There are people who go from relationship to relationship and are unable to spend time with themselves. And although it is normal to want to have a partner, since it is incredible to have a person by your side with whom you can share your joys and sorrows, it is also not a matter of being obsessed with being with someone .

Some people are afraid of being single, and in extreme cases this is known as anuptophobia ( you can learn more about this condition by clicking here). Social pressure to get married and have children, fear of being labeled as an “old maid” or “spinster”, low self-esteem or some traumatic experience from the past can be some of the causes of this situation. However, the other extreme, the fear of falling in love (also called philophobia), is not emotionally healthy either.

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If you are single, change your perspective

But many times the relationship we were in breaks down and we haven’t found that person we want to be with, or we simply want to spend some single time to clear our heads or to dedicate it to ourselves and grow in some areas of our life. So there is no hurry to find a new partner. If we are not able to spend time with ourselves after a break-up, then we are dealing with a case of emotional dependency. If you feel identified with what I have just written, take some time (or a long time if you wish) to develop, because it is the best way to be without a partner.

Since we have been brought up to believe that we must marry in order to “live happily ever after”, after all, enjoying being single is a matter of mentality. It is neither obligatory to have a partner, nor is it a crime to be single .

8 benefits of being single

So, if you’re in this situation, don’t get depressed, because being single gives you a lot of opportunities. In today’s article, you can enjoy this list of eight benefits of being single .

1. It’s time to know yourself

It is common for many people to suffer an existential crisis when they leave a relationship. One of the reasons for this is that they neither know who they are nor what they want in life. Being single after a long relationship means a radical change in an individual’s life, as it can be an opportunity to reinvent themselves and set themselves new challenges or goals. The first step to be able to define a roadmap for life is to know oneself and to dedicate some time to self-reflection . Being single gives you a lot of time to do this.

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2. An opportunity to know the world

Would you like to surf in Bali for a few months or work in the United States? Well, when you’re single you can organize your life your way without having to explain yourself to anyone. Maybe you want to take the bike and get to know all of Latin America…A make the most of your single time because you may not have the opportunity to do it later .

3. You can work on yourself

Being single is a great time to dedicate to yourself . Either to study something you want and grow professionally or to pamper yourself a little. Being single allows you to enjoy doing things that you like, because now you don’t have to dedicate time to anyone else.

4. Makes you stronger

Being single, especially in the beginning, may not be easy when you have been with someone for many years and have become accustomed to life as a couple. In addition, human beings find it difficult to live in uncertainty and to get out of their comfort zone. But over time, one learns to live in this new situation and to let go of those passionate emotions. When you overcome this period of adaptation, a new world opens up for you and you become stronger .

5. You sleep peacefully

When you find emotional balance and you are good with yourself because you are fighting for your goals, you live with a calm mind and you are motivated. This has an impact on your dream, because your life has meaning. You probably miss those early morning hugs, but think that you can also get up and go to bed at any time you want .

6. You meet new people

As you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, you can also meet anyone you want . If you take advantage of your single time to travel, you can even meet new people in other parts of the world.

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7. In search of your self-realization

As a single person you can live the life you really want and therefore you can do the activities you enjoy most and which are key to your future. Now you can take advantage of this moment to fulfill your goals without any ties and with all the time in the world for you. Maybe you want to get in shape for a marathon or you want to get started in the world of blogging . Whatever makes you happy, you’ll have more time to do it.

8. This is the ideal situation to spend time with your friends

Now that you don’t have a partner you can spend much more time with your friends. Travel or organize paddle tennis tournaments on Sundays… You will surely live great moments with them .

Is it hard for you to be single?

Do you find it difficult to be without a partner? Do you still think about your ex but want to get over this situation to be okay with yourself?

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