Sexology is the scientific discipline that studies human sexuality from a biopsychosocial perspective , that is, it takes into account the biological, psychological (thoughts, emotions and behaviour) and social factors that play a significant role in human sexuality.

Generally, a sexologist is a professional who has specialized in sexology, thanks to a postgraduate degree, after having been trained in a more general university career, such as psychology or medicine.

A list of sexology books

Without a doubt, sexology is very interesting to most people, since intimate relationships are a very important part of our well-being.

Whether you are interested in training as a sexologist or if you are a person who simply wants to know more about human sexuality, below you can find a list of books on sexology that will be of great help to you .

1. As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl (John Colapinto)

The author of this work presents a good summary of the well-known case of David Reimer , a monozygotic twin brother of another baby named Brian. Reimer lost his penis in a circumcision accident at the age of 8 months.

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After her parents saw a television show featuring the well-known sexologist John Money, they contacted him and decided to explore the possibility of raising their child as a girl. So they decided to raise Bruce (David’s original name) as a girl (Brenda) from the age of 19 months. In this play you will find all kinds of details about this cruel experiment that turned out to be a failure.

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2. Illustrated Manual of Sex Therapy (Helen Singer Kaplan)

Helen Singer Kaplan, the author of this text, bases her experience with more than 2000 patients to discuss the most common problems people have with sex. This illustrated manual touches on different topics and encourages people to let themselves be carried away by their sexual fantasies, instead of resisting them. A text intended for individuals who wish to practice as sexologists.

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3. Sexuality and adolescents (Miguel Álvarez)

Adolescence is a critical period in the creation of a person’s identity and is a stage of life in which the individual begins to explore his or her sexuality. The healthy development of sexuality depends largely on this phase.

This play is entertaining and clearly written, so it is suitable for all audiences. It is suitable for teenagers who want to be initiated in the sexual experience and for parents who want to know more about the stage their children are going through. Topics such as contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. are covered.

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4. Do It Yourself (Stephan Niederwieser)

There are still individuals who are not aware of the benefits of masturbation, and there are people who consider it a taboo and prohibitive subject. And… No! Masturbation is not just a man’s thing. For women, it can be very beneficial because it allows them to explore their sexuality. This book is about this topic and gives many tips on how to get the most out of masturbation.

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5. The pleasure of sex (Alex Comfort)

Enjoyment of sexuality is synonymous with pleasure and enjoyment . People have sex because it makes them feel good and because it stimulates the brain’s reward system. People who are full of prejudice simply do not fully enjoy one of life’s great pleasures. A true guide to sex that cannot be missing from the library of sex lovers.

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6. The Science of Sex (Pere Estupinyá)

This book is more focused on the scientific side of sexuality , full of curious scientific explanations on this subject. It deals with topics as interesting as the influence of hormones on our behaviour or the influence of genes on sexuality. Without a doubt, a great book to learn a lot about sexology.

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7. The Sexual Self: The Construction of Sexual Scripts (Stevi Jackson et al.)

The “sexual self” represents one of the most interesting paradigms of the last decade in sexology . More focused on social aspects, the author pays little attention to the biological theories of sex. This school of thought began with the work of Simon and Gagnon called “Sexual Conduct”, which was first published in 1973.

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8. My Secret Garden (Nancy Friday)

This book is a few years old, as it was published in the 80s . It is a classic in which hundreds of interviews with women about their sexual fantasies appear. This work is half erotic novel, half book of sexology. A book not suitable for people with prejudices, in which it will make your fantasy fly.

9. The Science of Orgasm (Barry Komisaruk, Carlos Beyer-Flores, and Beverly Whipple)

An ideal text for those who wish to learn more about the biological processes of the orgasm . To learn more about this, the authors placed several subjects in the fMRI imaging machine so that they could have orgasms and study what was going on in their brain. This book contains great discoveries and a lot of information for anyone interested in the relationship between sex and the brain.

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10. Enhance your sex life (Juan Carlos Ruíz)

For those people who want to transform their intimate relationships and want to overcome the limits of their own mind regarding sexuality, this is a great text, very instructive. In 228 pages, the author of this book gives a lot of advice that will surely be useful and change your sexual life.

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11. The Myth of Monogamy (David Barash and Judith Lipton)

In this work, psychologist Barash and biologist Lipton offer another perspective on a certainly interesting subject , as they explore how many animals that scientists call “monogamous” are anything but that. They develop the idea that there is a difference between social monogamy and sexual monogamy and use genetic testing to reveal that many animals are socially monogamous and almost none are sexually monogamous. Including humans.

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12. To reach orgasm (Julia Heiman, Joseph LoPiccolo and David Palladini)

Julia Heiman and Joseph LoPiccolo as authors, and David Palladini as illustrator , have created one of the best guides on female sexuality. In their pages it is possible to find very useful advice to facilitate the female orgasm. It can also be read by men who want to satisfy women.

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