branding is a very popular concept in the business world. It refers to developing and shaping a brand that allows a user to identify with certain symbols, ideas or experiences that go beyond the simple product or service with which one intends to do business. For example, Coca Cola , in addition to selling soft drinks distributes happiness .

A company whose brand transmits a strong corporate identity and a good positioning in the market will be a stable and secure source of income in the long term.

Branding does not only refer to the logo and brand image, but also takes into account those characteristic values of the organization that give it uniqueness and credibility, and that allow it to differentiate itself from others, since they cause a unique impact on the market.

Brand Coaching allows to maximize the development of the brand

Coaching is a methodology that maximizes the professional and personal development of people and that influences their transformation, since it generates changes in perspective, increases motivation, commitment and responsibility.

There are many types of coaching, but they all share the same methodology. Brand Coaching was born out of the need for individuals and companies to develop, reinforce or define their image when presenting themselves in front of others. Therefore, Brand Coaching is closely linked to marketing, that is why it has found a place in companies and people who want to maximize the concept of brand.

To achieve this, a marketing strategy is employed through the tools of coaching. This type of coaching is useful because helps to clarify values, set realistic goals and overcome limiting beliefs that may be interfering with the development of the brand’s potential.

Company values and customer connection

The image and the personality of a company (or product) is a basic tool when it comes to stand out and differentiate itself from competitors, but what will make the customer loyal is the relationship between the image to be shown and the brand values. Therefore, a defined image and consistent with its principles, is valued by customers in a positive way. In other words, whether it is for the company’s relations or relations between individuals, the image must be reinforced in all aspects and must be shown to be coherent with the values that are promoted .

The important thing is to know what image is intended to be shown, and it is in this aspect where the coach can help companies to identify their mission, vision and values, and can provide tools that help overcome the barriers or limiting beliefs for the free expression of identity, and for the correct acquisition of the marketing objectives being pursued. Therefore, Brand Coaching is not only an image consultancy, but it helps the members of the company to develop and plan something deeper, the brand concept.

Brand Coaching does not give recipes, but provides tools for company members to develop the brand on their own , after deep reflection. If the company is new, Brand Coaching can help to establish the foundations of the brand, but if the company has been on the market for some time and problems have arisen (economic crisis, crisis of brand identity, etc.), Brand Coaching can help to re-establish the balance between values and a striking image that can instil confidence among future clients.

Brand Coaching helps to build customer loyalty

As we commented in the article “Emotional Marketing: getting to the heart of the customer”, nowadays, brands are looking for strategies to build customer loyalty, as well as to capture the attention of new consumers in order to generate long-lasting relationships. They achieve this by generating an emotional connection with them: it is not just about buying the product, but about feeling the brand as their own.

The most successful companies create expectations in individuals and generate emotions through experiences . Thus, they seduce consumers by making them accomplices in their commercial stories and reaching their hearts; touching their emotions. By generating closeness with the potential customer in an efficient way, they increase their possibilities of selling their products.

This emotional component is one of the keys to Brand Coaching, as this methodology is an essential tool in the correct emotional management, as it provides a set of skills and abilities that influence people’s ability to succeed, and to cope more adequately with external demands and pressures. Coaching, moreover, promotes a learning environment that allows companies to be in the present, with realistic goals and clear objectives, and allows them to overcome barriers to reach further, with new alternatives and creative ideas.