What is the synonym of upgrade?

beef (up), boost, fortify, intensify, reinforce.

What’s a good word for improvement?

OTHER WORDS FOR improvement

3 refinement, betterment, advancement. 4 enhancement, repair.

What is upgrade opposite?

Opposite of to raise to a higher or more important position or rank. demote. abase. degrade. downgrade.

How do you use the word upgrade?

Examples of upgrade in a Sentence

Verb They’ve upgraded the quality of their service. The city is upgrading the sewage treatment plant. The office is upgrading the telephone system. They upgraded the hotel to attract more business patrons.

What is significant improvement?

Significant Improvement means a reduction of the performance gap, which is further defined, by the reduction of at least ten percent in the number of Members that do not achieve the desired outcome.

What word means continuous improvement?

Kaizen is a compound of two Japanese words that together translate as “good change” or “improvement.” However, Kaizen has come to mean “continuous improvement” through its association with lean methodology and principles.

What type of word is upgrade?

verb (used with object), up·grad·ed, up·grad·ing. to promote to a higher grade or rank: He has been upgraded to senior vice president.

What is the root of the word upgrade?

upgrade (v.) “increase to a higher grade or rank,” 1904 (transitive); 1950 (intransitive), from up (adv.) + grade (v.). Related: Upgraded; upgrading.

What is difference between upgrade and update?

An upgrade primarily concerns with hardware and software. An update primarily concerns the software and OS of a computing device.

What’s another way to say areas for improvement?

Other related phrases include: has room to grow, something to work on, a way to better (your)self, (grand connotation).

How do you say areas of improvement?

Areas of Improvement – Example Answer #1:

I enjoy the hands-on accounting work and that’s still what I want to be doing, which is why I applied for this position. However, I haven’t had much chance to lead yet in my career, so I’d say that’s an area for improvement or something I could get better at.”

What is another word for self improvement?

In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for self-improvement, like: self-reformation, self-development, self-fulfilment, self-realisation and null.

What’s a synonym for success?

achievement. nounsomething completed successfully; goal reached. accomplishment. acquirement. acquisition.

What is an example of performance improvement?

EXAMPLE: To effectively manage workload on a daily basis, meet deadlines efficiently, prioritise tasks and respond to emails in a timely manner. Measured by management observation of performance of tasks.

What is the quality improvement process?

Quality improvement is the framework used to systematically improve care. Quality improvement seeks to standardize processes and structure to reduce variation, achieve predictable results, and improve outcomes for patients, healthcare systems, and organizations.

What are 5 areas of improvement?

What are areas of improvement? Areas of improvement are skills, qualities or abilities that an employee could develop or enhance. Areas of improvement could include time management, delegation, organization, communication and engagement. Many of these skills and abilities are those that employees use daily at work.

What is a quality improvement initiative?

A QI program is a set of focused activities designed to monitor, analyze, and improve the quality of processes in order to improve the healthcare outcomes in an organization. By gathering and analyzing data in key areas, a hospital can effectively implement change.

How do we know change is an improvement?

The only reliable way to know if any change we make to practice brings about improvement is to collect data. ‘Feelings’, ‘impressions’ and other qualitative feedback can be useful, but hard numbers are needed to decide if we are meeting our SMART aim.