Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… There are countless applications and social networks , both for adults and young people. Social networks have different functions, different platforms and are aimed at a certain public that is very active on the Internet and interested in maintaining contact with many people or making themselves known to the public.

It is a technological revolution that was installed in our lives at the beginning of the millennium and it seems that its exploitation is infinite. Benefit or scourge? Below you can see 12 advantages and 12 disadvantages of social networks .

Advantages of social networks

The bad habits acquired on social networks are always stressed, but not everything is bad or will lead us to the path of perdition.

1. Global connectivity

These portals allow us to connect with those friends or family with whom we long ago lost contact . If we are going to live outside for a while, it becomes an essential tool.

2. Virtual groups

It’s one of the big bonuses. The groups, of any type, allow to exchange impressions and/or to solve existing doubts. In part, they have replaced the Internet forums.

3. Instant Messaging

Not long ago people had only two means of communication: physical letter or cable phone, which did not always offer a good service. Thanks to social network chats we can communicate with anyone we want in real time .

4. Additional information

It is an effective alternative to the conventional media that until recently monopolized the sector. It is now much easier to find other sources of information .

5. Advertising

Infojobs, Jobtalent or Linkedln are the most used portals to find jobs. The current difficulties in seeking employment have turned these social networks into real showcases to publicise our professional skills.

6. Skill Exchange

Learning languages, teaching a trade in exchange for another or sharing hobbies is another feature that has allowed a new way of social interaction.

7. Projecting a business

Companies can contact potential customers , potential candidates or give more visibility to the product, which they offer in a more efficient way.

8. Transparency

Social networks are probably the most transparent and universal means of communication of all, as there are no social or cultural barriers to their use.

9. A democratizing environment

In line with the previous point, on social networks we can publish any type of information, photo, advertisement or even texts on political ideologies.

10. Enhancing activism

Today, corruption, crime or certain social inequalities are brought to light thanks to the collective denunciation that can be campaigned on Facebook or Twetter. One of the advantages of social networks with a greater impact on the political landscape.

11. Knowledge

You can find a lot of people who share their academic knowledge through social networks. Some even post videos as a virtual classroom .

12. Versatility

Over the years, these portals have mutated their functions. What started out as a page where we could post our best photos can also become a way to meet people with similar interests or to search for information. What will the future hold?

Your disadvantages

Now we will see the possible dangers of these tools.

1. Privacy

This is probably the first concern you have as a user. Being so exposed , we don’t know where the limit is in our intimacy.

2. Fraud

It’s related to point number one. We have to be very careful with the information we share (bank details, locations) and try to change the account password periodically to avoid identity theft, among others.

3. Less personal contact

Being a comfortable means of communication and present in mobile devices, they are often abused, losing the social skills that characterize human beings.

4. Love break

Mismanagement of social networks with partners can lead to serious problems in the relationship. Jealousy, mobile phone addiction, anxiety about being exposed to the other person’s posts…

5. Abuse of use

Many users are hardcore addicts to its use , people who have come to need professional treatment in order to control their impulses to be permanently connected.

6. Production deficiency

The mobile adaptation of all the social portals has had a negative influence on the work environment, with cases of serious accidents or the decrease in productive performance due to distractions .

7. Virtual bullying

Teenagers are the easy target for this social phenomenon. By possessing mobile devices too early, this can lead to children making bad contacts or sharing compromising information to humiliate others.

8. Pederasty

Unfortunately, the ease with which photos and videos can be shared are advantages that criminal organizations use to weave a network of videos and photos of a sexual nature.

9. False self-esteem

Self-esteem is influenced by the many “likes” that other users click on the photos that are posted. This, the lack of “likes”, can lead to low self-esteem.

10. Bad corporate image

In the same way that the good image of a company can be enhanced, it can also quickly spread a bad image in a given case, such as having sold a defective product.

11. False information

No doubt one of the most notorious drawbacks. Global connectivity has caused many false news and events to go viral.

12. False Need

The importance that is being given to social networks, sometimes in an exaggerated way, has created a kind of artificial need . How many times do we worry about having wi-fi when we are travelling?