December 31 is a symbolic date that invites us to reflect on what the year has been for us and how we would like the coming year to be. Surely there have been good and bad moments, but regardless of whether it has been a year to remember or not, there are people who have been there for us, giving us affection for another year.

Although love for a person should be shown throughout the year, this date is a special opportunity to show those people we care about that we think about them .

Best New Year’s Greetings

This article brings you a collection of the best phrases and New Year’s greetings so you can send that characteristic New Year’s Eve message to your loved ones, family and friends. Let’s get to it.

1. In spite of the brokenness, illusion will always arise, no matter what the adversities are, Love will always prevail. May this year be a great year for you and remember it forever

These are ideal words to remind us that, despite the difficult times, there is still hope.

2. We cannot forget the mistakes, but from each lesson we are filled with wisdom. May happiness await you in this year that is beginning!

Sometimes relationships can get complicated. But today is a day to show love to those people we care about.

If you had only one wish to fulfill, what would it be? May God fulfill every good wish of your heart in the new year!

It’s almost a must to make a wish on this special day.

4. For every day of the new year, a new yearning to fight and strive for… Blessings on your new projects!

Many of us have projects underway. Today is the day to wish a friend success.

5. May this New Year 2019 allow you to elucidate the best for your life and that of your loved ones, always valuing those who love you the most, because without them nothing would be the same! Success and blessings for this New Year!

The people who have stood by you this year deserve recognition.

6. A new year is the new beginning and a thousand moments to celebrate, may every noble desire of your heart be crystallized!

Next year is an opportunity to change things about us that we don’t like.

7. If the year 2016 brought you happiness, may the year 2019 bring you the greatest joy… Have a happy New Year!

Excellent sentence to wish that the coming year will be even better than the outgoing one.

8. Even if we have lost an illusion, new ones will come to nestle our hearts. Happy New Year 2019!

This coming year can be a great year.

9. Let us raise our glasses to toast to love and peace in the whole world. A heartfelt wish for a better year

A congratulation that comes from the bottom of the heart.

10. You know that this year we have met and our love has blossomed. I hope that this coming year our love will be just as alive. Congratulations and a very happy year to you. I love you!

An ideal new year’s date for your partner.

11. If the year that is about to end left you with memories of pain, may this New Year be filled with the best moments of your life for every dream achieved! Happy New Year 2019!

For those who have not had an easy year

12. Farewell to New Year’s Eve, welcome to the new year full of joy and hope

A congratulations full of illusion. To encourage this new year.

13. Here’s to this year we spent together and may many more come!

A special message for New Year’s Eve dinner.

14. A loving wish for a Happy New Year

A short phrase for those people with whom we don’t have a deep relationship.

15. Happy 2019! May the new year bring you peace and prosperity

A date you can use in a more formal setting.

16. Twelve months, four seasons, a cheerful heart and dreamy eyes… Happy New Year 2019!

A nice phrase to say goodbye to the year and start a new one full of hope.

17. Best wishes for a strategic and fabulous year

A date for those who are very involved in their work.

18. With our best wishes for a happy new year full of joy and prosperity

Specially designed for the dedication of the family.

19. To you, my friends, my best wishes for the coming year. With the belief that this 2019 will be rewarded with pleasant surprises that fill our lives with pure happiness

Ideal for sharing with a group of friends.

20. Happy New Year, everybody. I wish the best to all the people who love me, and especially to you who have spent such good times with me

You can send this sentence through the Whatsapp or Facebook.

21. Happy New Year’s Eve 2019. Fill your bubble glasses and start toasting to the New Year 2019 with enough sparkling joy. Happy New Year!

To fill your glass of champagne and toast with your loved ones.

22. The city is full of light and color, it is a triumph of flashes, there is already in the air the smell of celebration and the desire to give a smile. A hug and we wish you a Happy New Year 2019

In the new year there is a different atmosphere, full of love.

23. 2019 comes to its end and with it I hope it will take away all the bad things so that 2019 comes with the best for you!

Words that mean this ending can be a great start.

23. The New Year has arrived… The old year is now dragging its sack full of days, of events that have made 2019 a difficult year full of uncertainties. A year in which many of us have lived with our hearts shrunk in anguish, without work, without the light of hope

For those of you who haven’t had any luck at work. This is a year full of hope.

24. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams. May the New Year bring you many dreams and beautiful satisfaction

For this year to be splendid, one must believe in it.

25. A sparkling toast of wishes, a New Year, a new life. Remember never to stop being yourself, always fighting for what you want. Happy New Year!

This is a year to give your all and fight with all your strength.

26. To my best friend with love, may he pass all subjects this new year, know true love and bathe every day. Happy New Year, my friend

To show a great friendship and the love you have for your friend.

27. It occurs to me only: Happy New Year (but with heart in hand)

It’s the actions that matter more than the words.

28. The Old Year is leaving tomorrow. Receive today my best wishes of happiness for the New Year 2019

An ending that gives rise to a great beginning. A year full of excitement.

29. I only wish you two things, everything and nothing. May everything make you happy and nothing make you suffer

A sentence that plays with words everything and nothing to wish a great year.

30. Happy 2019! I know it’s too early to congratulate the New Year, but I know so many beautiful people that I decided to start with the most beautiful people

A new year’s reflection with a touch of irony.

31. Lots of love, champagne, fun, lots of gifts, crazy moments… Christmas and Happy New Year successes

2019 can be a year full of triumphs. But you have to believe in it.

32. This year I thank you for being part of my immense fortune. Happy 2019!

Reminding a special person how much you care must be almost a must at this time of year.

33. I wish you a prosperous 2019. With 12 healthy months, 52 wonderful weeks, 365 great days, 8760 hours of excitement and 525600 happy minutes. Greetings and a Happy New Year

There are many ways to say that a year is over. But the good things are yet to come.

34. Happy New Year, my friend. I promise you that this year will be better than the one that is about to leave

Especially for a friend you love so much. To wish her well.

35. To each of those who look at tomorrow with a positive outlook, may they have a prosperous new year. Happy New Year

For people who are positive in mind and optimistic in spirit.

36. If you want a year of prosperity, sow wheat. If you want ten years of prosperity, plant fruit trees. If you want a life of prosperity, plant friends. I wish you to sow many friends in the year 2019. Happy New Year 2019

Friends give our lives meaning. Don’t forget that this new year.

37. In the hope that the new year will bring you and your family a year full of joy and serenity

Congratulations to a family we know, wishing them all the best for the coming year.

38. The holidays are a time for reflection and good moments with the family and today I want to share it with you because I love you very much

Reminding that special person that you remind them of a special date.

39. Happy 2019 to everyone and especially to you. Never stop running towards the goal, say goodbye to your bad luck. A new life begins for us. I love you

To remember the year and, moreover, to give encouragement to achieve the objectives.

40. May all my friends achieve their goals this New Year, make their wishes come true and be happy every day. I love you. Happy New Year

The new year gives you the opportunity to do things better than you have done up to now.

41. I came across happiness and asked him to come to your house with health and love for this new beginning

You can wish happiness to that great friend or family member.

42. May each day of this new year be filled with joy and good times together

The special people in your life give you their time. Thank them.

43. I will always wish you the best in life. May you achieve all your dreams this year. If you can’t achieve some dreams it will be because of something or because life will give you a new chance to keep trying. Happy New Year!

Wishing the best for this New Year to that special person is sacred.

44. Family is the greatest treasure and I am very lucky to have them by my side at the beginning of this year.

Especially destined for family, who are always there for you.

45. My love… I hope you spend a happy New Year’s Eve full of joy with your loved ones and the desire for a new year, more serene and more beautiful than this one… in the hope that the most precious gift you can get will be that my immense love fills your heart and makes you feel safe and protected at all times.

A date for that really significant person in your life.

46. I hope you get everything you want this year because you deserve it. Have a happy new year

This year will be his year, so wish him well.

47. Best wishes for this 2019 full of joy for all

In other words, may luck be with you this new year.

48. May 2019 come with the best moments of happiness and may everything be happiness for you

Many people think that with the new year their life can change for the better.

49. When one is in a family one can only be happy and today in this celebration I want to say that I love you.

These dates are special because people are reunited with their families.

50. Friend smiles because all the bad stuff is finally over. This year will be so much better, so let’s be happy. Have a happy new year

A new year’s reflection that shows that friendship is still alive.

51. I couldn’t have a better friend than you, I wish you the best and toast to many more years of friendship

Friends who are there all year round will appreciate a date like this.

52. May God always be with his hand outstretched and hold you and support me by pointing out the right path … are my best wishes for the new year and may love reign, prosperity in your home

A new year’s date for people who have faith in God.

53. Happy New Year and Happy New Year to you

First you have to dream, and then work hard in this coming year.

54. I wish that peace will hijack your life, love will flood your soul and happiness will reflect on your face, I wish you, from the heart, all the good that you deserve. Happy New Year!

Much love put into one sentence

55.This year I became a millionaire because I have the most valuable treasure that is friendship

The real treasure is not in the money, but in the people who love you.

56. In many of my days my problems seemed untenable but you always held them close to me, giving me strength and courage to go forward. I consider you a super friend and I wish you from the bottom of my heart a very happy new year.

There are people who support you in bad times. Today is the day to show you that you value it.

57. This 2019 that brings unity and love in our family. Congratulations!

A dedication to your own family, to wish them well.

54. When the 12 o’clock bells come, I’m going to give thanks for having them

New Year’s Eve is a time to spend with family.

58. Close your eyes and make three wishes and in this new year that is coming they will be fulfilled

It’s common to make wishes when we eat the grapes on New Year’s Eve.

59. I hope that the acts that come from my heart show you how much I care for you. More than any sentence.

An original thought for a special person for you.

60.I hope that the new year will bring you a lot of joy, but please don’t change, because this way you are perfect. Happy New Year

For the person you love most and with whom you share your intimate moments, your partner.

61.When you receive my message, close your eyes tightly and think of the most beautiful things that have happened to you and wish for those and many more

New Year’s Eve is a time to remember what has happened during the year and do some deep reflection.

62. Do you know how wealth is measured? not by your money but by the number of friends you have

Friendship is the most valuable treasure, more so than money.

63. Congratulations on having you as a family, I wouldn’t trade you for anything. Happy New Year!

Family is everything, and this is a day to show them that you remember them.

64. This 2019 passed very quickly and left many good things, which I will always carry in my heart, may this new year be much better

For those people who have become part of your life.

65. Before I met you I was a hopeless man, being your friend transformed my way of thinking, you helped me change my life, find my horizon and today I can say that I finally knew happiness, peace and above all love I consider you my best friend, happy new year full of successes for you

There are people who change your life completely. It’s time to thank them.

66. Today we have the opportunity to say goodbye to the year that is leaving and celebrate the year to come. May you have a better New Year and may you always remain such a good friend. Happy New Year!

The new year is a chance to make your life what you want it to be.

67. I wish you a happy 2019 and that all your dreams come true

A short quote, but it says a lot about his words.

68. I hope the new year will bring you many joys, but please don’t change

For the amazing people you don’t want it to be any other way.

69. I wish you as much joy and good things for you as so many stars shine in the sky. Happy New Year, little sister!

This date is meant for a sister, who is your great accomplice.

70. May the rain of happiness catch you with a broken umbrella, soak you and splash you all around. Happy New Year!

A curious way to usher in the new year.

71. My most authentic wish is that you have a happy New Year, despite having a very bad time, never looking back

This new year is about looking ahead and fighting for what you want.

72. I wish you 65 days of love, 129 days of luck and 171 days of happiness! Happy New Year

For a year full of joy, love, luck and happiness.

73. To all, many congratulations for this year, may love be the first to enter your home, may health and work come behind and may each and every one of us have much love. Happy New Year.

A congratulations to the friends, to wish them the best in the coming year.

74. This phrase is a little box of peace full of joy, wrapped with love, sealed with a smile and sent with a kiss. Happy New Year! May this year bring you peace, joy and many good moments.

A little cheesy, but it’s also another nice dedication to wish a happy New Year’s Eve.

75. May this be a year of growth as human beings in order to face any difficulties that may arise in the future

This year can be an opportunity to grow as human beings.

76. I’d like to spend the new year with you, like we always used to. But it’s impossible, since we’re thousands of miles apart. Anyway, I sincerely hope you have a happy new year. May you always keep me in your thoughts as I do

When you miss that person, but you always remember them.

77. I wish you a new mathematical year: Adding up all kinds of pleasures, subtracting the pains, multiplying the happiness and dividing the love with all your loved ones. Happy New Year dear friends!

For the math fanatics. A curious compliment.

78. When it’s seconds to midnight, don’t ask for fame or fortune. Ask for health to continue living and love to have peace and happiness in your life.

The year-end wish should not be material.

79. It is not enough to close your eyes and make a wish for each month of the year. It is necessary to put all your effort into achieving your purposes. May this new year bring into your life much health, happiness and many wishes to continue fighting for your ideals. Happy New Year!

The best way for you to be successful this year is to give it your all to get what you want.

80. You are my universe and without you I would not exist, you give joy to my soul, illusion and passion to our tomorrow, let’s toast to a new year full of happiness and love, like the present one. Happy New Year my treasure

Not everyone has that special place in your heart. That can only be achieved by giving you a lot of love.

82. May this year be better than last and our friendship be strengthened. Happy New Year, my friend!

For new friends, those who have shown so much in so little.

83. May the strength of the soul… illuminate your mind with wisdom, may the love of the heart… water your body with joy, may the feeling… radiate tenderness to your family, may love be the passion… of your infinite search, may understanding… be the gift of your humility, may a close embrace… be the expression of saying “I love you”… These are my wishes in this coming year, 2019!

There’s no better day to say I love you than this one.

84. Every day we must dream of a world full of peace and harmony where love and hope rule. I wish you all the best in your life and never lose the will to live

The new year brings a new possibility to fight for what you want so much.

85. If no one celebrates the new year, everything would be like any other day. It is not the celebrations and the kabbalahs that make the difference, it is us who make the difference with our dreams and hopes

The new year is a special date, and we have to show people that we want them to be remembered.

86. This new year let us keep the hope and faith that we will achieve what we set out to do. May you have a new year full of triumphs and satisfactions

Wish someone special well with these words.

87. As long as you start something new with your right leg so that it works out. Happy New Year

We must start this new year on the right foot. So let’s give it our all.

88. May this be a great year of health, work and love. Welcome this new year, because I’m sure it will be your year. Happy New Year

This congratulation wishes for three important things: love, work and health.

89. I wish you 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of serenity, 365 days of love, 8760 hours of fortune, 525,600 minutes of success, 31,536,000 seconds of friendship… Happy New Year my friend

A special dedication to that true friendship. To that faithful friend.

90. If in the old year you couldn’t achieve your goals, you have nothing to lose by trying again. Have a happy New Year, my friend. May disappointment not take away your desire to fight for what you want

Last year may not have been what you wanted, but this year may be. So cheer up.

91. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams. My wish is that the next year will bring you new beautiful dreams and above all concrete satisfaction

Only people who really want it and make an effort will have a successful year.

92. Every year goes by quickly… So I don’t roll up, I’m gonna start having the best time I can to enjoy 2019. Congratulations!

You can’t stop having fun in this new year. May it bring good times, fun times.

93. I feel a great shame to say goodbye this year because it has been one of the best years of my life, because I did things I never imagined I would do and I met wonderful people like you. Have a happy new year

The past year has been good, but you have to have faith that the next one will be better.

94. I wish you a happy new year and that all your goals become concrete. Remember that there will always be bad moments in life, the important thing is to overcome them and never look back

We all have wishes for this new year. It’s up to us to fulfill them.

95. Happy New Year. I just hope you never give up when it comes to fighting for your dreams. I love you, buddy

For those soul friends we care so much about. So that they don’t fall apart and get what they want.

96. I wish you a happy new year, it’s a real wish from a friend who wants the best for you, have fun and enjoy it a lot

Another compliment for a friend. A few words with sincerity and affection.

97. Dear friend, I want for you with all my heart a happy new year, I am sure that this year a love will enter your life and you will have much happiness

A few words of encouragement for that person who has been by our side in good times and bad.

98. From the bottom of my heart came every word I wrote to make this New Year’s greeting, my friend happy new year, I have you with me always

When it is added from the heart, it reaches deep into the person who receives your words.

99. If life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, it shows that you have a thousand and one reasons to dream. Make your life a dream and your dream a reality. Happy New Year 2019

The positive attitude and optimism, which will not be lacking in this 2019.

100. Smile, today a new stage begins for both of us and we must take advantage of it. May your wishes come true this new year. Happy New Year

Your partner will appreciate a few nice words to start the new year.

101. Happy New Year to you and all those who make your life better!

Happiness should be a good to be shared, and this congratulation expresses it.

102. I hope that in this new year good things will come to you not because of luck, but because of what you will prove to yourself

A way to put the focus on self-improvement.

103. A new year begins, and with it, new reasons why being by your side is great

One of the phrases to congratulate the new year that serve to express affection.

104. For this new year I hope to be able to spend more moments with you

It never hurts to have an excuse to see each other again.

105. The affection I feel for you doesn’t even fit in a decade’s worth of New Year’s greetings. Happy holidays!

There is a limit to the written word, and this congratulation subverts it.

106. Happy holidays and may you go through a sweet time in your life!

Another of the New Year’s greetings phrases that go to the classics.

107. This is the time I remember you. To a new year with more stays!

The desire to move from remembering to living in the present.

108. Happy New Year, you deserve it for your hard work

These festivities can be seen as a prize.

109. On New Year’s Eve my best wishes come to you

Another bet on the classics.

110. Happy New Year full of new goals and hopes

Wishing for goals to be achieved may be better than wishing for the awards themselves.

111. May this New Year be part of the best stage of your life

A congratulation that underlines the good of changes for the better in life and personal projects.

112. I always remember you, but even more so in this New Year that is beginning

A congratulation that expresses sincerity and simplicity.

113. You have been the best thing that has happened to me this year that is ending, and you will surely continue to be so in this one that is beginning

For those of you who have met recently.

114. New Year’s Eve may be just a social construct, but that doesn’t change the fact that I wish you all the best for the next 365 days

A philosophical way to greet the New Year.

115. For another 12 months with the happiness your presence brings me

Continuing to have what you already have is a very valid option, especially in terms of friendships and relationships.

116. Happy New Year to you, to yours and to our friendship!

The bond between two people can be seen as something that has autonomy and that goes beyond individuals.

117. In this New Year I wish you to continue to be one of the best influences in my life

Opening up to the other person in an honest way adds value to congratulation.

118. Those of us who know you already feel lucky to have you around, and in this New Year we hope to continue to be so

If you are interested in sending a group greeting, this may be a good option.

119. Best wishes for the year ahead

One of the most versatile and adaptable New Year’s greetings.

120. To a new year in which we can see each other more and continue to share the best!

A roundabout way to ask for more moments together.

121. May this New Year be another great discovery… And may we discover it together!

This phrase can be used to greet close friends or family members we see regularly in the New Year.

122. The best of life is about to begin. I wish this was your year!

For people who are starting an exciting stage or project.

123. Happy New Year, and may life continue to smile on you

One of the phrases to congratulate New Year’s Eve that go to the simple, with a very direct message.

124. May your health and your great capacity for effort and improvement continue to accompany you in this New Year

A way of congratulating and at the same time emphasizing the virtues of that loved one.

125. I wish you a successful and rewarding New Year

An ideal New Year’s greeting for young students.