How many types of mountain biking are there?

Mountain biking can generally be broken down into five distinct categories: cross country, trail riding, all mountain (also referred to as “Enduro”), downhill, and freeride.

What are the 3 types of biking?

Each style of cycling uses different muscle groups and requires different training. “At their core, road cycling, mountain biking and cyclocross are all about pedaling, but each sport is quite different,” says Ted King, a U.S. professional road-racing cyclist who rides for Cannondale Pro Cycling.

What is a category 3 mountain bike?


Bicycles and frames in this category can be used on pumptrack lines for beginners and easy off-road trails. They are designed to withstand jumps and drops that exert forces equivalent to jumping a bike onto a flat surface from a height of approximately 25cm.

Which MTB is best for beginners?

Best mountain bikes for beginners
  • Ragley Marley 1.0. Playful hardtail that can take on any trail. …
  • Orbea Laufey H30. Aggressive hardtail for trail shredding. …
  • Vitus Escarpe 29 CR. …
  • Commencal Meta HT AM Origin. …
  • Specialized Chisel Comp. …
  • Cannondale Habit 4. …
  • Vitus Sentier 29 VR. …
  • Trek Roscoe 8.

What is a hardtail bike good for?

As a type of mountain bike, hardtail bikes are used for cycling on many terrains and environments. Their versatile and resilient nature means they’ll perform well in most places ride. Suitable areas for hardtail mountain biking include mountain trails, fire roads and pump tracks.

What is a Category 4 bike?


Bicycles in this category can be used off-road on easy and moderately difficult MTB trails, and are designed to withstand jumps that exert forces equivalent to jumping a bike onto a flat surface from a height of approximately 40cm.

How do I pick the right mountain bike?

  1. Get the right size. First up, everything else is secondary to the right frame size. …
  2. Choose a wheel size. …
  3. Choose hardtail or full-suss. …
  4. Don’t obsess about weight. …
  5. Beware the flashy trinkets. …
  6. Choose suspension quality, not quantity. …
  7. Look for futureproof design. …
  8. Keep some budget back.

What is an enduro MTB bike?

Enduro (and “Super Enduro”)

Enduro bikes are long-travel bikes designed for going as fast as possible downhill on the hardest trails around. Their geometry is built for speed on the descents, but also for pedalling back up hill to start the next race stage.

What’s the difference between trail and XC mountain bikes?

The tires on a cross country mountain bike are thinner relatively smoother for maximum speed compared to trail mountain bikes which have rougher and wider tires for better grip on technical terrains. With all these features in mind, you can easily tell the two types of mountain bikes apart.

What’s the difference between trail and enduro mountain bikes?

The key difference is that trail bikes have slightly less suspension travel 130-150mm, whereas enduro bikes have 150-200mm of travel. Trail bikes are lighter weight and have steeper/shorter geometry than enduro bikes. Whereas enduro bikes have slack geometry and big suspension for going fast downhills.

Can mountain bikes be used on the road?

Yes, you can ride a mountain bike on the road. Many people like to have a mountain bike instead of a road bike or hybrid because they like the option of being able to ride off-road should they choose. We look into the pros and cons of riding a mountain bike on the road.

What bike is good for trails?

Mountain Bicycles are design for riding rough off-road trails. They have flat or upright handlebars, and a very low gear range for pedaling up steep trails. Most mountain bikes have some type of shock absorbers or suspension.

What is enduro vs XC?

Enduro tracks are more technical than XC which involves bigger drops and jump sections to fuel your adrenaline thirst. Enduro competitions are staged races completed over a few days and involve steep climbs and timed descents. Racer navigates round a sharp turn during descent in an Enduro mountain bike race.

Can I use a hardtail for downhill?

Yes, you absolutely can ride a hardtail downhill. You’ll feel every bump your back tire hits but you can sure do it. In fact, many riders will ride a hardtail bike downhill to force themselves to learn how to pick a better path.

Can enduro bikes go downhill?

Enduro bikes can make it down most any trail, and most of the time just as fast or faster than a dedicated DH bike. DH bikes are better for legit DH terrain where the trails are not manicured dirt sidewalks like many seem to favor these days.

Can XC bikes do downhill?

Cross-country is one of the most exciting disciplines within mountain biking. Races are often close, with elbow-to-elbow action right until the line, and the best XC bikes combine everything we love about mountain biking – riding fast, uphill and downhill.

Can you ride XC bike on trails?

XC bikes can be used for trail riding on trails that are less technical than enduro trails. They require a higher rider skill level and will offer less stability on technical descents compared to trail bikes but if you want a more playful bike that will help you sharpen your skills, an XC bike is the right choice.