At certain moments in life, receiving a few words of encouragement can help us to take flight . But sometimes these words can come from someone with such unbridled sensitivity that they become real magic sentences.

Metaphorically, the famous magic phrases and quotes transport us to a world where everything is possible. Most of the following phrases and aphorisms have been pronounced by renowned poets and writers.

Magic phrases for life

Without further ado, here is a collection of phrases that have a lot of magic and can awaken your artistic and creative vein . Are you ready?

1. If you hear a voice inside you that says ‘you cannot paint’, then paint whoever falls, and the voice will be silenced (Vincent Van Gogh)

One of the most famous painters in history reminds us of the magic of overcoming our own limitations.

2. You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to chase it with a baseball bat (Jack London)

Creativity will not come to you as if by magic. You have to work hard to reach this characteristic and productive state of flow.

3. Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas (Donatella Versace)

Where ideas and thoughts collide, that is where creation takes place.

4. Creativity is contagious. Pass it on (Albert Einstein)

You will have noticed: when you surround yourself with people with great artistic or creative gifts, something inside you germinates.

5. Magic is a bridge that allows you to go from the visible to the invisible world. And learn the lessons of both worlds (Paulo Coelho)

A great line from the Brazilian writer. (Click here to see more sentences by Paulo Coelho).

6. The first kiss is magic, the second intimate, the third routine (Raymond Chandler)

An extremely pessimistic view of love.

7. The magic is in every corner, you just have to watch carefully (Movie ‘A Winter’s Tale’)

The beauty is in stopping to look at these things.

8. People will do anything to pretend that magic doesn’t exist, even when it’s right under their noses (J. K. Rowling)

The author of Harry Potter talks like this about our somewhat unbelievable way of being.

9. You are a magician, not a genius, you have to get your hands dirty in order to achieve the impossible (Michael Caine)

Another phrase that results in the need to strive to achieve objectives.

10. Magic is just an extension of physics. Fantasy is numbers. That’s the trick (Carlos Ruiz Zafón)

A famous quote from the mythical Spanish writer. (More sentences by Carlos Ruiz Zafón in this link).

11. We all need magic once in a while, don’t we? (Imogen Poots)

The actress reveals one of life’s greatness.

12. What’s inside you is stronger than any spell (Movie ‘Bewitched’)

Nothing is as important as finding well-being in the little things of everyday life.

13. The magic of first love consists in our ignorance that it can have an end (Benjamin Disraeli)

Love and innocence go hand in hand.

14. Music is of all the arts, the most susceptible to magic (Anonymous)

Different types of music condense the breeding ground for the spark of creativity.

15. People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories, and magic (Anonymous)

What about you, do you buy experiences or things?

16. Creativity is neither born nor destroyed, it only flows when your mind is calm and on the move (Isaac Hayes Mirror)

A brilliant reflection by the thinker and philosopher.

17. For a creative mind you only need three ingredients: inner world, refining your technique and having something to say to the world (Grassebort)

Keys to communicate artistically.

18. Often the wise must make them pass through magical books that are not at all, that contain only good science, to protect them from prying eyes (Umberto Eco)

A reflection that should make us change our way of thinking.

19. Reality is not only how it is perceived on the surface, it also has a magical dimension and, if one feels like it, it is legitimate to exaggerate it and put color in it so that the transit through this life is not so boring (Isabel Allende)

The great Chilean writer shakes our conscience with this brutal phrase.

20. Magic only lasts as long as desire persists (Jorge Bucay)

A thought of the Argentine writer that we could apply to any sentimental relationship. (More sentences by Jorge Bucay).

21. The torrent of inspiration that leads to creating something new is born from your intelligence, from your experience, from your ingenuity… but in all this there is something magical, something inexplicable (Arthur Miller)

On the genesis of novel ideas.

22. What is magic? A focused deception. But it is a trick that is meant to entertain (Jesse Eisenberg)

About magic, and how to conceive of it.

23. How difficult it is to try to get out of this magic in which we have been imprisoned (Joaquín Sabina)

One of the most recognized phrases of the Andalusian singer-songwriter. (More famous quotes from the genius from Úbeda).

24. Magic is the ability to think; it is not a matter of force or language (Christopher Paolini)

The germ of creativity, the genesis of intelligence.

25. Passion for art, like love, is a disease that blinds our minds, makes us forget what we know and hides the truth from us (Orhan Pamuk)

An intelligent reflection on the relationship between being in love and its psychological effects.