When we talk about Jack Nicholson (New Jersey, 1937) it is likely that the first image that comes to mind for many is that of his character Jack Terrance in The Shining , a film from 1980.

This is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood . Nicholson began his acting career in the 1950s, playing small parts. After this stage with lights and shadows, he began to gain popularity, to the point that he consecrated himself, in the 70s, with roles in The Last Duty (1973) and Chinatown (1974), which earned him his first Oscar nominations.

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Jack Nicholson’s Best Phrases and Thoughts

However, in his career he has had as many as twelve Oscar nominations, which is a current record and one that hardly anyone will be able to match in the future. His most famous films are The Shining , directed by Stanley Kubrick, Best… impossible (1997), Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) or Batman (1989), in which he played the evil Joker.

To review the life, thoughts and characters of this magnificent actor, we have set out to collect the best phrases of Jack Nicholson .

1. Beauty is all that counts, my friend. That’s all that counts.

A cynical phrase about the power of the superficial.

2. It’s a small stretch of the imagination, but most people are the same in many ways, so I’ve never had any problem identifying with the character I’m playing.

About his interpretative skills, based on this interesting detail about his unconscious.

3. Frankly, I got into the movies because I like the movies a lot.

There’s nothing like working on what you’re passionate about, like good old Jack.

4. We’re going as fast as we can, as soon as we can. We’re in a race against time, until we run out of money.

The human being values money too much and not enough the time we have to live, which is much more limited.

5. A star in a movie is like a time bomb. That bomb has to be defused so that people can approach it without fear.

About Hollywood celebrities and their rough treatment.

6. There were times in my life when I felt strangely irresistible to women. I’m not in that state now and that makes me sad.

About the inevitable physical decline in old age.

7. I don’t want people to know what I’m really like.

Jack Nicholson has always been very cautious about his personal life.

8. Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.

His weakness, though always in moderation.

9. I don’t care about wrinkles, in me or in women. I find them interesting.

A phrase by Nicholson where he denotes a certain dignity towards the process of aging.

10. One of the hardest parts of growing old is losing your friends.

In this case, it tells us about the inevitable losses during the last stage of life.

11. I hate giving advice, because people usually don’t take it.

Talk for the walls is something nobody likes.

12. I’ve had everything a man could ask for, but I don’t know if anyone could say I’m successful with affairs of the heart.

Although he has been a famous and very rich man, sentimental matters have never been entirely given to him.

13. For a long time, I was afraid to be alone. I’ve had to learn to be. There is a great luxury in solitude.

Great sentence about loneliness and its most inexplicable honeys.

14. I don’t care about the money.

Although it should be easier to say this when you are a billionaire, the truth is that Nicholson has always been a rather austere person.

15. My motto is “more good times.”

A vital principle that points to optimism.

16. Once you leave school, only what you do for yourself will give quality to your life.

A great and famous event where he explains how success is based on daily, personal and non-transferable effort.

17. A man forges his destiny, nobody gives you anything, you have to take it.

Pronounced by his character Jack Costello in Infiltrators , it is a great phrase to succeed in life, in any field.

18. I have spoken with Fidel Castro about everything, about life, about culture. Fidel is a genius, a humanist, and I think he never wanted to break with us. Cubans are very open and have no hostility towards the American people.

About the Cuban leader, with whom he had a great friendship.

19. So I’m crazy? Perfect, it’s the only thing I don’t take pills for!

Ironic sentence from the movie When you least expect it .

20. I don’t want to be conditioned by my environment, I want my environment to be conditioned by me.

Another great Jack Costello ruling on power and influence.

21. The work of certain artists speaks for their generation. One of the greatest voices of freedom in North America can only be one name: the transcendental Bob Dylan.

A compliment to another artist fundamental to understanding the life and history of the United States.