“The Little Prince” is the most famous novel by French writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry. It was published in 1943 and is the most read and translated French book in history.

Apart from being a recommended book to read in the educational system of several countries, “The Little Prince” is a story that holds a great deal of wisdom and basic lessons for life.

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Unforgettable phrases from The Little Prince

How many of us have read and enjoyed the adventures of “The Little Prince” when we were children or teenagers?

As it is such a relevant work for millions of people we wanted to make a selection of the 80 great phrases of The Little Prince that we should all remember.

1. The first love is loved more, the rest is loved better.

We all learn a lot from our first love, how we want to be treated and how we don’t.

2. Walking in a straight line you can’t get very far.

Whether we like it or not, life goes round in circles and we must know how to adapt to each situation.

3. When you find a diamond that belongs to no one, it’s yours. When you find an island that belongs to no one, it is yours. When you are the first one to have an idea, you make it patent: it is yours. I own the stars because no one before me ever dreamed of owning them.

There are certain things that are the heritage of all mankind, we cannot own absolutely everything.

4. The little prince, who asked me many questions, never seemed to hear mine.

We must know how to listen to others, it’s a very important part of a conversation.

5. You are the master of your life and your emotions, never forget that. For better and for worse.

We are responsible for everything that happens to us directly or indirectly.

6. It’s very sad to forget a friend. Not everyone has had a friend.

Friends are a very scarce commodity, having real friends is a very difficult thing to find.

7. Older people can never understand anything on their own and it is very boring for children to have to explain themselves over and over again.

When we are adults we take it for granted that we know everything about life and we really don’t.

8. What I see here is just a crust. The most important thing is invisible.

The important things in life are often invisible to the eye, such as emotions, feelings and ideas.

9. Men go into the rapids, but they don’t know where they’re going or what they want. Then they get agitated and spin around.

Many times we get involved in situations we can’t get out of without help.

10. I wonder if the stars light up so that one day, everyone can find their own.

Fighting for our dreams is something we must all do, seek our own happiness.

11. Everyone should be asked what they can do.

Each person has his or her own limits in life and many of us are unaware of our own.

12. All the older people were children at first. (Although few of them remember)

A very successful appointment that encourages us to stay in touch with our inner child.

13. Only children know what they are looking for. They waste their time with a rag doll that is the most important thing for them and if they take it away, they cry.

When we are children we are more aware of what exactly we want in that moment, and we can live the moment much more intensely.

14. It was the time you spent with your rose that made it so important.

The experiences that we live with someone are something very valuable, memories that will always remain with us.

15. It’s really useful because it’s nice.

Knowing how to appreciate beauty is something that can make us very happy in life.

16. You should never listen to the flowers. They should only be seen and smelled. Mine perfumed my planet, but I was not able to rejoice in it.

Many times we don’t realize how lucky we are to have something until we finally lose it.

17. When you look at the sky, at night, as I will dwell in one of them, as I will laugh in one of them, it will be for you as if all the stars were laughing. You and only you will have stars that know how to laugh!

We will always remember those people we loved so much and who are no longer with us.

18. He was just a fox like a hundred thousand others. But I made him my friend and now he’s unique in the world.

Friends are an essential part of who we are and when we lose them it can be very painful emotionally.

19. I will have to support two or three caterpillars if I want to meet the butterflies; I think they are very beautiful. Otherwise, who will come to visit me? You will be far away. As for the beasts, I am not afraid of them: I have my claws.

On many occasions we must adapt to the situation that life imposes on us, our happiness depends on it.

20. You only know things well that you tame.

Many times we human beings wish to impose our will on other living beings and with this we only manage to make that being lose its own personality, is this really what we want?

21. And when you have consoled yourself (one always ends up consoling oneself) you will be glad that you have known Me.

When we accept the loss of a loved one, we begin to rejoice that we were lucky enough to know him. One of the best phrases in The Little Prince

Earth is not just any planet! There are one hundred and eleven kings on it (not forgetting, of course, the black kings), seven thousand geographers, nine hundred thousand businessmen, seven and a half million drunks, three hundred and eleven million vainglings, that is, about two billion old people.

No doubt the Earth is a planet with a lot of things to discover, how lucky we are!

23. Authority rests first and foremost on reason. If you order your people to throw themselves into the sea, the people will make the revolution. I have the right to demand obedience, because my orders are reasonable.

How leaders treat their citizens gives them legitimacy or takes it away.

24. I’ll look at you sideways and you won’t say anything. The word is a source of misunderstanding.

Words can often lead to an argument, we must know how to use them carefully.

25. I can judge myself anywhere and I have no need to live here.

We are free to live wherever we want, when we are not happy in the place where we live we can always look for another better place.

26. To the vain all other men are admirers.

There are people who only look out for themselves and for whom others are inferior beings. We must not let vanity or narcissism take hold of us.

27. I drink to forget that I’m a drunk.

Alcoholism can be a very difficult addiction to overcome and one that no one would want to fall into.

28. – And what good is it to possess the stars?

-It’s good for me to be rich.
– And what good does it do you to be rich?
-It helps me to buy more stars.

Wealthy greed gets us nowhere. We must know what is really necessary for us.

29. One is exposed to crying a little, if one has allowed oneself to be tamed…

When we let ourselves be carried away by the interests of another we will inevitably leave ours behind.

30. If you come, for example, at four o’clock in the afternoon; from three o’clock I would start to be happy.

The company of a loved one is always a great joy, we are fortunate in their mere presence.

31. But if you tame me, then we’ll need each other. For me, you will be unique in the world. For you, I will be unique in the world…

When we make ourselves a person we also create a certain dependence on him.

32. You are forever responsible for that which you have tamed.

The bond with someone very close never disappears, we will always feel linked to that person.

33. If someone loves a flower of which there is only one specimen in millions and millions of stars, it is enough to look at it to be happy.

When we are with that person who is so important to us, his presence alone makes us happy.

34. Nothing in the universe remains the same if somewhere, you do not know where, a lamb that you do not know has eaten, or not, a rose.

Events keep happening that we have no control over, but that make everything around us change in practice.

35. It’s crazy to hate all the roses just because one pricked you. To give up all your dreams just because one of them didn’t come true.

We should not judge all people because one hurt us, we should keep trying to know that person who complements us.

36. I have lived a lot with older people and have known them very closely; but this has not improved my opinion of them much.

Human beings are capable of the best things and the worst, human beings can be very evil.

37. Only children smash their noses against glass.

A child’s innocence is his best weapon to discover the world around him.

38. I have always loved the desert. You can sit on a sand dune. You can’t see anything. You can’t hear anything. And yet something shines in the silence…

Sometimes we need to surround ourselves with loneliness in order to hear our thoughts.

39. But the seeds are invisible. They sleep in the secret of the earth until one of them thinks of waking up.

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly that we cannot anticipate, we must know how to adapt to that new situation.

40. Men no longer have time to know anything; they buy ready-made things from merchants; but as there is no merchant of friends, men no longer have friends.

Today’s society leads us more and more to live solitary lives where consumerism is the reward.

41. Men occupy very little space on earth… Older people will surely not believe them, for they always imagine that they occupy a lot of space.

Many times we tend to believe that we are something beyond what we really are, we do not stop being simple flesh and blood people.

42. The beautiful thing about the desert is that everywhere it hides a well.

Even in the most remote place there are always valuable resources, just as in all people there is always a little bit of goodness.

43. Here is my secret, which could not be simpler: only with the heart can one see well; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.

The most important things in life are intangible, not material goods.

44. It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself well, you are a true sage.

Knowing how to recognize our mistakes is something that can be very complicated, because the first thing is to recognize that we are not perfect.

45. He fell in love with his flowers and not his roots, and in autumn he did not know what to do.

Beauty is ephemeral and one day it will be over, we must get to know people beyond their physical appearance.

46. When one is very sad, the sunsets are nice.

Finding a place to think is something we need to do on certain occasions.

47. When the mystery is too impressive, it is impossible to disobey.

Sometimes we need a little excitement in life and we look to do different things or be in different places.

48. Sometimes you will open your window just for pleasure and your friends will be amazed to see you laughing looking at the sky.

The most important thing in life is to be happy, without caring what others think.

49. Men, the wind carries them, for they have no roots, and not having them causes them bitterness.

Personal values are what will give us the tools we need to live a full life.

50. The men of your planet,” said the little prince, “grow five thousand roses in the same garden, yet they do not find what they seek.

To find what we want we must first know exactly what we want.

51. No one is ever happy where he is.

Many times we are not satisfied with what we have, but the secret lies in knowing how to value what we enjoy.

52. You only have to ask from each one what each one can give.

We must be aware of each person’s limitations and ask them for what they can contribute.

53. I thought I was rich with a single flower, and it turns out that I have only an ordinary rose.

Sometimes we tend to give value to things that really lack it, we must be aware of what we really have and what real value it has.

54. No one believed him because of the way he was dressed. Older people are like that.

We must not fall into false appearances, the habit does not make the monk.

55. Baobabs begin by being very small.

We all started out as something very small, but with time and effort we will become what we really are.

56. Having a friend is a real privilege and if one forgets about them one risks becoming like the old people who are only interested in numbers and figures.

Friendships are very valuable and we should value them, friendship is something very difficult to find.

57. On the planet of the little prince there were, as on all the planets, good herbs and bad herbs, and therefore seeds of one and the other.

Everywhere there are good people and bad people, knowing how to surround ourselves with the right ones depends on us.

58. The baobabs must be removed as soon as they are distinguished from the rose bushes, for they look very much alike when they are small.

This quote talks about how society gets rid of those things or people that are not useful when they are most defenseless, something very negative.

59. If a lamb eats shrubs, it will eat the flowers too, right?

Everything in life has its positive and negative aspects, duality is always present.

60. The flowers are weak. They’re naive. They defend themselves as best they can and the thorns are their defense.

In this quote we can also see another example of duality, even the most beautiful rose has its thorns.

61. I should have judged her by her actions and not by her words.

Knowing how to value someone for their actions is something we should all do, words are carried away by the wind.

62. Whether the volcanoes are extinct or wake up is the same for us. What is interesting is the mountain of the volcano and it never changes.

There are things in the world that never change, no matter how much time passes and events happen.

63. Men get on trains but don’t know where they’re going. They don’t know what they want and they don’t know what to look for.

Many times in life we make decisions that we do not know where they will lead.

64. It’s the same with the flower. If you want a flower that lives on a star, it is very sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars have bloomed.

Keeping in our memory those people who were relevant in our lives is something we all do.

65. Well! I admire you, but what’s the use?

When we admire someone we must know why we do it, what are the attributes that make them stand out.

66. It is therefore useful for my volcanoes and for my flower that I possess them. But thou, thou art not useful to the stars…

In a relationship we must know how to empathize with the other person and know how to be better together than separately.

67. He’s the only one I don’t think is ridiculous, maybe because he’s taking care of something else and not himself.

People who are dedicated to caring for others are those who have the most emotional value, they dedicate their lives to caring for others out of pure vocation.

68. What a strange planet, it’s dry, sharp and salty. And men lack imagination; they do but repeat what they are told.

Imagination is something that makes people great. What would become of humanity if it had no imagination?

69. Of course, we, as we know how to understand life, quietly mock the numbers. I would have liked to begin this story in the manner of a fairy tale.

What do we really know about life? Do we really live it to the fullest? Our own perception of it leads us to create our own reality.

70. The soil of the planet of the little prince was infested with baobab seeds, which, if they are not uprooted, have just emerged, and as soon as they are recognized, they can cover the whole planet, perforate it with their roots, and if the planet is very small and the baobabs are many, they make it explode.

In this quote we can see a metaphor about problems being solved when they are still small.

71. If you ever travel, this could be very useful to you. Sometimes there is no difficulty in putting off work a little longer; but, in the case of baobabs, the delay is always fatal.

By acting as soon as possible, we will be able to tackle the problems much more effectively.

72. And since friends are not sold in stores, men no longer have friends. If you want to have a friend, then you must tame me!

In order to make friends we sometimes have to make certain concessions, to know how to adapt to the other person.

73. People have stars but they don’t mean the same thing to everyone.

Personal dreams can be as different from each other as there are people in the world.

74. For some, those who travel, the stars are their guides.

The stars have always been used as a reference for long-distance travel.

75. For the wise, the stars are a reason to study, and for my businessman, they were gold.

The same object or thing can be seen in many different ways, depending on the person observing it.

76. And there’s the big mystery. For you who love the little prince, as for me, nothing in the universe will have changed if anywhere, who knows where, an unknown lamb has eaten or not eaten a rose…

Everything in our lives is relative, and something that may not be important to us today may be important tomorrow.

77. My drawing didn’t represent a hat. It depicted a boa constrictor that digests an elephant. I then drew the inside of the boa-snake so that older people could understand. These people always need explanations.

The perspective from which we observe something is what gives that something meaning.

78. When one finishes getting ready in the morning, one has to carefully clean up the planet.

We must take care of ourselves and our environment, an appointment that has much meaning in the times we are in.

79. I know a planet where a very red man lives, who has never smelled a flower, nor looked at a star, and who has never loved anyone.

We must enjoy life and adopt a positive attitude towards it, as we lived it depends only on us.

80. Older people really like numbers.

The greed for amassing fortune has brought humanity to a point of no return, we must abandon this consumerist lifestyle.