What’s the opposite for scarce?

Choice C is correct. Scarcity means ‘shortage’ the opposite being plenty meaning ‘large amount of something’.

What does scarce mean sentence?

: very small in amount or number : not plentiful. Food was getting scarce during the drought.

What’s this word scarcity?

Definition of scarcity

: the quality or state of being scarce especially : want of provisions for the support of life.

What is a scarce resource?

Resource scarcity occurs when demand for a natural resource is greater than the available supply – leading to a decline in the stock of available resources. This can lead to unsustainable growth and a rise in inequality as prices rise making the resource less affordable for those who are least well-off.

What are the synonyms of water scarcity?

What is another word for water shortage?
shortage of waterlack of rain

Are abundance and scarcity synonyms?

Abundance is the opposite of scarcity.

What is meant by scarcity in economics?

Scarcity in economics refers to when the demand for a resource is greater than the supply of that resource, as resources are limited. Scarcity results in consumers having to make decisions on how best to allocate resources in order to satisfy all basic needs and as many wants as possible.

Why is water scarce?

More than half the world’s wetlands have disappeared. Agriculture consumes more water than any other source and wastes much of that through inefficiencies. Climate change is altering patterns of weather and water around the world, causing shortages and droughts in some areas and floods in others.

What is the meaning of water scarcity?

Water scarcity is a relative concept.

The amount of water that can be physically accessed varies as supply and demand changes. Water scarcity intensifies as demand increases and/or as water supply is affected by decreasing quantity or quality.

Is water a scarcity?

Water scarcity either indicate scarcity of availability due to physical scarcity or scarcity of access due to the lack of daily supply by institutions or due to a lack of sufficient infrastructure. Any continent is now plagued by water shortage.

What is water scarcity kids?

Water scarcity is defined as a water deficiency or a lack of safe water supplies. As the population of the world grows and the environment becomes further affected by climate change, access to fresh drinking water dwindles.

What are the types of water scarcity?

Water scarcity is often divided into two categories: physical scarcity, when there is a shortage of water because of local ecological conditions; and economic scarcity, when there is inadequate water infrastructure. The two frequently come together to cause water stress.

Who affects water scarcity?

Women and children are the most affected — children because they’re more vulnerable to diseases caused by dirty water and women and girls because they often bear the burden of carrying water for their families for an estimated 200 million hours each day.

How does water scarcity affect food security?

Water Crisis

Water scarcity has a huge impact on food production. Without water people do not have a means of watering their crops and, therefore, to provide food for the fast growing population.

Will we run out of water in 2050?

Demand for water will have grown by 40% by 2050, and 25% of people will live in countries without enough access to clean water. This warning does not come as a surprise. The UN, and other global organizations, have been warning us of water shortages by 2050 for years — if not decades.