The Hindus are a people whose spiritual roots are deeply rooted and whose knowledge of the world around them is extremely rich, both on a biological and intellectual level and transcendental.

In all the ways in which this culture is expressed, it demonstrates the wisdom drawn from the Hindu peoples. In fact, this culture also draws on the culture and teachings of the Arab, Buddhist, English and Portuguese peoples.

Hindu Proverbs and their meaning

That is why the Hindu culture is one of the richest cultures in terms of knowledge that exists, and so that you can all learn from its cultural richness we have decided to create a small collection of 50 Hindu proverbs that every wise man should know .

1. Before judging a person, walk three moons with your shoes.

We must put ourselves in the shoes of our fellow men to know how they can feel at every moment.

2. On the path of life you can walk the path of wisdom. If you come out of it convinced that you know nothing, then you have learned a lot.

Being aware that we will never know everything in life is a sign of wisdom.

3. When the waves have subsided and the water is calm, then the light is reflected and you can see the bottom.

When things calm down and normalize is when we can be aware of everything that happened in a previous event, in the heat of the battle everything seems confused.

4. The word must be dressed like a goddess and rise like a bird.

We must respect the opinion of others, and also be respected.

5. He who recognizes the truth of the body can then know the truth of the universe.

Knowing ourselves is the way to know everything around us.

6. When you speak, try to make your words better than silence.

We should talk when we have something important to say, not just to say something.

7. You only throw stones at the tree that bears fruit.

Valuable and envied people are the ones who are hit the hardest by society.

8. External objects are incapable of giving full happiness to the heart of man.

What we really care about is immaterial, material goods do not fill us spiritually.

9. To believe that a weak enemy cannot harm us is to believe that a spark cannot cause a fire.

Being trusted can take its toll on us, any problem, no matter how small, can be complicated.

10. Old age begins when memories outweigh hopes.

When we reach a certain age, our memories are our most valuable assets.

11. It is hypocritical to say that we love humanity as a whole and hate those who do not adopt our views.

We must all understand each other, even those who have different opinions.

12. If you want to be happy, you have to want to see others happy too.

Our happiness begins with the happiness of those around us.

13. A man only possesses what he cannot lose in a shipwreck.

Material goods are not important, only our lives.

14. He who has planted a tree before his death has not lived in vain.

Building a better society is the goal of all men and women.

15. The good we did the day before is what brings us happiness in the morning.

Everything positive that we do will be returned to us by society.

16. I’m learning as I live.

It’s never too late to learn, human beings evolve throughout life.

17. When all is lost there is still hope.

We shouldn’t throw in the towel, luck can always be with us.

18. An open book is a brain that talks; closed, a friend that waits; forgotten, a soul that forgives; destroyed, a heart that cries.

Books are very valuable goods, for they are bearers of knowledge and wisdom.

19. The heart in peace sees a feast in every village.

If we live in peace with ourselves, life will seem more grateful to us.

20. There is no tree that the wind has not shaken.

We are all beaten by life and must stand firm in the face of adversity.

21. The tree does not deny its shadow even to the woodcutter.

Being benevolent to those around us says a lot about us.

22. The deep rivers run quietly, the streams are noisy.

Wise people only speak when it is necessary, the ignorant speak because they have to speak.

23. What does a blind man see even if he puts a lamp in his hand?

Even if it is obvious, the ignorant will not be able to see what is in front of them.

24. He who does not doubt, knows nothing.

Being aware of our lack of information about something denotes wisdom.

25. With my teachers I have learned a lot; with my colleagues, more; with my students, even more.

It is with those who are eager to learn that one learns the most, for they can bring a new point of view.

26. I dreamt that life was joy. I woke up and saw that life is service. I served and saw that service gives joy.

Being grateful for what we have will lead us to happiness.

27. Ignorant people are outnumbered by those who read books. These are they who retain what they have read. Those who understand what they have read. To these, those who put their hands to work.

Studying is very important but acting on time is even more important.

28. The land is not an inheritance from our fathers but a loan from our children.

We only enjoy the environment for a while and we must leave it in perfect condition for generations to come.

29. The longest walk begins with a step.

Everything in life begins with something small so that with time and effort it can become something big.

30. The more adverse the circumstances surrounding you are, the better your inner power will manifest itself.

We human beings are strengthened by adversity, it hardens us as a person.

31. To discover the immensity of the divine depths, silence is imposed.

Silence is to be appreciated, for with it we can hear our inner voice and our thoughts.

32. I am not my body; I am more. I am not my speech, my organs, my hearing, my smell; that is not me. The thinking mind is not me either. If none of that is me, then who am I? The consciousness that remains, that is me.

We are our conscience, we are our mind and without that we are nothing.

33. The man who wishes to be quiet must be deaf, blind and mute.

In order not to be aware of the problems that surround us we must lose our senses, for these are pressing and come to us in all forms.

34. Ignorance is fleeting, knowledge endures.

Having a lack of knowledge about something can be remedied and that knowledge will last in us.

35. God is also hidden in the ocean of a drop of water.

The divine is hidden in all the natural environment around us, without the environment we could not live.

36. Making an alliance with a powerful ally and creating conflict between powerful enemies: these are the means employed by the wise to increase his own fortune and prosperity.

A wise person knows how to use all the means to achieve his goal, his own and others’ means. One of those Hindu proverbs that make us think.

37. When you are born, all those around you smile and you cry; Live life in such a way that when you die, all those around you cry and you smile.

We should not regret anything in life and do everything that fills us as people.

38. There is nothing to stop the skillful; there is no distance for the ardent; nor is there any foreign country for the learned: he who is eloquent fears no one.

Our skills are what will take us far in life, with them we can be unstoppable.

39. Silk is woven by humble worms; from the rocks is obtained gold… The lotus flower grows in the mud and in the head of the serpent are found emeralds.

From the humblest things come the best things, for they always begin as something simple to end with the maximum plenitude.

40. The foolish one who acknowledges his folly is a wise man; but a foolish one who believes himself to be a wise man is indeed a fool.

Our ignorance may not allow us to be aware of it and so we will remain ignorant.

41. Life is a challenge: face it; and it is also love: share it; life is a dream: make it happen.

We must enjoy every moment of life and live it to the fullest.

42. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Mortifying yourself with a problem is up to us, the sooner we get over it the sooner we can move forward.

43. Hard to get and even harder to keep. Problematic to both lose and spend. Money is indeed a wad of trouble, from beginning to end.

Money does not bring happiness and can also be a source of problems, it is not gold all that glitters.

44. The raven, the coward and the deer never abandon their children, but the elephant, the lion and the nobleman leave as soon as they smell the disgrace.

He who has the most to lose will be the first to give up, for he does not want to be dishonored.

45. There are many who have a flattering language, sweet words that gratify the ear; but those who are prepared to hear the naked truth without any fear, those are indeed very rare.

The truth can be painful and facing it is very complicated, because it can lead us to face up to ourselves.

46. The foolish hate the wise man, the poor detest the rich, the cowardly envy the hero, the miserable despise the generous, and the degraded man cannot even see the virtuous.

We always envy those who have what we want, envy will not solve our problems, personal growth will.

47. It is not your friend who favors you once, nor your enemy who insulted you once. The only way to recognize him is to know whether his heart is sincere or false.

The honesty with which others treat us is the true way to know who is an ally and who is not.

48. He who abandons the truth to run after the doubtful, loses both.

When something is certain, we must secure it, better a bird in the hand than a hundred in the air.

49. If there is a remedy, why do you complain? If it is hopeless, why do you complain?

Something that can be fixed must be fixed as soon as possible and if it cannot be fixed, the sooner we leave it behind the sooner we will get over it.

50. The burning fire destroys the trees, but leaves the roots intact; yet the gentle water undermines them and drags them away.

Beware of the quiet person, for they may be the most harmful to you.