Throughout our lives we come across many types of people, and no doubt some of them are to be remembered.

They are those people who have earned to be in a special place in our life , because they have given us help when we have needed it, they have always been there in the difficult moments or simply because they have grown up with us giving us their unconditional love.

Phrases of appreciation

In honor of these people, in this article we have decided to make a collection of phrases of appreciation.

A series of phrases that can be used both to reflect on gratitude and to give thanks , and that show all our gratitude towards that special person. We hope you like them.

1. The words I seek do not exist, for my thanks to you are unparalleled

The gratitude, sometimes, cannot be expressed in words because of how immense it is.

2. Blessed is he to whom heaven has given a piece of bread, and he is not obliged to thank anyone but heaven itself for it!

Gratitude must also be used towards ourselves, as we strive daily.

3. Silent gratitude serves no one

Gratitude cannot remain within oneself, it must be expressed.

4. Knowing and knowing how to demonstrate is worth twice

When we thank that person for what they have done, it is to let them know that it was really worth their while.

5. Gratitude, like certain flowers, is not given at high altitudes, but rather grows in the good soil of the humble

The most sincere gratitude is born of one’s humility.

6. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you, my dear friend, my heart is bottomless

An original way to say thank you.

7. I learn every day that being with you is the strength of my life, for all that you give me, for all that you give me, for your unconditional love, many, many thanks

One of those thank-you phrases that are based on simplicity.

8. No matter how hard I try, I can’t find ways to thank you for your efforts as you deserve

As the saying goes, “To be thankful is to be well-born.

9. Even though you are far away, my heart will never forget that we are friends and that we are united by thousands of adventures and challenges that we have overcome together. From here I thank you for always having a word of encouragement, for always extending a hand and for having a smile for me when I was sad. Thank you for existing

The gratitude towards that person who helped us can be eternal.

10. There are no words in the world that come close to how grateful I am

The appreciation, sometimes, cannot be returned. Not because you don’t want to, but because there is nothing you can do to show how grateful you are.

11. I will always thank you for taking me away from loneliness, together we have known true love and I only want to be with you and no one else

A few nice words of gratitude to the loved one.

12. Your love changed my life, changed it for the better. Your love made me hopeful and happy. Thank you for giving me your love and for loving me as I am. I love you my love

A phrase of gratitude that joins with the romantic.

13. He who gives must not remember again; but he who receives must never forget

The gratitude must remain in the memory forever.

14. Friendship, if it is fed only by gratitude, is equivalent to a photograph that is erased with time

True friendship is based on giving and receiving. But also in being grateful, although this is not enough.

15. Thank you speaks from the heart and makes your heart speak

Real people show that they are grateful.

16. The degree to which I love you does justice to the amount of gratitude I would like to give you

Even if sometimes we do not show how much we are grateful to that person for the love he gives us. That doesn’t mean we’re not grateful.

17. The pleasure experienced in finding a grateful man is so great that it is worth the risk of not being ungrateful

Being grateful is a virtue that great people possess.

18. Thanks if you don’t say it doesn’t help anyone

There’s no point in thinking about saying thank you and not saying it.

19. Being grateful honors you

Appreciation is almost a necessity when you have helped us, and it speaks well of us.

20. In front of a friend you don’t have to say thank you, because with a look you understand yourself better than with words

Appreciation is not measured in words alone.

21. While good friends are not superfluous, friendship is full of gratitude

Good friends, for that matter, are grateful at heart.

22. Forget that you have given to remember what you have received

We will not always receive from others, so we must thank them.

23. Not everyone gives for someone, that should not be forgotten

We must be aware that it is a gift when someone gives something for us.

24. Thanks for always being there, especially when I don’t call you

Real friends are there without asking.

25. Live as if you will die tomorrow, learn as if you will live forever

We must learn to be grateful, because it honors us as people

26. One can repay a gold loan, but is indebted for life to those who are kind

The gratitude can be so great that that person becomes the most important person in our lives.

27. When you drink water, remember the source

When someone quenches your thirst in some way, don’t forget whose it was.

28. As long as the river runs, the mountains cast a shadow, and stars are in the sky, the memory of the benefit received should last in the mind of the grateful man

Another of the metaphor-based thank you phrases. We all expect you to be grateful to us when we give our all.

29. Gratitude is the memory of the heart

A nice line from Lao Tse about appreciation.

30. Thanks, love, because since you showed up my whole life has changed. Because from the first moment I noticed strange sensations inside me, I recognized the famous butterflies in my stomach

The love of a couple should be appreciated daily.

31. A proud man is rarely grateful, because he thinks everything is worth it

Pride is not too compatible with gratitude.

32. The receiver should never forget the person who helped him

If we are given it when we need it, we should be grateful and remember it.

33. Friendship is a great value and being grateful for it proves to be a great friend

We must not forget that friendship is a gift.

34. Gratitude is a flower that blooms from the soul

A nice quote from Henry Ward Beecher talking about being grateful.

35. Cannot answer anything but thanks and graces

When you’re very grateful, you could say thank you forever.

36. Those who are kind to us deserve the graces

Good people should be valued, especially when they are good to us.

37. One is forever indebted to those who give their lives for us

We should always be grateful, especially when someone makes a titanic effort to improve our well-being.

If your only prayer in life were “thank you,” it would be enough

It’s enough to say thank you when you’re grateful.

39. There are no words in the dictionary to thank you

Being grateful is not only a matter of saying it, but also of doing it.

40. Fidelity is the effort of a noble soul to equal another greater than itself

A quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe referring to fidelity.

41. When gratitude is so absolute words are superfluous

When you show how grateful you are, there’s no need to use words.

42. Thank you, Dad, for being my hero and my example. For showing me the right path that good men follow and for giving everything for me. I love you

A beautiful phrase of thanks for a father.

43. Thank the flame for its light, but do not forget the foot of the lamp that patiently holds it

Sometimes we don’t realize what others are doing for us. We should thank them.

44. As long as I have friends like you, I will be grateful to life. Thank you for always being there when I need you and for being my guardian angels

Feeling like you have friends is a nice feeling.

45. Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue. It is related to all the others

Gratitude has to do with the great virtues of the human being.

46. In my heart there can only be gratitude to you because you are like a family to me. Friends and brothers who accompany me on the path I have chosen for my life

A date for those great people who are almost like family.

47. For a moment I felt the whole world coming down on me, and you came to my rescue. Thank you, my love, for always being there for me when I need you the most

A reflection on the unconditional love of the couple.

48. Being ungrateful is one of the great evils of human beings

If being grateful is a virtue, not being grateful is one of a person’s great defects.

49. Sometimes in life you find someone who changes your life simply by being part of you

It doesn’t always have to be said that you are grateful, but that true friendship speaks for itself.

50. Thank you for being my support, for always being by my side and for being my loyal friend. It only remains for me to thank you endlessly. I promise to always be there when you need me

A great date for those who have supported us unconditionally

51. When everything fails I know I can trust you, Mom. When life is very hard and it is difficult for me to continue I know that I have in you a refuge to which I can return. Thank you, Mom, for being my angel and for giving me your infinite love

A nice thank-you note for your mother.

52. You always advised me and showed me the best way to go. Thank you for being my guide. For stopping me when you should have and for pushing me when I was afraid to follow my dreams

When someone shows you the way if you’re confused, it’s a good thing.

53. As long as the river runs, the mountains cast a shadow, and there are stars in the sky, the memory of the benefit received should last in the mind of the grateful man

You can’t forget what someone did for him.

54. There is no better gift than being able to see you wake up every morning

We should be grateful to have that person with us every morning. It’s what makes us happy.

55. Even if I don’t say it, my heart remembers every kind gesture, every favor and every smile that made my life happy. Thanks to all of you who make my life the best, I will be eternally grateful

Even if it’s not said every day, when you’re with someone it’s because you want to be and because you love them.

56. He who gives, forgets: he who receives, must remember

When we give we do so because we want to, but when we receive we must give thanks.

57. Thank you so much for being there even without asking. You’re amazing!

Nice words of thanks that say a lot.

58. Although sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, you’re everything to me. That’s why I decided to share my life with you

You can’t always be grateful, but that doesn’t mean you’re not grateful.

59. I know you’re in the good and the bad. There aren’t many people like you. You’re one of a kind!

Those people who show up in your life and change it completely deserve everything.

60. You’re the track on the train of my life. Thank you very much!

A comparison between the person guiding you and the train tracks.