Is The Voice Coming back in 2022?

“The Voice” does not yet have a premiere date for the 2022 fall season.

Is The Voice Coming back in 2021?

The twenty-first season of the American reality television series The Voice premiered on September 20, 2021, on NBC. Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend returned as coaches for their twenty-first, eighth, and sixth seasons, respectively.

Who are the judges for The Voice in 2022?

The Voice (Season 22):
The Voice
Season 22
Broadcast from:February 21, 2022 to May 17, 2022
JudgesAdam Levine Shakira Pharrell Williams Luke Bryan
HostCarson Daly

Who are the judges on The Voice 2023?

The twenty-fourth season of The Voice, an American reality talent competition, premiered on February 20, 2023 on NBC.

The Voice (Season 24):
The Voice
Season 24
Broadcast from:February 20, 2023 to May 16, 2023
JudgesAdam Levine Usher Christina Aguilera Blake Shelton
HostCarson Daly

Why did Kelly Clarkson leave The Voice?

According to Kelly, she wanted to spend more time with her children (7-year-old daughter River and 5-year-old son Remington). “I’ve decided this year there’s just [going to] be a couple changes for me that I can’t say here,” she said in the Q&A. “But there’s a couple things happening.

Is The Voice Cancelled?

NBC made this announcement after revealing The Voice’s fall schedule and confirming that the show will no longer have a spring season.

Who will be the judges on The Voice season 23?

Season 23 is the twenty-third season of The Voice Fan Made US. Regis Philbin returned as the host for The Voice Season 23 for his second season.

The Voice (Fan Made Season 23 U.S.)
Season 23
AiredFebruary 24 – May 20, 2020
HostRegis Philbin
JudgesJennifer Lopez Nick Jonas Shakira Luke Bryan

Who were the past coaches on The Voice?

Blake Shelton has been the only coach for all seasons. Others along the way for the Emmy-winning reality program have been Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Cee-Lo Green, Jennifer Hudson, Nick Jonas, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Adam Levine, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, Usher and Pharrell Williams.

Does Blake Shelton own The Voice?

Blake Shelton Declares He is in Charge of ‘The Voice’ After 10 Years as a Coach.

Who will be The Voice judges in 2021?

The judges for the 2021 season will feature Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Ariana Grande.

Is Blake Shelton leaving music?

Blake Shelton – whose decades-spanning career is going from strength to strength – has admitted that he is already prepared for the day when he will no longer record music to make way for up-and-coming stars to take his place.

Is Blake Shelton leaving The Voice in 2021?

Blake Shelton Bids Farewell to 2021 with Gwen Stefani and The Voice: ‘Let’s See What Ya Got 2022’

How much does Kelly Clarkson make on The Voice?

$14 million per season
How much does Kelly Clarkson make on The Voice? According to Variety, Clarkson’s work as a full-time coach on The Voice, which started in 2018, earns her a cool $14 million per season.

How much money does Blake Shelton get paid on The Voice?

Well, Blake Shelton has been serving as the coach of The Voice since its first season. He reportedly takes home a salary of $13 million per season. Initially, he was paid $4 million per season on the show. His estimated net worth is $100 million.

Who is the richest voice judge?

And the richest Voice coach is…Shakira. The Latin-pop singer only judged on the show for two seasons, but we’re sure it’s because the series couldn’t afford her for more. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shakira is worth $300 million.

Who is the most famous voice winner?

Former Hey Monday singer and season three champ Cassadee Pope, who won in December 2012, is still the most successful winner of “The Voice.”

Which judge is leaving The Voice?

‘The Voice’ Fans Are Really Starting to Worry About John Legend Leaving the Show. Blake, Kelly and Ariana would be devastated.

What is Carson Daly’s salary on The Voice?

Salary: For hosting The Voice, Carson Daly earns a salary of $5 million per year. In addition, Daly earns $5 million per year for his work on The Today Show for a total annual NBC salary of $10 million.

Who Won The Voice 2021 coach?

coach Kelly Clarkson
This is the fourth time coach Kelly Clarkson has won The Voice. Her last victory was back in 2019 when Jake Hoot has crowned the winner of Season 17.

Who owns The Voice USA?

The Voice (franchise)
The Voice
OwnerTalpa Media (until 2019) ITV Studios (2019–present)
Films and television
Television seriesThe Voice (see international versions) The Voice Kids The Voice Teens The Voice Senior The Voice Rap The Voice All Stars The Voice Generations

What does Dylan Dreyer make?

Salary. For her various hosting duties, Dylan Dreyer earns an annual salary of $2 million from NBC.

How much does Savannah Guthrie make a year?

Savannah Guthrie’s annual salary for her work on the Today Show is $8 million per year. Savannah Guthrie is best known for hosting the NBC News show Today, a role she has carried out since 2012.