Do you, who are reading, believe that the lack of effort in students at risk of school failure is the cause… or the consequence of school failure itself?Let’s leave this question up for now.

The work of a coach not only works with great managers, but also with people who are in situations where that connection with their “center”, with their inner energy, is important to move forward and overcome the situation they are in. And that’s because:

  • If coaching teaches a person anything it is to realize how to take responsibility.
  • If there’s one thing a student at risk of school failure needs, it’s accountability.

When a student is not giving all that he or she is capable of giving, it can be for various reasons, among them the tendency to blame something external and the thought that he or she cannot get where they are asking, to give up and throw in the towel.

Coaching against school failure

A coaching process can help a student get out of a situation of risk of school failure very quickly . The coach helps you to see that you can act in different ways despite having the same circumstances. He will realise that it is up to him to choose a victim’s attitude or a protagonist’s attitude. In spite of the external conditions, they will never be able to deprive you of being the protagonist of your life.

The search for the student’s affinities and interests, which many parents intelligently encourage, does not only serve to find out what they can do with their leisure time. It serves as an indicator of what he is looking for in his life, and what he excels at. Discovering through coaching that you can look for it yourself, as well as the process of finding it, connects you to your motivation.

Every student, even those at risk of failure, unknowingly hides a potential that makes them unique. Nature has given it to him, so that he can contribute the best of himself, of what others do not do so well, of his quality. The task of the coach is to help the student to look for that quality , which is nothing more than his own potential, and from then on he will learn to perceive it and manage it by himself.

The potential of each student

Helping each student and also each person to find it within themselves is one of the pending subjects , not only of the school, but also of society. This potential will benefit his work, any system he forms or will form part of in the future, and most importantly, his happiness.

Let’s continue with a reflection: If we really believe that some of the subjects he is studying are not going to serve him in the future, how can we expect the same student to believe it? Many of us believe that the educational system will change sooner or later, to include subjects such as EQ and at the same time stop including theoretical knowledge that does not contribute as much as was thought to the student’s future. But this change of model is no longer the responsibility of the student.

What is your responsibility?

The student realizes that the education system is not perfect. He discovers that, to achieve his dream, he must pass within this imperfect system, and therefore chooses to do so. He makes the decision. The education system is based on those students who give up .

The Coach helps you discover your own personal method of taking responsibility for the situation and doing what you can do, which turns out to be a lot. The moment you take responsibility, you come up with things you didn’t think of before, because the first step in following your dream path and realizing it, is to take responsibility. The student is aware that the only thing he can do is his attitude, and that this change of attitude is both sufficient and necessary to change the situation. This gives him a more realistic view and at the same time empowers him to commit himself to get out of that situation.

It is not a question of changing his vision of study and transforming it into a more pleasant activity in order to get a passing grade, but of helping him realize the purpose he is pursuing in studying, and thus helping him to seek, from that perspective, his personal way of managing how to do those tasks, without feeling it as an obligation, but by his own decision.

If we treat them as adults, they will thank us and return a mature behavior, demonstrating that they are capable of assuming their responsibility. The responsibility of their life .