Failure is an inherent part of life . Vital and optimistic people usually have challenges and goals to achieve, and as life sometimes does not make it easy for us, it is possible (and even desirable) that from time to time we do not manage to get away with it and sign a more or less resounding failure.

We must bear in mind that it is not possible to achieve everything we set out to do. We have to accept it. Developing this tolerance to frustration will allow us to overcome failure and to move forward with renewed energy.

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Phrases of failure you should know

Throughout history, great thinkers and philosophers have spoken about failure , its characteristics and the learning that comes from it.

In today’s article we have compiled some great phrases of failure so that you can understand and assimilate that, sometimes, we need not achieve what we set out to do in order to value everything in which we have been successful.

1. Those who quit are more numerous than those who fail. (Henry Ford)

Only those who gave their best come to failure.

2. There are men who do not climb after falling. (Arthur Miller)

Of course, after a fall the only dignified possibility is to get up and go on.

3. There is no such thing as failure, except when we stop trying. (Jean Paul Marat)

This is a particularly famous phrase of failure and one that we should tattoo with fire.

4. The moral code of the end of the millennium does not condemn injustice, but failure. (Eduardo Galeano)

The great Uruguayan writer reflects on the moral precepts of globalizing liberalism.

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5. We all fail to achieve our dreams of perfection, so we make a note of our splendid failure to achieve the impossible. (William Faulkner)

We’re too strict with ourselves.

6. Failure is a great opportunity to start again with more intelligence. (Henry Ford)

Another great famous quote about the failure of the American entrepreneur.

7. I haven’t failed. I’ve found 10,000 solutions that don’t work. (Thomas Alva Edison)

Failure is quite relative, according to the brilliant American inventor.

8. Failure is sometimes more fruitful than success. (Henry Ford)

We often learn more from our defeats than from our triumphs.

9. Every failure teaches man something he needed to learn. (Charles Dickens)

Another phrase of failure that makes us reflect on the learning linked to each negative experience.

10. The winners are very lucky. If you don’t believe it, ask a loser. (Michael Levine)

Ironic quote about the way of thinking of people who do not know how to achieve goals.

11. After a failure, the best laid plans seem absurd. (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

It is easy to criticize the strategy followed in the past.

12. I’ve failed at many things, but I’ve never been afraid. (Nadine Gordimer)

A way of facing life with courage and a great sense of responsibility.

13. Failure is the key to success. Every mistake teaches us something. (Morihei Ueshiba)

Along the lines of other famous phrases in the past.

14. There is nothing to learn from success . Everything is learned from failure. (David Bowie)

Thought of the great musician, recently deceased.

15. When you’re successful, friends seem like a lot to you. On the other hand, when you fail, if you have one friend left, that’s a lot too. (Federico Moggia)

Sadly, the honeys of success also bring flies.

16. Failure fortifies the strong. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

The winning mentality is reborn when everything has gone wrong.

17. When I enter my solitary room after a failure, it doesn’t hurt me. But if I were forced to meet my wife’s questioning eyes and have to tell her that I have failed again… I couldn’t bear it. (Johannes Brahms)

Failure hurts when we feel that we have failed people we care about.

18. We learn from failures; not from successes. (Bram Stoker)

The author of Dracula insists on the need to learn from mistakes.

19. (…) But, for me, failure meant allowing someone else to run my life. (Kiera Cass)

Losing freedom is the real failure of life.

20. Failure concentrates the mind which is a marvel. If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough. (Jasper Fforde)

Another famous quote that reminds us how important it is to optimize efforts in pursuit of objectives.

21. The canons of narrative in any medium are not completely different, and the failure of loose films often lies in the exaggeration and intrusion of unwarranted matters little connected with the heart of the original matter. (JRR Tolkien)

The author of The Hobbit, reflecting on the world of cinema.

22. A failure is a man who has made a mistake, but is not capable of converting it into experience. (Elbert Hubbard)

Famous quote about the behavior of people who don’t know how to deal with defeat.

23. Failure is also a form of death. (Graham Greene)

A somewhat pessimistic view.

24. One minute’s success pays for years of failure. (Robert Browning)

Glory is ephemeral, but it makes up for thousands of failures.

25. We can stop when we go up, but never when we come down. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Metaphor to apply in our daily life.

26. Most of the failures come from wanting to bring forward the hour of success. (Beloved Nervo)

Patience is an absolutely essential virtue.

27. When a part of the whole falls, the rest is not safe. (Seneca)

Famous phrase of the Greek philosopher that can make us think.

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28. Some falls are the means to get up to happier situations. (William Shakespeare)

Great sentence of failure (and overcoming) by the British author.

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29. One does not get ahead by celebrating successes but by overcoming failures. (Orison Swett Marden)

Great sentence of reflection about self-improvement.

30. A retreat is not a defeat. (Miguel de Cervantes)

If you know how to act with caution, nothing can be dishonorable.

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31. There are defeats that have more dignity than a victory. (Jorge Luis Borges)

A great thought of the Argentinean author.

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32. Those who see in every disappointment a stimulus for greater conquests, those who possess the right point of view for life. (Goethe)

The mentality that Goethe enunciates is that of the tireless fighters.

33. Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

About the human need to grab the merits, but never the mistakes.

34. Man can be destroyed, but not defeated. (Ernest Hemingway)

To be freely interpreted by the reader.

35. A beautiful retreat is as glorious as a gallant rush. (Balthasar Gracian)

Another sentence to turn the page when there is no other option.