What is the synonym of fierce?

angry, bold, brutal, cutthroat, dangerous, ferocious, fiery, furious, intense, murderous, passionate, powerful, raging, relentless, savage, stormy, strong, terrible, vehement, vicious.

Is Fierce a positive word?

Something that is of exceptional quality, bold, surprising and unforgettable. A word used to describe something that is out of the box, non-traditional, and dynamic. Passionate, joyful, and positive! Fierce means to demand excellence.

What fierce means?

‘ It means strong, proud, dangerous and ready to roar. Fierce can also be used to mean intense. The family was known for their fierce pride.

Who is a fierce person?

A fierce animal or person is very aggressive or angry. They look like the teeth of some fierce animal. Synonyms: ferocious, wild, dangerous, cruel More Synonyms of fierce.

What is a sentence for fierce?

The proposal has faced fierce opposition. The two teams have had a fierce rivalry for many years. He’s admired for his fierce independence. She’s a fierce competitor.

What is the opposite fierce?

Opposite of having or displaying a violent or ferocious aggressiveness. gentle. benign. mild. peaceful.

What is a synonym and antonym for Gorge?

noun. ( ˈgɔrdʒ) A narrow pass (especially one between mountains). Antonyms. unstuff unclog pull empty honor. defile mountain pass pass.

What is a female leader called?

captain; woman-leader; forewoman; chief.

What makes someone fierce?

Definition of FIERCE: 1 a: violently hostile or aggressive in temperament. b: given to fighting or killing. 2 a: marked by unrestrained zeal or vehemence. b: extremely vexatious, disappointing, or intense.

What is the opposite of lair?

What is the opposite of lair?
open air

What is an example of a gorge?

The definition of a gorge is the narrow valley in between steep hills or cliffs. An example of a gorge is the Niagara Gorge.

What is a sentence for gorge?

Gorge sentence example. Up the gorge, there were no climbers tacked to the icy walls. Below the falls the river rushes through a rocky gorge, and openings in the cliffs to the water are rare. The living casemates were under the gorge parapet.

What is a synonym for Dragon?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dragon, like: draco, firedrake, hydra, wyvern, mythical beast, basilisk, winged serpent, serpent, monster, dragons and talos.

How do I pronounce lair?

What is the synonym of waning?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for waning. decaying, declining, dying, failing.