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10 tips for choosing a good psychologist

Choosing the psychologist who is going to offer us his sessions may seem like a simple task in an age when the internet allows us to quickly locate the nearest consultation. If we live in

Dreaming of snakes: what does it mean?

Dreaming about snakes is a relatively frequent experience and usually produces feelings of anguish and discomfort in those who live it. In addition to the anxiety that these animals tend to produce in most people,

The effects of tobacco on the brain

Lighting up and smoking a cigarette are actions that millions of people carry out on a regular basis every day, even though they know that smoking and tobacco consumption have a great deal of harmful

The 10 best sexologists in Palma de Mallorca

Today, sex therapy is more necessary than ever in order to overcome, together with our partner, all those potholes that may arise in the relationship, and also to ultimately achieve an improvement in the relationship

The 6 best courses in Sports Psychology for this year

One of the fields of action that is giving more talk in recent times is sports psychology, which is focused on the manipulation of psychological variables that are relevant in the sports context: team cohesion,
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