What is the synonym of word bliss?

euphoria, happiness, joy, paradise, beatitude, blessedness, cool, felicity, gladness, heaven, rapture.

What is the full meaning of bliss?

Bliss is a state of complete happiness or joy. Marriage is often associated with this joyous feeling: people who are married and still in love are described as living in wedded bliss.

What is heavenly bliss?

2 adj Something that is heavenly is very pleasant and enjoyable. INFORMAL. (=blissful)

What is an example of bliss?

The definition of bliss is complete happiness. An example of bliss is what someone feels after a relaxing massage. An example of bliss is the act of doing work you love. noun. 2.

What is antonym of the word bliss?

Option B – ‘Sorrow’ is a noun which means ‘sadness, unhappiness or depression‘, which is the opposite of the given word ‘Bliss’.

What is the opposite word of the bliss?

Bliss means ‘great joy’ the opposite being sorrow meaning ‘sadness’.

What are the antonyms of blissful?

  • displeased,
  • dissatisfied,
  • joyless,
  • sad,
  • unhappy,
  • unpleased,
  • unsatisfied.

What is blissful life?

A blissful situation or period of time is one in which you are extremely happy.

What kind of word is bliss?

Bliss is a noun – Word Type.

What does oral bliss mean?

Stem. Contact BLISS Bright Language International Speaking Solutions, or BLISS, is a precise assessment of oral communication skills of employees. ParaCrawl Corpus. A delicious bliss takes over your senses and turns oral pleasure into a very intense experience.

What does pure bliss feel like?

Bliss is a state of unity, transcendence, completeness, knowingness, wholeness, and uplifted consciousness; it is a feeling of oneness and connection with all of creation. Bliss is never boring; it feels ever new, expansive, and infinite.

Is bliss an emotion?

Bliss is a state of being, not an emotion.

The mind is triggered by an impulse into reacting a certain way, causing a peak in excitement that then comes back to a stable state once said stimulus is removed.

Is bliss a feeling or an emotion?

Bliss is a magnified emotional state of joy, personal fulfillment and happiness.

What is a blissful person?

If you’re blissful, you’re happy and at peace. You can never have too many blissful moments. If you’re feeling blissful, then you’re lucky. This is a word for total contentment and major happiness, along with a kind of Zen-like peace.

How do you use blissful in a sentence?

We spent a blissful week together. We’re blissfully happy. If someone is in blissful ignorance of something unpleasant or serious, they are totally unaware of it. Many country towns were still living in blissful ignorance of the post-war crime wave.

Is bliss a state of mind?

Bliss is a state of mind. As the Dalai Lama explains in the book The Art of Happiness, “the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness”.