We relate money with wealth, with possessions and material goods, with the possibility of travelling and fulfilling dreams… but what else does money symbolize? Let’s get to know its meaning and symbolism beyond life in the waking state, to enter into the meaning of dreaming about money.

For the article we will rely on different books of dream interpretation; as always, it is up to each one of us to believe in the messages that the unconscious transmits to us – or not – when we close our eyes, sleep and dream…

Dreaming of money: what does it mean?

We know that within the content of dreams, the material world appears in a symbolic way to represent certain things. In the case of money, what does it mean to dream about it?

In real life and also in the dream world, money represents all kinds of material wealth . The reality is that, with money, we can make many of our dreams come true. However, as far as its oneiric interpretation is concerned, it is not so easy to do.

Money, in the dream world, is interpreted as a kind of personal energy, which allows us to get the things we need, but also whims.

Generally, dreaming about money is a way for the unconscious to manifest our personal energy. This energy is what allows us to carry out our actions. Thus, what happens with money within the dream is of great relevance, and it is very significant.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that the economic concerns we have in conscious life or “real life”, can act as a trigger for the formation of these dream images, which involve dreaming about money.

Energy and creativity

Thus, in the dream world and according to different manuals of dream interpretation, there is consensus in considering that dreaming with money has to do with the personal energy and creativity of the one who has it .

There are other authors, however, who believe that dreaming about money symbolizes things that are intimately desired.

9 different dreams where money appears

Now, we are going to know different types of dreams that we can have in relation to money and the actions we take with it . As we’ll see, each of these possibilities hides a different meaning:

1. Accumulate money

Dreaming about money that we are accumulating means that a misery is about to come, and also imminently.

It is also related to the threat of possible loss of it. Other authors consider that dreaming that we appropriate money (or that we have that desire), symbolizes the desire we have for another person of the opposite sex.

2. Counting money

However, dreaming that we count money means the possibility of good earnings that are to come.

3. Finding money

Who hasn’t dreamt that he meets money? Although we can dream it “in life”, in the dream world it can also happen! This type of dream is related to an optimal omen, so its interpretation is very positive.

There are authors who believe that dreaming that we find a treasure, or a lot of money, together with the fact that we are afraid of being caught, is related to illicit relationships.

On the other hand, to dream that we buy something and that we get more money back in exchange, means that the things we have recently acquired have a greater value than we imagined, in the material, sentimental and/or moral sense.

4. Making money

Dreaming about money we earn, that is, dreaming that we earn a lot of money, has to do with small annoyances we have in our day-to-day life, although they can be easily solved.

5. Spending money

On the other hand, dreaming that we spend money, or even that we waste it, in the dream world is interpreted in the following way: ruin will soon come (the meaning is the same as dreaming that we accumulate money).

6. Losing money

It can also happen that we dream that we lose money. In this case, the dream is interpreted as an omen of bad luck and possible danger in our lives. It is also related to the fear of losing something very valuable to us in “real life”.

There are authors who are even more specific, and who suggest that dreaming that our partner steals from us means that we “exaggerate” our love, sacrificing too much for the relationship.

7. Lending money

Dreaming that we are lending money is related to a difficult time in our lives, which we are going through (or will go through), but which we will overcome quickly.

More concretely, dreaming that we give money to the most needy has to do with an act of gratitude towards life, which strengthens our spirit. This is especially so when the emotional framework in which we are immersed “in life” shows it.

8. Eating money

Dreaming that we eat money -although it sounds strange, it is possible-, means the arrival of a serious disease (let’s remember that dream interpretations should always be taken with caution, since the dream world is not a science, let alone an exact science).

9. See moving money

It is common to dream of money passing from one hand to another. The fact of dreaming about money that gets out of hand, for example, can be interpreted as the loss of energy that occurs to us in the presence of other people.

If, on the other hand, in the dream we do not stop earning more and more money, this may mean that we are clearly in need of energy, so that we are becoming insatiable in this respect.

Dreaming of debt

In relation to dreaming about money, another dream appears that can also be related, and that is the fact of dreaming about possible debts .

Thus, dreaming about having debts is related to the fact that in conscious life we are not taking into account certain people who have helped us throughout our lives. On the other hand, in life debts can become a major emotional burden, which means the same in the dream.

Such a burden can prevent us from relating properly to others. Thus, dreaming about debts is somehow warning us, on an unconscious level, that we should be vigilant with this type of situation .

On the other hand, the material world can also generate oneiric images, which makes the mere fact of having forgotten about small debts we have, generate great inner restlessness, so we remember the debts in the dream.

Other authors from the dream world consider that dreaming of a debt means that someone remembers the injustices suffered. If in the dream we appear paying a debt, it means that after a discussion with someone we will reach an agreement. On the other hand, dreaming that we have a debt means that we are not afraid of our instability, and seeing a debtor in a dream means that someone trusts us.

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