At present, psychological care services related to relationships are increasingly in demand, which is why we are interested in knowing which are the best psychology professionals specialized in this type of service, also in an important city like Antequera.

In this article we will approach couple’s therapy , presenting those considered the best psychology centres specialised in treating all those problems related to living together as a couple. In each of the centres we will briefly highlight the type of therapy offered and its location.

Couples therapy in Antequera: 10 recommended centres

Here you can see a selection of recommended couples therapy centres in Antequera.

1. PsychoAbreu Psychologists

The psychology centre PsicoAbreu is one of the most prestigious in Antequera. This is one of the headquarters of PsicoAbreu Málaga Psychologists, an organization dedicated to psychotherapy that has a presence in many cities in the province of Malaga, including the capital.

Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and other therapeutic proposals, the multidisciplinary team of the PsicoAbreu center offers psychological care to patients of all ages, and also to couples and families.

Among the problems treated by this team are depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders , relationship problems, personality disorders, sleep disorders, etc.

  • The PsicoAbreu office is located at Calle Mesones number 16 in Antequera.
  • For more information about this prestigious center click here.

2. More Life Psychologists

The Más Vida psychological office is also one of the reference centres in Antequera, both for the clarity of its therapists, their training and experience, and for the centre’s facilities, which are perfectly suited to psychological treatment.

The cabinet More Life serves children and adolescents, adults and couples using various forms of therapy, from the newest to the classic.

Thus, at the Más Vida centre, some of the following disorders can be treated through cognitive-behavioral therapy: addictions, relationship problems, anxiety and depression, sleep disorders, grief, phobias and sexual dysfunctions.

In the specific area of couples’ therapy, Más Vida centre addresses the following problems: communication and coexistence problems, jealousy, emotional dependence, fear of commitment, infidelities and specialised sex therapy for couples.

  • You will find the Más Vida cabinet at 29 Carrera Madre Carmen Street in Antequera.

3. Irene González Psychology

The center of the professional Irene González also offers a wide variety of psychological treatments, whether for children, youth, adults, couples and pregnant women, as well as in postpartum and early childhood.

Here it is possible to find a space of communication in which to approach the problems of the couple and the marital crises, from an atmosphere in which one does not prejudge and looks for consensual solutions.

  • You can find Irene Gonzalez’s office at 10 Infante Don Fernando Street.

4. Juan Francisco Espejo Zamora

Juan Francisco Espejo Zamora is an expert in psychophysiology, school psychology, legal and labour psychology and combines the practice of psychotherapy in his centre with research studies at the university.

Some of the problems and disorders that this psychologist masters perfectly are: relationship problems in the couple, depression, stress, obsessions, sexual disorders and addictions.

  • Juan Francisco Espejo Zamora’s office is located at Carrera de Madre Carmen number 7.

5. Cristina Díaz Reina Psychotherapy

Cristina Díaz Reina is a sexologist and EMDR therapist. She offers couples therapy for all kinds of people involved in a relationship that is going through bad times.

His psychological therapies in individual format focus on children, young people, adults and couples, and among the treatments addressed in his practice we can highlight: panic disorders, relationship problems, phobias, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • You will find Cristina Diaz’s office at Plaza San Francisco number 9.

6. Pythagoras Psychological Care Center

The Pythagoras Psychological Care Centre offers therapeutic treatment at the Antequera centre to anyone who may require it, whether they are adolescents, children, adults or couples.

Some of the disorders or problems treated at the centre are psychosis, relationship problems, sexual dysfunctions, depression and anxiety, stress, addictions, phobias and schizophrenia.

  • If you are interested, you can find the Pythagoras centre in Plaza Fernández Viagas in Antequera.

7. Aurora López Psychology

We cannot overlook the psychologist Aurora López , specialist in sexual disorders and couple’s therapy, and in psychological intervention in children, youth, adults and couples.

Among all the disorders addressed by psychologist Aurora López in her practice, we can highlight relationship problems, grief, stress, anxiety, phobias, addictions, sexual disorders and eating disorders.

  • You will find Aurora Lopez’s office at 14 Carreteros Street.

8. Angela Cordoba Peña Psychology

The office of Ángela Córdoba Peña is also an excellent option for psychological care in couples therapy.

In his sessions, he helps to adopt habits that reinforce the health of the love relationship, as well as to abandon beliefs that are harmful to it.

  • His office can be found at 16 Mesones Street.

9. Rocío Espinosa Santos Psychology

Rocío Espinosa Santos is an expert in cognitive-behavioral treatment offering psychological care to children, youth, adults and couples.

The disorders in which this professional specializes are sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic depression and eating disorders.

  • You’ll find his office at 11 Calle Lucena.

10. Irene González Barba Psychology

In Irene González Barba’s consultation we will find psychological attention through the cognitive-behavioral approach for any problem we may have in our couple’s relationship, whether they are crises, communication or cohabitation problems.

This psychologist contributes to abandoning communicative dynamics that lead to frequent discussions and helps to adopt a more constructive mentality to focus on positive affection towards the other.

  • His office is at 10 Infante Don Fernando Street.