The wrinkles that appear on the side of the eyes are known as “crow’s feet”. Their appearance may be due to external factors but in most cases it responds to the natural aging process that reduces the elasticity of the skin.

Removing crow’s feet for a fresher and more radiant look is one of the most common cosmetic concerns for men and women because they are usually the first wrinkles that appear on the face.

From home remedies to invasive solutions, the solutions to disappearing crow’s feet are varied and for all budgets and tastes.

8 effective methods for removing crow’s feet

A review should be made of habits that could be causing premature or pronounced crow’s-feet, such as poor diet, frequent exposure to the sun or excessive smoking.
Some of the most effective suggestions for eliminating crow’s feet include changes in diet or skin care.

1. Caring for the liver

This organ is closely related to the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging. Its deterioration also favours the appearance of bags under the eyes, so taking care of it can contribute to the decrease of eye wrinkles .

To do this, we must reduce fats in our diet and consume natural lemon juice and resort to natural supplements that help regenerate the liver.

2. Consume antioxidant drinks

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles, consuming antioxidant drinks and properly moisturizing is a great help. Green tea, grape juice, pomegranate lemon juice or the famous green juice can be used for this.

You should also drink 2 to 3 glasses of natural water a day; this will help to improve hydration and elasticity and promote the elimination of crow’s feet.

3. Over-the-counter creams

There are many options on the market for creams to counteract the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles in general. Whether to prevent or remedy, it is important to know that products for this area should be different from those for the rest of the face .

This is because the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face, so you should look for special products for the eye area.

In addition, they should be checked to ensure that they are free of alcohol, paraffin or petroleum derivatives, and free of parabens . Better if they use vegetable silicones and mineral clays that are an ally in the elimination of crow’s feet.

4. Cucumber slices, green tea bags and rosehip oil

Among the most efficient and simple homemade alternatives for removing crow’s feet are cucumber slices. Simply use two slices and put one in each eye for about 5 minutes. Its refreshing and diuretic effects help to give firmness and elasticity .

When we have made green tea, we put the bags in the refrigerator and put them over our eyes until they are no longer cold. The rosehip oil is used by putting a few drops in the eye contour and giving a circular massage. It is recommended to do this twice a day.

These alternatives are a good way to prevent the appearance of eye wrinkles, and as an auxiliary remedy that together with other alternatives can give great results.

5. Natural masks

Applying masks to the eye contour area is another alternative for removing crow’s feet. From avocado, papaya, egg white, milk or coconut oil, you can choose the one that suits you best.

They should be applied with a special spatula or otherwise with a very clean little finger . Avoid applying it with the index finger because this is the one that has the most strength and this area is very fragile and delicate.

6. Collagen

This option is very effective in eliminating crow’s feet. Collagen has the property of filling and can be injected or applied externally. Although many people are inclined to inject it, the truth is that the final result is very similar to that of creams for external use, so it could be convenient because there is no pain and risks are avoided.

The injected collagen lasts for 8 months , while the collagen cream is absorbed by the skin and acts with its volumizing effect by masking the crow’s feet.

7. Botox injections

Botox is a widely used tool to remove small expression wrinkles in the eyes and mouth . It works by blocking the contraction capacity of the muscles so that the area where it is injected will lose mobility preventing the appearance of new wrinkles.

As it can be understood, it is a treatment that should be applied by a specialist doctor, since there is a risk that it will be injected in places that can seriously affect the aesthetics of the face.

8. Cosmetic surgery

There are two plastic surgery techniques for removing crow’s feet, both of which require anesthesia: laser and extended blepharoplasty. The laser burns the first layers of the skin and allows it to regenerate creating new skin without wrinkles. It is painful but the recovery is short.

Extended blepharoplasty consists of stretching the external area of the eyes. It is mainly used to eliminate bags under the eyes and drooping eyelids. The recovery is slower and more painful than with the laser but the results are undoubtedly very effective in eliminating crow’s feet.

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