We have all heard or read the phrases that Mr. Wonderful offers in his distribution stores for festive accessories and gifts for important dates such as anniversaries, weddings, bachelor parties, company dinners and much more.

Mr. Wonderful is a Spanish company that was born at the beginning of 2011 in Spain, when an unemployed couple of graphic designers (husband and wife, by the way) decided to have the brilliant idea of capturing positive and motivating messages in all kinds of products such as mugs, notebooks, diaries, letters of introduction or gifts.

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Mr. Wonderful’s Highlights

Here are the most famous phrases of this fun company.

1. Wake up and make your dreams come true

It’s usually embodied in coffee cups, which is the first thing millions of people take to start their day.

2. Never forget to make people happier every day

Make people feel happy, a phrase to ponder.

3. Don’t look back in order to focus on the future

We must always look ahead and improve the future.

4. Hello! It’s your best friend, your dog

On some dog leashes we find this affectionate phrase.

Go out there and shine!

We also usually find them in domestic utensils that encourage us to start the day.

6. All good things begin today

Today is tomorrow, say the optimists.

7. Dream big

To go far, you have to think big.

8. Dreams, plans and a thousand stories to fulfill

Mr Wonderful is a specialist in diaries with phrases like this.

9. I’m a real gem, so take good care of me

Typical phrase we’ll find in Mr. Wonderful’s jewelry boxes.

10. Happiness is carried within

Bags of all kinds are the ones that frame this kind of phrase.

11. I am the cream of the crop

In the women’s make-up kit, Mr Wonderful gives us this statement.

12. Summer is the repera under a palm tree

This phrase is very common in beach bags.

13. The best adventures are those we live together

It’s a perfect gift for the couple.

14. Let me take you on an adventure

It’s in travel bags that you see these kinds of phrases.

15. Prepare for summer

Mr. Wonderful always adjusts his words to every moment.

16. Every time I travel, I give out boats of joy!

Some travel kits reflect this thought.

17. I am the sea of salt

Another complement that can be given as a gift to those we love the most.

18. Mom, your smile is worth everything

Mothers are always the target of these kinds of messages.

19. Life is a beautiful journey

Travel is a fundamental part of our lives.

20. Grandpa you are great, like your hugs there is nothing like it

Family is the perfect excuse to say a few nice words to them.

21. In this family we give each other lots of kisses, cuddles, and pampering

Another way of transmitting family love.

22. I need more space

Funny phrase we’ll find on Mr Wonderful’s hard drives.

23. Smile! Today can be your day

Any product is good for writing this sentence.

24. Life is made for adventure

It is very appropriate to reproduce this reflection in personal diaries.

25. I am going to live a million adventures

We’re back to travel products.

26. Let me kiss you, and we will get up with the bed made up

A curious phrase to dedicate to our loving couple.

27. Towards my new favourite place

These phrases are often found on personal luggage labels.

28. You look wonderful today

You look amazing today. Not bad for a day start!

29. Today I am radiant

Self-motivated messages are needed on a daily basis.

30. You are parents worth your weight in gold

It can be a shared gift for the parents, usually seen in the purses.

31. You have the handsome one up

Another self-motivating message.

32. There is no evil that lasts 100 years or anything that this kit does not cure

A funny message in Mr Wonderful’s medicine cabinets

33. If you can dream it, you can do it

We have to project our desires before we can realize them

34. Today is a good day to smile

Don’t lose your smile, ever.

35. Being happy by your side is easy

Dedicated message to the people we love most.

36. A latte with double the joy and good vibes in the morning

This phrase is usually found on coffee cups.

37. Good things happen to those who wait for them

If we stay positive, things will come.

38. The best things happen to those who go for them

Once again, Mr. Wonderful reminds us to fight.

39. If you don’t take too long I’ll wait for you all my life

Touching message we can find in Mr Wonderful’s love letters.

40. It is not a question of where you are but of where you want to go

It is very important in life to know what we want, to have clear objectives.

41. The only impossible thing is what you don’t try

Sitting around and letting things happen, it’s no use.

42. Do whatever you really want to do, but make yourself happy

We never have to base our happiness on that of others. We will never be free.

43. May your dreams be bigger than your fears

Fear is a sociological invention that must be overcome.

44. Everything will be fine because you are the cream of the crop

Motivating message that we can find in any Mr Wonderful product.

45. Change the way you see things and things will change

We cannot expect different results with the same methods.

46. Do not believe yourself more than anyone else, nor believe yourself less than anyone else

In life, always with humility, but with self-confidence.

47. Set a goal, today is your day to achieve it

A motivating phrase that we will find in Mr Wonderful’s school diaries.

48. Don’t expect anyone to do for you what you can get

If you don’t do it, no one will do it for you.

49. Cry. You have feelings

We all have the right to cry, it’s natural and necessary.

50. Fall in love with your ideas

Being convinced of our values and beliefs guarantees success in life.

51. Laugh, be positive, everything will be fine

For better or worse, you always have to keep a smile on your face.

52. Times are bad, very bad, but passion and good ideas triumph

In the end, good always prevails over evil.

53. Do you take anything to be happy? Yes, decisions

We make decisions every day, every second, and it conditions our lives forever.

54. Things not boring to be the sea of happiness

It’s a phrase we usually find in Mr Wonderful’s notebooks and folders.

55. To achieve something you haven’t had, you will have to do something you didn’t do

We will find motivation in variety, always.

56. If you don’t mess up, you won’t get anything. Don’t be afraid!

As people we are imperfect, and to err leads to success.

57. This bunch is going on a spree!

That’s a very accurate phrase for a festive and joyful event.

58. Just by looking at you I get a hard-on

An emotional message for all audiences.

59. You always with the same story

We can find this funny phrase in the sketchbooks.

60. With you I break

It’s a good way to convey your feelings to a co-worker, for example.

61. 365 days to get where you want to go

Mr. Wonderful’s star sentence for your diaries.

62. Welcome to the cool days for tasty jackets

Even if it rains or it’s cold, you always have to stay positive.

63. Today I am so happy that they smile at my toes

A curious way to define the state of happiness.

64. For you I am on fire

It’s the perfect phrase to give a loved one.

65. Better a gentleman dragon than a foolish prince

We also usually find it in letters and love cards.

66. Today I get my act together

In the Mr Wonderful products we will always find motivating messages in the day to day.