Whether it is for aesthetics or health, a flat abdomen is the yearning and torment of many, because sometimes it is not so easy to get rid of the extra fat that accumulates in this area of the body .

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer and we want to wear a swimsuit, or it’s winter and we’re waiting to put on a dress or shirt that fits our body; the non-accumulation of excessive belly fat is an indicator of well-being.

Achieving this is not so difficult if you have perseverance, discipline and commitment. There are tummy tossing exercises that are highly efficient if done properly.

4 exercises to lose belly, very useful

These are several belly-loss exercises that you can easily do at home. But keep in mind that there is no non-surgical way to get rid of fat that has built up in one area and not in others. Therefore, these recommendations are both to burn fat in general and to strengthen the abdominal muscles and give the belly a defined appearance .

1. Abs

Abs are called precisely that because it is a specific exercise for this area of the body. There are many variations of abs, some are for beginners and others for experts, and they help strengthen specific areas of the abs.

This exercise is very popular and you’ve probably done it before, but the secret is to do them correctly, to be constant and to complement the exercise routine with a proper diet; this way you can lose your tummy.

To start with classic crunches, you should lie on a firm, flat surface on your back. Then cross your arms over your chest and keep your trunk raised about 6 inches above the surface. Slightly bend your knees and lift yourself up to a 90° angle. It is best to start with 3 sets of 30 repetitions each.

From this exercise there are many variations that work the obliques and sides already specifically, or that increase the level of difficulty so that more resistance can be exercised and with this a fat burning that will help you see how the size of the belly decreases . That the abdominals work well to achieve a flat abdomen, it is important that you do the movements slowly. The most common mistake when performing them is to lift and return very quickly. Besides the fact that it may cause some injury, it will not speed up the result.

Another great secret of the abs is that you should not drop your neck or pull it or center the force to get up. Where you have to push is precisely the abdomen.

Breathing is another important factor in performing this exercise. You should inhale when you get up and exhale when you lie down. You should do this breathing calmly and without hurting yourself . Remember to exert yourself in your belly so that your abs are the right exercise for losing your stomach.

2. Jumping jacks

This exercise is typically used in aerobics and zumba routines, because it is very efficient at removing the tummy if performed correctly.

To start you must stand with your back straight and your knees slightly bent , feet together and arms at your sides. After this, take a small jump while raising your arms and opening your legs to return to the original position.

Jumping jacks are very effective in helping you reduce your abdomen because continuous repetitions accelerate fat burning. However, you shouldn’t tire yourself out unnecessarily; remember that it is not by doing it faster and more quickly that it becomes more effective. To avoid making that mistake, it’s best to concentrate on doing it right, doing the strength in your abdomen and breathing properly, as well as complementing it with a proper diet focused on burning fat to lower your belly.

3. Climbing

With this exercise you will be able to immediately feel the strength in your abdomen. It consists of placing yourself in the same position as a lizard, and then bending your knee, bringing it towards your chest, and returning to the initial position to then repeat with the other leg.

While performing this routine, you should concentrate on that all the strength is concentrated in the abdomen at the moment of folding the legs towards the chest .

In addition to exercising the abdomen, you will feel the resistance in your arms; however, you should not lose focus on the belly and focus your strength and energy there for best results.

4. Burpee

Like the other exercises, this one has the advantage of not needing gym equipment to perform it.

You must stand up and then rest your hands on the floor and with a push you can stretch your legs, then finish in the position to perform a bending and return to the starting position. You must put your legs near your hands and jump up while you stretch your arms to the ceiling.

This exercise will really make you sweat. Remember to keep the strength in your abdomen and have a correct breathing so that you feel in a short time how the fat in your belly is reduced.

Burpee is very popular for a flat stomach because it also helps you exercise your legs and buttocks. However, it must be done well and calmly and not in an accelerated manner to avoid injury. You can do it in 3 series of 10 repetitions to start with and increase as your strength increases.

With this exercise you will see how in a short time the fat in your abdomen will decrease to give way to a flat stomach.

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