In a love relationship, moments of intimacy are important because they maintain the passion and bond between the members. And the fact is that having intimate relationships is one of the activities that gives us the most pleasure. Not only that, but they bring us benefits for both our physical and psychological health.

However, not all sex is quality and men can sometimes make mistakes in bed that will have an impact on the satisfaction of the sexual act. In this article we will go deeper into these mistakes.

Benefits of having sex

Obviously, love is more than just sexual relations , and not all individuals give it the same weight in the relationship. But we must recognize that intimate relationships are an important part of the stability of a couple and it is what differentiates us from having a simple friendship with someone.

Being able to share those intimate moments with the person we love makes us immensely happy and, moreover, brings us a series of benefits . They are the following:

  • It improves the mood, because sexual relations activate the brain regions of reinforcement and therefore increases some brain chemicals such as serotonin or endorphins, related to happiness and pleasure. They make us more active and lively.
  • Improves the immune system by increasing levels of the hormone DHEA, which is key to being and staying healthy.
  • It rejuvenates. The hormone DHEA is known as the anti-aging hormone. In addition, some research has found that frequent sexual practice gives us a younger look.
  • It prolongs life, according to a group of Australian researchers.
  • It improves physical condition and helps burn more calories.
  • Reduces pain because sexual activity helps secrete endogenous opioids
  • It reduces stress because cortisol levels drop.

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Mistakes Men Make in Bed

When it comes to women’s needs in bed, some men make a number of mistakes they could avoid. But what are these mistakes? We answer this question in the following lines:

1. Start sex in the bedroom

While men light up at the speed of light, in the case of women, this does not exactly happen. For many women, feeling safe in the relationship and confident in the person next to them is what will really make the sexual encounter formidable.

That is why it is necessary to work on sex outside the room, with kisses, hugs, fun moments… A simple hug can be more important than many people think , because 30 seconds of hugging stimulate oxytocin, a hormone that creates connection and trust with the other person. This will have a positive effect on intimate moments.

2. Thinking you know what you want

Each person is a world and, as far as sexual tastes are concerned, not everyone enjoys the same things. For example, there are people who like unconventional situations and there are people with more classic sexual tastes. Therefore, it is important that there is communication and one should not be afraid to ask what the other person likes in order to fulfil his/her expectations.

3. Overdoing it with hard sex

And of course, with regard to the intensity of sex there are also different tastes and opinions. It’s not bad to have a little intensity when it’s consensual. But many women agree when trust and affection is what prevails. So once the sexual act is over it is necessary to take into account their needs . A loving hug is a good alternative.

4. Failure to treat the clitoris properly

Women enjoy clitoral stimulation and this is something that every man knows. So the clitoris should never be forgotten . However, at the same time, you have to know how to play this key, and it is not a question of scratching or rubbing, but of doing it well. Remember that the clitoris is extremely sensitive, so touching it too hard when it is not the right time can be painful.

5. Focusing on breasts and genitals too quickly

When it comes to stimulating a woman, it must be done gradually. The skin is full of nerve endings and knowing how to touch it can be very effective in preparing the other person for action. That foreplay is important is not a myth but a reality and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to it so that the woman can enjoy it fully. .

6. Ignoring mental stimulation

When we talk about foreplay, many people have physical stimulation in mind. However, the mental aspect is very important for the level of arousal to increase . While men’s stimulation is almost instantaneous and what they see is enough, women are mainly excited by their fantasies and expectations.

7. Forgetting about creativity

Many couples, when it takes time, complain about the monotony. Because being creative is one of the best ways to keep the flame of passion alive. Especially when the relationship has stabilized, it is necessary to use resources that allow the flame not to go out . What if you play naked twister or do a bodypainting session? If you want some advice like the previous ones, you can read this article: “15 ideal sex games to regain your passion as a couple”

8. Pay attention to the conclusion

For many women, one of the most important parts of having sex is how it ends. Once a man reaches orgasm he can do two things. Have a cold ending and then rest or cuddle with the other person for a relatively long period of time to show affection. Being an unemotional and cold man influences sexual satisfaction.

How to tell if a man is good in bed

Mistakes are something that can happen in intimate relationships, but they can be corrected, as there are a number of behaviors that can enhance the sexual experience. But… can you tell if a man is good in bed? Are there signs that a man is a good lover? Certainly not, but there are a number of clues that can inform whether a man is good at intimacy.

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