What is a 5 letter word with Uer?

Matches entered letters in any sequence anywhere in the word.

5-letter words ending with UER.

What does the root Aer mean?

Aer-, aero-: Prefix indicating air or gas, such as aerogastria (excess stomach gas).

Are air ear words?

What organ system is the ear in?

Answer and Explanation: The ear belongs to the sensory system. This is a subset of the nervous system dedicated to gathering information about the world external to the body and relaying that information to the brain.

What are Air words?

An ‘air’ word is any word that include those three letters adjacent to each other to create a single phoneme.

For example:
  • flair.
  • chair.
  • paid.
  • fair.
  • hair.
  • fairy.

What are some ear words?

-ear (‘eer’ sound)

Words include: year, dear, rear, fear, hear, near, gear, and clear.

How do you say air sound?

Are for air words?

Unit 12: Spelling the sound /air/: air, are or ear?
air fair * lair pair * chair flair * stair * hair*bare * dare hare * pare * rare flare * scare snare stare *care fare * mare ware * blare glare share spare
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