What is a synonym bellicose?

Some common synonyms of bellicose are belligerent, contentious, pugnacious, and quarrelsome.

What are the antonyms of bellicose?

antonyms for bellicose
  • agreeable.
  • calm.
  • easygoing.
  • pacific.
  • pacifistic.
  • passive.
  • peaceful.

What is an example of bellicose?

The definition of bellicose is someone or something aggressive and eager or willing to fight. An example of bellicose are angry rebels who storm a protest march.

What is the dictionary definition of bellicose?

adjective. inclined or eager to fight; aggressively hostile; belligerent; pugnacious.

What is the meaning of belligerently?

1 : inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility, or combativeness. 2 : waging war specifically : belonging to or recognized as a state at war and protected by and subject to the laws of war.

What part of speech is the word bellicose?

BELLICOSE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the antonym of kith?

kith > antonyms
-2»unfamiliar people

What is the antonyms of listless?

▲ Opposite of anxious or stressed, thereby not able to rest or relax. restful. calm. comfortable.

Is kith and kin an idiom?

Friends and family, as in Everyone was invited, kith and kin as well as distant acquaintances. This expression dates from the 1300s and originally meant “countrymen” ( kith meant “one’s native land”) and “family members.” It gradually took on the present looser sense.

What is the meaning of kith and kin?

friends and relatives
Definition of kith and kin

: friends and relatives They invited all their kith and kin to their new home.

What is the synonym of kith and kin?

synonyms for kith and kin

acquaintances. consanguinity. family. friends and relatives. kin.

What does Blue Blood mean idiom?

a noble or socially prominent family
Definition of blue blood

1 \ ˈblü-​ˈbləd \ : membership in a noble or socially prominent family. 2 \ -​ˌbləd \ : a member of a noble or socially prominent family.

Is bad blood an idiom?

Idiom: bad blood (between people)

What is a kith in slang?

Definition of kith

: familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives kith and kin.

What is the idiom of crocodile tears?

If someone is crying crocodile tears, their tears and sadness are not genuine or sincere.

What does the saying sixes and sevens mean?

idiom informal , old-fashioned in US. in a confused, badly organized, or difficult situation: We’ve been at sixes and sevens in the office this week. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Confusion, confusing and feeling confused.