Behaviours and ways of expressing themselves there are as many as there are inhabitants on this planet. Each individual is unique and genuine. What factors determine the character of each of us? Some genetics, a good amount of learning, and a lot of motivation and will.

Positive psychology: searching for the best version of oneself

Positive psychology is based on this last determinant and holds that we can do more than we think to achieve an improvement in our way of being. Positive psychology shows us how to focus attention on those aspects to be improved and that will provide us with the opportunity to be happier.

The psychologists Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman have worked for years on this aspect concluding that it is more useful to focus our attention on what works for us and does well than on what we do badly and frustrates us. Peterson and Seligman have reflected on the virtues and traits that help us live a full and satisfying life. According to these authors, each person is equipped with a genuine combination of strengths that make him or her unique.

The 24 Key Personal Traits for Happiness

Thus, after an exhaustive analysis, the authors concluded that, among all the personal traits, 24 stand out, called “strengths” that, essentially, help to increase the sensation of control, satisfaction and even happiness in our daily life, these are:

Creativity, curiosity, capacity to analyze reality with perspective, motivation for learning, courage, perseverance, honesty, enthusiasm, social intelligence, kindness, social responsibility, capacity to work in a team, sense of justice, leadership, humility, prudence, self-control, capacity to forgive, capacity to appreciate beauty, gratitude, optimism, humor and spirituality.

Identify your strengths and put them to work for a fuller life.

Ask yourself the following questions calmly:

  • Which of them do you master well?
  • Which ones would you like to work on to improve?

It is in your hands to work on the improvable aspects of your personality and achieve a good degree of satisfaction in the course of your life (both at work and in your personal and family life) and that of those around you.