Whether your business isn’t going through the best of times, or you just want to get started, this is your article.

In a world where the economy has a great influence on our lives, it becomes more and more necessary to be your own boss. If you want your company to be a success, it is not superfluous to take a look at these phrases for entrepreneurs that we present to you .

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75 phrases for entrepreneurs that will make you successful in business

According to positive psychology, sentences have a lot of power, more than hours and hours of tedious reading or boring lectures. But a short positive sentence automatically generates a positive thought where your mind has all the papers to assimilate it more easily.

These phrases for entrepreneurs will not only help you to make your business work, but also, as they are tools of change and transformation in our lives, they will lead you to the personal culmination you so desire, a culmination that will make you see things in a much more optimistic way and therefore, will enable you to face all your business projects with joy.

1. I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that don’t work

This phrase is attributed to Thomas Edison, scientist and inventor of the light bulb . With this sentence, Edison comes to say that we should not be discouraged if our projects do not succeed at first. Instead, what we have to do is learn from experience and be persistent.

2. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary

This famous phrase was said by Vidal Sassoon , businessman and creator of the simple Bauhaus haircut. What this sentence means is that, a theoretical preparation is indispensable before starting any of our ambitions, that preparation does not necessarily have to be academic, however, it becomes vital to plan our objectives and when the time comes, to act.

3. Every worthwhile achievement, great or small, has its stages and triumph; a beginning, a struggle, and a victory

Although Mahatma Gandhi was not a businessman, he was a great political and spiritual leader. Not surprisingly, his influence on India’s independence was fundamental.

4. The best reason to start a business is that it makes sense, to create a product or service that society needs, and thus make a better world

This sentence was said by Guy Kawasaki, entrepreneur, investor and developer of Macintosh . This sentence expresses the conviction that, with our business, we are improving the world, our motivation will be much greater when it comes to work.

5. An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew in the hope that he will soon learn to chew

This phrase is attributed to Roy Ash, co-founder of Litton Industries . With this phrase, Ash meant that we should strive to gain experience, and that during that process we should not forget what our ultimate goal is.

6. Some dream of great achievements, while others stay awake and act.

Anonymous but not exempt from depth . To achieve our dreams, ironically, it is not enough just to dream but we have to take action.

7. The greatest reward in being a millionaire is not the amount of money you make. It’s the kind of person you have to be in the first place to become a millionaire

Phrase attributed to Jim Rohn . If we make an effort and in the end we succeed, not only will we have succeeded but we will have learned ethical values that will be part of us, forever.

8. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Lao Tse, Chinese philosopher . This sentence tells us that it is important to celebrate small advances.

9. Failure is the opportunity to start over, but more intelligently

The author of this sentence was Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Moto company r . Ford stated that failure is not so serious, since failure gives us the bittersweet reward of learning from experience in order to improve.

10. It is better to do the most insignificant thing in the world than to spend half an hour doing nothing

Goethe, poet, novelist, playwright and Germanic scientist . With this phrase Goethe teaches us that having initiative brings us closer to success while remaining idle leads us to failure.

11. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt . Although dreaming is not enough, it is indispensable to take action.

12. There are no secrets to success. It is achieved by preparing, working hard and learning from failure

Colin Powell , an American military man, diplomat and politician. Four-star general and Chief of Staff.

13. An entrepreneur sees opportunities where others see only problems

Phrase by Michael Gerber . To achieve success it is important to have a positive mind.

14. Investing in knowledge always produces the best returns

Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the United States . For Franklin, knowledge is power when it comes to carrying out a personal project.

15. There are men who fight one day and are good. There are others who fight one year and are better. There are those who fight many years and are very good. But there are those who fight all their lives. These are the indispensable ones

Phrase for entrepreneurs pronounced by Bertolt Brecht, German poet and playwright . Brecht believed in a persevering and combative attitude in the face of life’s difficulties.

16. I don’t need friends who change when I change, and nod when I nod. My shadow does it much better

Plutarch knew well that constructive criticism and feedback are indispensable when developing our ambitions.

17. It’s a major mistake to theorize before you have data. One begins to alter the facts to fit the theories, rather than fitting the theories into the facts

Sherlock Holmes, one of the most famous fictional detectives of all times , believed that to be successful it was very important to alternate theory with practice and practice with theory, so that both aspects complement each other in harmony until we reach our goals.

18. People are not remembered by the number of times they fail, but by the number of times they succeed

For Thomas Edison, failure is of no importance in the harsh judgment of history , but success will make our name endure for ever and ever.

19. I’ll make a prediction: Anything can happen

This sentence by Roy Atkinson says that there are variables that we , however well we do, cannot control. The good attitude is to know how to deal with misfortunes and not to fall apart.

20. Man discovers himself when he measures himself against an obstacle

Antoine de Saint Exupery, author of The Little Prince This famous phrase explains that it is in difficult situations that we really get to know each other.

21. Never walk on the path that has been laid out, for it will lead you only to where others have gone

Graham Bell, British scientist and speech therapist , alerts us that originality and personal criteria are indispensable for success.

22. Remember that the most important thing about any company is that the results are not within its walls. The result of a good business is a satisfied customer

Peter Drucker, the father of modern management , fervently believed that a company’s success is not measured by profits, but by how satisfied the customer is. If the customer is happy, everything else will follow.

23. To succeed you need talent and a thousand other things, and it is those thousand other things that will make you successful

For Julio Iglesias, success does not depend so much on innate talent but on the effort behind it.

24. To be successful you have to have friends; but to be very successful you have to have many friends

Frank Sinatra . To start a long-term project, it is key to surround yourself with people you trust, and that you trust them.

25. To be successful, planning alone is insufficient. One must also improvise

Isaac Asimov, author of this sentence , knew well that to succeed in life one must know how to adapt to the unexpected that may arise.

26. Most of the time success depends on knowing how long it takes to achieve it

This sentence by Montesquieu is very significant, since success must be valued as such if it greatly exceeds the resources invested, and one of those resources in time. Sometimes winning at any cost leads in the long run to failure, so a timely withdrawal is better.

27. A moment of success makes up for years of failure

For Robert Browning it is not relevant how many times you fail , because when you reach success it will be such a pleasant experience, that everything else will be the same.

28. A fool never gets over a success

Oscar Wilde, Irish novelist and playwright . Emotional intelligence is key, not only to learn from experience, but to know how to face it with optimism.

29. Don’t expect things to change if you always do the same thing

Albert Einstein, German scientist. For Einstein it was important to try different formulas when it came to success, isn’t that what science does?

30. Where there is a successful company someone once made a courageous decision

Peter Ferdinand Druker , Austrian lawyer, author of renowned works on business management.

31. Your imagination anticipates the good that will happen to you in life.

Another phrase from Einstein , creativity will bring a global vision to your business that is fundamental to success. If you develop your imagination to the fullest, you will have guaranteed success.

32. The entrepreneur always seeks change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity

Peter Drucker meant with this sentence that whenever there is a change, new opportunities arise . It is up to you to see them and take advantage of them!

33. Luck takes place, when preparation meets opportunity

This sentence from Earl Nightingale says that there is no such thing as luck and that the key to success depends solely and exclusively on you.

34. The greatest risk is not to take any risk… In a world that changes really fast, the only strategy in which failure is guaranteed is not to take risks

This phrase from facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg , comes to say that in a world as chaotic and changing as ours, the only way to succeed is to move at the pace of change. Never lose the initiative!

35. Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher . Above all, attitude comes first in ensuring your success as an entrepreneur.

36. One day you will wake up and discover that you have no more time to do what you dreamed of, the time is now…act

This sentence by Paulo Coelho warns us before it’s too late. Act!

37. Those who say that something cannot be done are often interrupted by others who are doing it

Joel A. Barker, author of this phrase , tells us that if we throw in the towel, someone else will come along, pick it up and succeed where we didn’t want to succeed.

38. If you quit, quitting will become easier and easier throughout your life

This sentence by Osman Minkara is a statement that giving up is the easy way ; being the comfortable option it is tremendously addictive. If we fall into such a vice, we will hardly be able to get out.

39. An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory

Ralph Waldo Emerson tells us through this phrase that it is much better to act , even if only a little, than to be eternally theorizing. For the theory that we extract from such action is much more useful than a simple theory based on assumptions rather than facts.

40. When you believe in yourself, not even the sky will be your limit

Miles Davis affirms with this phrase that it is important to have faith in what one does , to love oneself and to value one’s abilities.

41. It is never too late to be what you could have been

This sentence by George Eliot speaks of forgiveness even though it may not seem so a priori; it speaks of the virtue of forgiving oneself, of giving oneself a second chance to finally succeed, something that can be perfectly applied to business. Even if you haven’t made the best decisions in your life, don’t lose hope and give yourself another chance!

42. If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs

Phrase by Toni Gaskin, motivational speaker and coach . You choose, to be your own boss or to work for someone else?

43. Your most dissatisfied clients are your greatest source of learning

With this phrase, Bill Gates states that from the criticism of your clients, you can gain the knowledge necessary to get to the top with your business.

44. When the goal seems difficult to you, don’t change the goal; find a new way to reach it

This phrase from Confucius, a Chinese philosopher from the 6th century BC , tells us that we must be firm in our objectives but flexible enough to reach them. Confucian thought has influenced much of contemporary China, and they cannot be blamed for doing badly.

45. Experience is the name we give to our mistakes

Oscar Wilde comes to reflect with this phrase that no matter how many times we have been wrong , the important thing is the compendium of all the experiences lived.

46. My interest in life comes from setting myself enormous, seemingly unattainable challenges and trying to overcome them

This phrase is attributed to Richard Branson, an English billionaire . Branson suffers from dyslexia, so he obtained very low academic results in high school, but this did not prevent him from getting rich and at fourteen he had already founded two companies, which although they ended up failing Branson succeeded in creating a new company at the age of sixteen. As you can see, this is a constant.

47. The most effective way to do this is to do it

For Amelia Earhart , American aviator, it’s clear: it has to be done at any cost – a tribute to the will to power!

48. Battles are not always won by the strongest, or the fastest, sooner or later the man who triumphs is the one who believes he can triumph

Vince Lombardi, American football coach , knew that sometimes you just have to believe in the myth that you can do it.

49. Decide if the target is worth the risks you’re going to take. If so, stop worrying

Amelia Earhart was a person with a great will , but she also did not jump into the pool if it was not full. Sometimes, you have to put things on a scale and assess whether it is worth the effort or not, without it meaning that you have not made an effort.

50. Only he who has been in the depths of the valleys can understand what it is like to be on the top of the highest mountains

Phrase by Richard Nixon . Sometimes in order to value what is around you you have had to hit rock bottom previously, there is no glory without suffering.

51. I am convinced that what separates successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is pure perseverance

Steve Jobs founded Apple in the 1970s . On the day Jobs died, Apple’s market capitalization was $350.67 billion, more than all the companies on the Ibex 35 combined. This sentence of his shows that in business management it is important to be tenacious.

52. Pay attention to negative feedback and ask for it, particularly from friends. Hardly anyone does that and it is very helpful

Elon Musk, co-founder of Paypal , is very clear that constructive criticism helps business.

53. Luck is proportional to sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get

R ay Kroc, founder of McDonald’s , was initially the partner of a small milkshake machine industry, although before that he sold cups made of cardboard. It seems that Kroc had to sweat a lot, because at the time he was one of the richest people in the USA.

54. Nothing on this earth can stop a man who possesses the right mental attitude to achieve his goal. Nothing on this earth can help man with the wrong mental attitude

Thomas Jefferson , third president of the United States of America.

55. Sometimes losing a battle finds a new way to win the war

This phrase from Donald Trump, billionaire tycoon and current president of the United States, clearly reflects that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to stay afloat.

56. An intelligent man is not one who has many ideas, but one who knows how to take advantage of the few he has

With this anonymous phrase that we have considered appropriate to add to our collection of phrases for entrepreneurs, we want to make you understand that it is not necessary to stress about not having many ideas, pu is better few and good than many little or badly developed . If you follow this advice, you will be able to get more out of your business project.

57. When you innovate, you have to be prepared for everyone to tell you that you are crazy

Not infrequently you will find stones on the way, often from those around you. This sentence by Larry Ellison is a clear example .

58. The work that is never started is the work that takes the longest to complete.

This phrase attributed to J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings is a clear example of what procrastination would be, a behavioral disorder that consists of delaying difficult or tedious tasks in order to avoid them. The sooner you start doing things, the sooner you will finish.

59. The triumph is not in always winning, but in never being discouraged

This sentence is by Napoleon Bonaparte , and it seems that being optimistic was not bad for him: he managed to conquer almost all of Europe.

60. The longest walk begins with a step

This Hindu proverb says that it is important to get to work, setting small goals without forgetting the final objective. Patience is a fundamental virtue in business management.

61. Genius begins great works, but only work ends them.

Petrus Jacobus Joubert , South African military and political officer who served as Commander General and Vice President in his country.

62. I do not measure a man’s success by the height he is able to climb, but by how high he bounces when he touches the bottom

George S. Patton, general of the United States Army during World War II.

63. There are no shortcuts to success. Start earlier, work harder, and finish later

Brian Trancy , American writer on personal development. With this sentence we want to show that there are no secret formulas for success, only hard work.

64. The greatest glory is not to fall, but to always rise

Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid activist and president of South Africa. Mandela suffered many injustices throughout his life, but he never gave up. Are you going to be less?

65. If you want to change the world, change yourself

Mahatma Gandhi , Indian Hindu lawyer, thinker and politician.

66. Nothing in life should be feared, only understood. It is time to understand more, to fear less

Marie Curie , Polish scientist and pioneer in the field of radioactivity, was the first person to receive two Nobel prizes in different specialties, physics and chemistry.

67. Always transforms a negative situation into a positive one

Michael Jordan, former American basketball player and owner of the NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets.

68. The supreme happiness of life is knowing that you are loved by yourself or, more precisely, in spite of yourself

Victor Hugo , French poet, playwright and romantic novelist, considered an eminence in French literature.

69. If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade

This sentence by Dale Carnegie, American entrepreneur and writer , encourages us to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us in our lives.

70. It’s hard to fail, but it’s even worse never to have tried to succeed

Theodore Roosevelt , twenty-sixth President of the United States, explorer and soldier.

71. Only those who dare to have great failures end up having great successes

Robert Kenney, Brazilian footballer . Sometimes, to succeed in this life you have to take risks and be prepared for them.

72. It’s always early to give up

Norman Vincent Peale , from the theory of positive thinking. Perseverance is a key pillar when facing life with optimism.

73. You have to make it happen

An enlightened Frenchman, Denis Diderot was a key figure of his time as a writer, philosopher and encyclopedist.

74. We become what we think

This phrase of Earl Nightingale comes to portray how important it is to have a positive thought , to transform us into optimistic people.

75. Pleasure and action make the hours seem short

William Shakespeare, English playwright, poet and actor . For Shakespeare it was important to enjoy what one did. If you can enjoy your business projects, success is assured.