Love is one of the main forces that move the world, a feeling that unites us with people and makes them want to stay together. Loving someone is one of the situations that generate the most emotions, and with the greatest intensity. And these emotions can range from the purest happiness to the deepest pain, something that has inspired many arts.

These include music, which most people use as a means of expressing their deepest feelings, emotions and thoughts about it. In this article we will review a brief selection of 25 love (and heartbreak) songs that are moving.

25 love songs

Below we will see a total of 25 songs that talk about love (and lack of love) in very different ways: the feelings that the loved person arouses, an unrequited love, a break-up or the wish that it had not happened or the overcoming of a relationship are some examples of this.

1. I will always love you (Whitney Houston)

A classic of romantic songs, in it Whitney Houston tells us about an immortal love that, nevertheless, must face its end. This is a sad farewell , in which the desire is expressed that the person loved will do well in life and be happy, remaining his presence and the love he has for him in his memory.

2. Boig per tu (Sau)

A melancholic Catalan song, which tells us about the feeling of being madly in love (literally boig per tu means crazy about you in Spanish) with someone who does not belong to us or when the relationship is facing difficulties (a fight or even an imminent break-up).

3. Say Something (A Great Big World)

This song from 2014 tells us about a relationship that is in trouble, in which love has been lost and communication is lacking. A relationship in which one of the parties is still in love and who would have done anything to keep the bond , but who is accepting that the time has come to say goodbye. A feeling that is also exemplified in the official video clip through an elderly couple in which she has died, a young couple in which she decides to end the relationship in his absence and a girl who observes how her parents have a destructive relationship.

4. All of me (John Legend)

A relatively recent song, from 2013, in which the singer expresses an absolute love for the loved one, adoring everything about them, as well as the desire and emotion to give and give themselves totally to each other.

5. Stay (Rihanna)

This Rihanna song exemplifies the case of a couple who are about to separate, but both of them retain strong feelings for their partner and deep down they wish the other would stay by their side.

6. I don’t want to miss a thing (Aerosmith)

Aerosmith’s mythical and well-known song that accompanied the film Armageddon, and in which the will is expressed not to miss anything of the relationship, wanting to take advantage of every moment together with the loved one and to make of each one of them something eternal, since to move away makes the nostalgia of every aspect of her/him to emerge.

7. Someone like you (Adele)

A well-known song by Adele that tells us about a finished relationship in which one of the parties observes how the other has found happiness with a new partner , feeling a great sadness and melancholy towards what was and indicating to the new couple that she wishes them the best and that she does not worry that she will find someone that means as much to the singer as to her ex-partner.

8. Give me love (Ed Sheeran)

Ed Sheeran has a lot of love songs in his repertoire. Among them are songs like Perfect or the present Give me love. In this last one the singer asks for love, feeling only at the same time that trying to stay in a relationship that no longer exists.

9. Total eclipse of the heart (Bonnie Tyler)

Known song by Bonnie Tyler that expresses the strength of a love which has long been maintained, and the desire and need to preserve it and / or recover the intensity of what our partner made us feel.

10. La vie en rose (Edith Piaf)

The prodigious voice of the French singer makes this song one of the most romantic, talking to us about how the interaction with the person we love, the contact of their voice, their skin or simply their image makes our heart race happily and allows us to see the world as something beautiful.

11. Up where we belong (Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes)

This song, which was chosen as the central theme of the well-known film Official and Gentleman, tells us about love and how it leads us towards our destiny, overcoming the difficulties that exist along the way to get to the place where we belong together .

12. With or without you (U2)

Song of the band U2 that expresses the impossibility of living both with and without the person loved , referring to a stormy relationship that leaves the person confused, on the one hand wanting more and on the other wanting to escape from it.

13. When a man loves a woman (Percy Sledge)

This old song, which has been performed by many artists since then, expresses different feelings and sensations of the one who sings it towards a woman he is in love with, as well as how love makes all other things unimportant.

14. Without you (Mariah Carey)

Classic song that expresses the pain and suffering at the idea that a relationship is ending, the knowledge that the flame is going out and that there is no going back despite the refusal to forget how important that person has been to us .

15. Take my breath away (Berlin)

When we are in love it is not unusual to feel that just seeing that person takes our breath away. This song tells us about those feelings that the person we love gives us, or the simple desire that someone awakens that feeling.

16. Perfect (Ed Sheeran)

Ballad in which love is expressed towards a person who is special and unique for us, who brings together everything we always wanted and did not think we deserved. The desire to hold that person in our arms. Someone who, although not perfect or perfect, is perfect for us and with whom we dream of having a future.

17. Can’t help falling in love (Elvis Presley)

One of Elvis Presley’s best known songs, the singer tells us how he has not been able to avoid falling in love , and how he wants to share his life with the person who makes him feel this way even though it is a bit hasty.

18. Angie (The Rolling Stones)

The Rolling Stones have great songs, one of which is dedicated to love “Angie”. It tells us how, despite Angie being a wonderful person, love and relationship are increasingly deteriorated. Basically, it reminds us of a conversation before a break-up, in which we review what the relationship has meant and that the time has come to say goodbye.

19. I was love to love you (Queen)

Freddy Mercury also has a large number of songs dedicated to love. Among them we find I was born to love you, in which he expresses his desire to have something with that person that makes him think he was born to love her .

20. Summertime Sadness (Lana del Rey)

This song by Lana del Rey is not particularly popular, and after it has been performed and remixed by other authors, but the truth is that it reflects a lesbian love story with a tragic ending. It is a farewell to the suicide of one of the members of the couple, remembering the one who is still alive and all that he has meant to her before undertaking the same action.

21. Woman against woman (Mecano)

A song that refers to the suffering of a couple of women, one of them fearing the repercussions and the social judgment they would suffer if their relationship became visible. It reflects the fear and the need to open up and live love independently of the opinion of others.

22. When I was your man (Bruno Mars)

Melancholic song by Bruno Mars, in which he remembers the mistakes he made during his relationship with his partner and his wish that, although she is no longer with him but has found another partner, he will value her and do for her what the singer did not do at the time: make her/him happy.

23. Stay with me (Sam Smith)

Song that tells us about a relationship in which one of the parties has a vision of the relationship as something sporadic or passing, while the other party would like it to stay and be maintained. Although generally associated with romantic love, the truth is that it can be applied to a great number of types of relationships.

24. Angels (Robbie Williams)

Another author with a large number of songs dedicated to love is Robbie Williams, author of songs like Feel or the present Angels. In the latter, the singer talks about the importance of love , of having someone to love or an ideal of love, when it comes to feeling strong, secure and supported.

25. The Scientist (Coldplay)

Coldplay song that refers to the self-reproach that a person makes for not having taken advantage of the relationship and the desire to go back to the beginning, when everything was starting, was exciting and going well.