What’s it called when you put cheese on apple pie?

Do you think apple pie and cheddar cheese are a classic combination or a strange pairing? Your answer likely reveals where you grew up. The so-called “American” tradition of serving apple pie with cheddar cheese is prevalent in New England and the upper midwest.

Do some people put cheese on their apple pie?

There are many ways to prepare it: some people bake cheese into the pie crust, some slip it into the apple filling, some melt it on top of the pie, and others leave it on the side of the plate. Though in the United States, cheddar is the favorite, many types of cheese can be used.

Is cheese on apple pie a Midwest thing?

” … memoirs of life in the upper Midwest indicate that cheese was already a regular accompaniment to warm apple pie there before the turn of the century,” the 1998 article states. “The upper Midwest is major dairy country, of course, and it’s still where the custom is liveliest.”

Who puts cheese on pie?

The cheese-apple pie connection is often traced back to England, which is the birthplace of Cheddar and the apple pie. Back in the 17th and 18th century, English pies were often topped with a dairy-based sauce, such as custard. Somehow along the way, Cheddar stepped in for the sauce and the rest was history.

Do cheese and apples go together?

Anything goes with cheese and apples, as they offer the perfect marriage of sweet and savory. Our recommendations for apples to pair with cheese include: Red Delicious – Cheddar, Camembert, Provolone. Fuji – Gorgonzola, Blue Cheese, Fontina, Havarti.

Who invented pie a la mode?

John Gieriet
Pie à la Mode
Apple Pie à la Mode
Place of originUnited States
Region or stateMinnesota
Created byJohn Gieriet of the Hotel La Perl

What cheese goes with apple?

The many varieties of both apples and cheese allow for many combinations as they offer the perfect marriage of sweet and savory. Gouda goes well with a tart apple. Cheddar pairs best with a sweeter apple. Bleu cheese works well with sweet apples, which can emphasize the tangy cheese.

How do you serve apple pie with cheese?

The easiest way for first-timers to try this tradition is by simply topping their pie with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. You can melt the slice on top, keep it cold or serve it on the side.

Is it OK to snack on cheese?

Cheese snacking has received a major boost among health-conscious consumers as one of nature’s naturally functional whole foods that has been proved to have no negative health effects.

What type of cheese goes with green apples?

Blue (Bleu) Cheese, Granny Smith Apples, and Merlot: Famously green and tart Granny Smith apples combine with sharp Blue cheese and a medium-bodied, fruity red wine like Merlot in this unique pairing.