a small-town, old timey restaurant with cozy leather banquettes and photographs of Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson on the walls.

Who is the richest person in Hawaii?

Almost all are richer than last year. According to Forbes Magazine, two billionaires on the Forbes 400 consider Hawaii home. Today, I will talk about the wealthiest person in Hawaii, Larry Ellison. He has a net worth of $117.3 billion, making him the 7th richest person in the country.

How much land in Hawaii does China own?

Hawaii’s numbers look even more modest when you consider that the large majority of the capital invested in the state over the past 17 years came from a single company: China Oceanwide, which since 2015 has acquired $569 million of real estate in West Oahu, including 26 acres of oceanfront land for a new Atlantis …

Can you actually own land in Hawaii?

Anyone in the world can buy property in Hawaii. However, if you are not a resident of Hawaii, which is characterized as filing Hawaii state income taxes, then buying or selling land in Hawaii might have a few more complications.

Do any billionaires live in Hawaii?

Pierre Omidyar is one of only two full-time billionaire residents of Hawaii – the other is Larry Ellison, as we’ve mentioned.

Who is the wealthiest family in Hawaii?

Honolulu’s Pierre Omidyar, formerly the richest full-time Hawaii resident, saw his wealth nearly double from 2020, going from $11 billion to $21.4 billion, moving from No. 118 on Forbes’ 2020 list to No. 83. Omidyar, 53, the founder of eBay, also launched Honolulu Civil Beat and the Ulupono Initiative.

What is the biggest problem in Hawaii?


In 2019, there were an estimated 9.4% of the state’s population living below poverty level. With regards to the number of people living on the street, there are an estimated 4,400 homeless individuals on O’ahu as of January 2020.