Bob Marley is one of the most representative and well known figures in the world of music , and is the maximum exponent of the musical genre called reggae. Although he is Jamaican by birth, his music has crossed borders because of its message against injustice, racism or freedom.

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You can enjoy one of their themes below:

Bob Marley’s Best Famous Quotes

In the following lines you will find a compilation of the best phrases of Bob Marley to enjoy the thought of this musical genius.

1. Anyone who cries for justice is a Wailer

“The Wailers” is a group that was led by Bob Marley, which was founded in Jamaica in 1969. Their lyrics and music called for justice around the planet.

2. There are two types of dictators: the taxed and the elected, which are the politicians

A criticism of the political and economic system.

3. My life is only important if I can help many, if my life is for me and my safety then I don’t want it. My life is for the people that is my philosophy

Bob Marley was always an altruistic person.

4. Ganja (marijuana) comes out of the ground, so it can’t be bad

The singer has always been an advocate of marijuana use.

5. My feet are my only vehicle, I have to keep going, but while I’m gone, I want to tell you: Everything will be fine

A part of the lyrics of one of his songs. You can listen to the song in the following video.

6. As long as there are first and second class men, I will keep on shouting war

Bob Marley was always against war.

7. Bob Marley is not my name, I still don’t know what my name is

A message that has a certain touch of irony.

8. I would have liked to name one of my daughters MaryJuana

Marijuana is an important part of Rastafarian culture.

9. It is necessary to understand the letters, their deep meaning. This is the music of the third world, a blessing, it is the sung news, the one that is not taught in school

Marley’s lyrics always included social criticism.

10. My music is forever. You may say I’m a dreamer, but my music is forever

He was right when he said he’ll always be remembered for his music.

11. One good thing about music is that when it comes, you forget about the problems

Music envelops you and makes you move away from the conflicts of everyday life.

12. My father was white, my mother was black, and I landed in the middle. Therefore, you see, I am nothing, all that I am comes from God

Marley, speaking of your religious beliefs.

13. We refuse to be what you want us to be, we are what we are and that’s how it’s going to be

A date that talks about the relationship between two people.

14. Every man should have the right to choose his own destiny

A reflection that deals with freedom and the path one should follow in life.

15. In this bright future, you cannot forget your past

The past needs to be remembered to avoid making mistakes again and to know where you come from.

16. Freedom of expression carries with it a certain freedom to listen

While we must express ourselves freely, we must also be respectful of others.

17. Why should I stay here in Jamaica? If all I want to do is smoke this quiet cigarette without being violently stopped

Bob Marley never denied he was a marijuana user.

18. People who are trying to make this world worse don’t take a day off, how could I? Light up the darkness

Bob Marley, criticizing people with bad backgrounds.

19. Wars will continue as long as skin color is more important than eye color

Racism can cause many conflicts between people.

20. No one but you can free your mind from slavery

One thing is physical slavery and another is mental slavery, to which this sentence refers.

21. In this great future you cannot forget your past

A verse that appears in her song “No Woman No Cry”.

22. When it’s good for you, take me with you; when it’s bad, don’t let me down

A phrase that was addressed to his son Ziggy.

23. Money cannot buy life

Another sentence Bob Marley said to his son Ziggy,

24. How many more deaths will it take to realize that there have already been too many

Wars did not fit into Bob Marley’s schemes,

25. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, no one but you can free your mind”

A song that appears in Redemption Song.

26. If you know your history, then you will know where you come from

A quote from the song Buffalo Soldier, and it’s about the origins of each person.

27. Stand up, stand up for your rights

We all have our rights, even if sometimes they are taken away from us.

28. There are two ways; one is life and the other is death, and if you live in death, then you must be dead. And if you live in life, then you must live. The way your heart decides, makes you live

We have the ability to decide the life we want to live.

29. Today’s new times are tomorrow’s bad thoughts

The past should not dominate our lives.

30. Black? Black means dead. I’m a Rasta. You can’t free the dead. I am life

A quote about racism and xenophobia.

31. Whoever is sorry knows

When we have a hard time, we are more aware of our surroundings.

32. I have a BMW not because it is an expensive car, but because BMW stands for Bob Marley and the Wailers

He does not own a German car because of its capitalist values, but because of the symmetry of the brand with the initials of its name.

33. All I’ve ever had are songs of freedom

Freedom is a recurring theme in his songs.

35. My music fights the system that teaches us to live and die

Bob Marley always proved to be an anti-system through his songs.

36. Wars will go on as long as people don’t think differently

Our beliefs can cause many warlike conflicts.

37. Love never leaves us alone

A quote from the song “Could You Be Loved”

38. I have only one ambition: to see humanity all together, black, white, everyone living together

It would be nice to live in a world full of peace and love.

39. I don’t enjoy success. Look how it consumes me, I just came to do the Lord’s work

Success can be very demanding and stressful.

40. I know I was born with a price on my head. But I didn’t come to be bent, I came to conquer

When someone fights the system, enemies appear.

41. Every man has the right to decide his own destiny

In his song called “Zimbabwe”, he pronounces this beautiful quote.

42. I’m not on the side of the black man. I’m not on the white man’s side. I am on God’s side

There is no difference between individuals, we all live on the same planet.

43. If cats and dogs can be together, why can’t we love each other?

The author comparing the relationship between humans and dogs and cats.

44. Until the color of a man’s skin is not as insignificant as the color of his eyes, I say war

In his song “War”, he deals in depth with the subject of war.

45. Open your eyes, look inside. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?

Sometimes you have to reflect on whether you should change.

46. I’m sure all those people who judge and say that marijuana is bad have not tried it once

Marley was a strong advocate of cannabis use.

47. It’s your love I’m looking for. It’s my love that you run away from

When a person doesn’t want to be with you, he may not tell you, but he will show you.

48. Pity those whose possibilities are lesser, there is no place to hide from the Father of creation

A reflection that appears in the song “One Love”.

49. I have no religion, I am what I am, I am a rastaman, so this is not religion, this is life

Bob Marley always followed the ideas of the Rastafarians.

50. Do not live so that your presence is noticed, but so that your absence is felt

When we’re nice to people, they’ll miss us.

51. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option

Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until we lose it.

52. If it made you happy, it doesn’t count as a mistake

Even from mistakes we human beings can learn.

53. To offer friendship to one who asks for love is like giving bread to one who is dying of thirst

A quote that invites the reader to deep reflection.

54. I do not expect to be justified by man’s laws

Laws are often made for those who are in charge.

55. When you think you are safe, sudden destruction, collective surveillance to ensure safety

Rat Race is one of his well-known songs, in which he sings this phrase.

56.We spend our lives waiting for something to happen and the only thing that happens is life

We can’t be thinking about the future all the time, we have to live in the present.

57. Man is a universe in itself

Each person is a world, with its ideas, its values, its beliefs, etc.

58. Is it love that I really feel, or is it attraction?

His song “This Love” questions how he feels about the person he loves.

59. Overcome demons with a thing called love

Love makes us very lucky and changes our lives for the better.

60. Cheer yourself up, and don’t get any bad vibes!

Leave the bad stuff at home and go for a walk.

61. Hate me for who I am, I don’t care, at least I’m not trying to be someone I’m not

When you find your inner peace, you don’t need anyone’s approval.

62. Don’t treat me like a puppet on a string, because I know how to do my own thing

“Waiting In Vain” is a great song by Bob Marley, which features this quote.

63. The most beautiful curve in a woman is her smile

This nice quote was given in an interview.

64. Grass is the healing of a nation, alcohol is destruction

Alcohol creates serious problems for human beings.

65. From the first moment I laid eyes on you, my heart says: Keep going. But now, I know that I am the last of your choices

Sometimes, love may not correspond to a person, which becomes a very hard time in someone’s life.

66. Keep what you have, forget what hurts, fight for what you want, value what you possess, forgive those who hurt you, and enjoy those who love you

Value what you have and go out and fight for your dreams.

67. Love does not need to be understood, it just needs to be demonstrated

Love only makes sense when it is expressed.

68. They say only the fittest will survive… will stay alive…

In his song “Could you be loved”, he pronounces this phrase full of meaning.

69. Wars bring nothing good to people

Human beings can be very cruel and insensitive people.

70. Some people tell you that they care, others simply tell you the truth

To reflect on our interpersonal relationships.

71. Rastafarianism is not a culture, nor a religion, it is a reality

Bob Marley, philosophizing about what it is to be a Rastafarian and the importance it has in a person’s life .

72. Respect for one ends where respect for the other begins

Respect is one of the most important qualities when living with others.

73. They call me stupid for smoking marijuana, yet they call the creator of the atomic bomb smart

A quote with a touch of humour that talks about the evil of human beings.

74. Sing, but don’t worry because everything will be fine

There are good times and bad times in this life. You have to solve the problems that arise,

75. A man’s greatest cowardice is to arouse a woman’s love without intending to love her

Sometimes we can feel a great fear to love or, rather, to hurt ourselves.

76. In your life you will find problems, and when you worry, they double

Problems are common in our lives, so we have to accept them.

77. When you smoke weed, you reveal yourself

Cannabis has a great capacity to make us think.

78. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, no one but you can free your mind

Another quote from the song “Redemption Song”

79. Excuse me while I light a joint, my God I have to take an elevator to get to heaven

Cannabis takes you away from reality, because it has a pleasant effect.

80. Until that day, the dream of a lasting peace … will remain nothing more than a fleeting illusion

Peace may be momentary, but conflict is an important part of humanity.

81. Problems will always exist, so they must be overcome

Human beings encounter conflicts on a daily basis, but they have the tools to overcome them.