What is the synonym of slaughter?

assassinate. verbmurder prominent or important person. bump off.

Which word means a great slaughter?

the killing of great numbers of people or animals indiscriminately; carnage: the slaughter of war.

What is an antonym for slaughter?

Antonyms. victory deflate increase thicken expand uncut strengthen. debacle licking walloping defeat thrashing.

What is slaughter slang for?

/ˈslɔː.təd/ us. /ˈslɑː.t̬ɚd/ get slaughtered. to get very drunk. Drunkenness & sobriety.

What kind of word is slaughter?

Noun. (uncountable) The killing of animals, generally for food.

What is the example of slaughter?

Slaughter is defined as to kill animals or people in large numbers or in a brutal way. An example of to slaughter is pigs being killed to be sold as pork. To kill in a violent or brutal manner.

What is lamb to the slaughter mean?

: in a very innocent way : without knowing that something bad will happen. He walked into the meeting like a lamb to the slaughter.

What is the noun form of slaughter?

slaughter. / (ˈslɔːtə) / noun. the killing of animals, esp for food. the savage killing of a person.

What is the sentence of slaughter?

1. The animals are stunned before slaughter. 2. The slaughter of whales is unnecessary and inhuman.

What shellac means?

Definition of shellac

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : purified lac usually prepared in thin orange or yellow flakes by heating and filtering and often bleached white. 2 : a preparation of lac dissolved usually in alcohol and used chiefly as a wood filler and finish.

What is slaughter and butcher?

Slaughter – The process of killing an animal for food. Butcher – (as a verb) to cut up an animal for food. So to butcher something refers to the process of cutting the meat up and making it presentable to customers or consumers. Slaughter usually refers more to the killing of the animal in the first place.

Where did the word slaughter come from?

The noun slaughter was first used in the 1300s and comes from the Old Norse word slahtr, which also described the mass killing of animals or people. A verb form came along later, in the 1530s. You might hear slaughter used to describe the killing of large numbers of people in a war, a genocide, or a massacre.

What is mean by cow slaughter?

To slaughter animals such as cows and sheep means to kill them for their meat.

What is slaughter man?

Definition of slaughterman

1 archaic : executioner, slayer. 2 : slaughterer sense b.

What is the other term for slaughtered animals?

What is another word for slaughter?