What is up to date synonym?

synonyms for up-to-date

advanced. contemporary. modern. state-of-the-art. timely.

What is the similar word to date?

until today. up to the present moment. until the present. till the present. by this time.

What do you mean by to date?

up until the present time
To date means up until the present time. ‘Dottie’ is by far his best novel to date. To date we have spent eight thousand pounds between us. Synonyms: up to now, yet, so far, until now More Synonyms of to date.

What is the idiom of up to date?

Definition. Idiom: keep up to date. to continue giving or adding the most relevant information. to stay informed about the most recent trends or developments.

Can you say up to date?

Up-to-date is an adjective phrase that is used as a synonym for current. Something that is up-to-date contains the most recent information available. See the sentences below for examples, The new edition of Kate’s book has the most up-to-date information available on the science of horse nutrition.

Is to date formal?

‘to date’ is slightly more formal because you are less likely to use it in speech than in writing (although it’s only a slight difference).

Is up to date or updated?

Up-to-date described the current condition. Updated also describes the current condition, but indicates that there was a previous version to which something has been done so that it is now more up-to-date.

How do you say up to today?

  1. as yet.
  2. thus far.
  3. to date.
  4. until now.
  5. so far.
  6. still.
  7. hitherto.

What means keep up to date?

to inform someone of all the most recent news and changes in a situation. The newsletter will keep you up to date with our progress. Synonyms and related words. To tell someone something, or to give information.

What is one word for date and time?

“DateTime” is often used for this. “Timepoint” or “timestamp”, while being an actual words, aren’t any shorter.

What is another word for start date?

beginning, zero hour, jumping-off point, initiation.

Is till date correct?

“Till date” is not correct. Till is a badly formed contraction of until, which would be correctly spelled “ ’til “ (note the apostrophe) but is too informal for talking about your professional life.

Is it to date or to date?

To-date definition

Alternative spelling of to date. (idiomatic) Until now; until the present time.

What is the starting date?

starting date. noun [ C ] (also start date) the planned date for the start of an important activity: The starting date for the construction work is June 23.

What is Commence date mean?

A commencement date is the day on which activities in the contract commence. This is basically another term for an effective date.

What’s a proper date?

A proper date is when you get together for a significant amount of time (over 15 minutes) and connect with someone.

What is a start and end date?

Start and end date scheduling (sometimes referred to as flighting) is an advertising strategy that lets an advertiser set a schedule for when different content displays in the ad. Using dynamic creatives, an ad can be updated automatically by changing date parameters.