Thanks to its more than half a million inhabitants and the importance that Malaga has within the community of Andalusia, this is one of the best cities we can go to if we need therapy and treatment for any kind of addiction.

Here work teams of psychologists who are experts in addictive substances, which do so much damage to the addicts themselves as well as to the families and people around them.

Next we will see some of the best centers that offer therapy for addictions in Malaga , both chemical and behavioral.

The 10 best centres offering therapy in Malaga

Next we will see some of the best rehabilitation centres against addictions to go to in the city of Malaga. It is worth mentioning that it is always necessary to contact them first to explain our specific case and make sure that they can treat us and offer us the best guarantees.

1. Psychologists Málaga PsicoAbreu

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy, the centre PsicoAbreu is one of the best centres to go to in cases of addiction and need for rehabilitation in order not to relapse into drugs.

This centre, which has different locations in many places within the province of Malaga , has one of the best teams of psychologists in the city. These professionals adapt to the characteristics and needs of each patient.

It is also worth mentioning that this center offers an excellent service of psychological treatment for problems such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders, low self-esteem and others related to mood, impulse regulation and stress.

  • You can find the Psicoabreu clinic in San Lorenzo street, in the heart of Málaga.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

2. CESMA Foundation Project Man

Project Man is one of the best known organizations nationally when it comes to therapy for addictive disorders.

This entity was born in Malaga in 1985 by the bishopric of Malaga, the Congregation of Capuchin Tertiary Friars and the Horizon Association. The objective of this centre is to attend psychologically to young people who have addictive problems, always starting from its own educational-therapeutic model .

In this way, in this centre we can find help for all kinds of addictions, both towards addictive substances and towards new technologies and games of chance (gambling).

  • You can find the headquarters of Proyecto Hombre in Malaga in Calle Eduardo Carvajal, in Malaga.

3. Boleyn Institute

The Instituto Bolena is another of the best that we can find in Malaga and they also have two other locations in Spain, one located in Mairena del Aljarafe (in Seville) and another in Pamplona.

This centre specialises in psychoactive substances and drug addictions and has outsourced medical equipment and treatments to offer one of the best treatments for addictions in the whole province of Malaga.

  • If you want to go to Centro Bolena you can find it in Manuel España Lobo street, in Málaga.

4. Cuvel Addictions Center

The Centro Cuvel Adicciones is another of the most recommended detoxification centers we can find in Malaga.

In this center they are experts in offering a comprehensive outpatient intervention for people with drug dependency.

It is also interesting to know that this entity offers psychological treatment to the relatives of the addicts since these can often develop emotional disorders due to the pressure and stress generated. This centre bases its treatment on the methodology of the Minnesota model , which gives great importance to group therapies where the relatives of the patients are also found.

  • It is located in Salitre Street in the centre of Málaga.

5. Castelao Centre

The Castelao Centre in Malaga has one of the largest and most specialised teams in the field of psychotherapy for addictions. This team is made up of therapists, monitors, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants and psychiatrists.

This centre is based on its own method, which is divided into 4 phases: detoxification, detoxification, rehabilitation and reintegration. In addition, it has first-class equipment, including a gymnasium, a dining room, a swimming pool and several therapy and reading rooms.

  • You can find the offices of the Instituto Castelao in Calle Salitre, in the centre of Málaga.

6. Salutis Centro

In the center Salutis are experts in offering their patients treatments for all types of addictions. Among these we can find chemical substances, sex addiction, compulsive shopping and new technologies (these especially in adolescents).

Salutis Center is run by Ruxandra Vasilescu, who is a psychologist specialized in the Clinical branch and EMDR therapist, as well as an expert in cognitive and emotional disorders.

  • El Salutiss is in Salitre Street, Malaga.

7. Interpsychology

The center Interpsychology is another of the specialized centers for drug addiction that we can find in this city, and is run by psychologist Susana Fernández Ruiz.

This professional graduated in Clinical Psychology from the University of Malaga in 1999 and has carried out numerous programmes related to the prevention of drug use.

You can find the Interpsychology Centre in Marqués de Larios Street, in the centre of Málaga.

8. Rafael Eyebrows Psychology

Rafael Cejas works in the centre of Málaga; he has a degree in Psychology from the UNED and has almost 30 years of experience.

In addition to addictive disorders, Rafael Cejas is an expert in treating phobias, seasonal affective disorder, and anxiety disorders.

  • Rafael Cejas’ private office is located in Trinidad Grund Street, in the centre of Málaga.

9. María Dolores Moreno Andrade

María Dolores Moreno Andrade specializes in addictive disorders, anxiety disorders and self-esteem problems.

This psychologist graduated from the University of Malaga in 1990 and also has two Masters, one in Clinical and Health Psychology and the other in Legal Psychology.

  • You can find María Dolores Moreno’s private practice in calle Nueva, in the centre of Málaga

10. Impulsa Centre

Claudia Luna Núñez is part of the Impulsa centre , where we can also find treatments for addictions.

Due to her background of more than 10 years treating cases of addictions and other behavioral disorders, this psychologist is one of the best options to consider.

  • You can find the Impulsa centre in Martínez Campos street, in Málaga.