How do you pronounce Jake Gyllenhaal in Swedish?

In practice, most people say Jake JILL-en-HAHL. But it’s a Swedish name, and the correct pronunciation is actually closer to YILL-en-HAAL. Or YILL-en-HUUL-EH-HEEH, if Jake himself is to be believed in this interview.

How do you pronounce Jake Gyllenhaal’s last name?

This is how you pronounce Jake Gyllenhaal’s last name

Typically, it is pronounced “Jill” (like a girls name), “in-hall,” as in the hallway.

What kind of name is Gyllenhaal?

Gyllenhaal (Swedish: [ˈjʏ̂lːɛnˌhɑːl]) is the surname of a Swedish noble family descended from cavalry officer Lieutenant Nils Gunnarsson Haal (died 1680 or 1681), ennobled in 1652 with a change of surname to “Gyllenhaal”.

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What did Jake Gyllenhaal say to Taylor Swift?

Gyllenhaal received blowback from Swift fans online. “It has nothing to do with me,” Gyllenhaal said when asked about “All Too Well.” “It’s about her relationship with her fans. It is her expression. Artists tap into personal experiences for inspiration, and I don’t begrudge anyone that.”

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