Mindfulness, also known as Mindfulness, is one of the most versatile tools in the field of therapeutic intervention. As its main objective is the way we manage our attention focus, it influences many other psychological processes of vital importance in our daily life.

In this article, we will see what the characteristics of Total Care are and how they are worked with in the BarnaPsico psychology centre , whose team includes experts in Mindfulness in Les Corts (Barcelona) .

How do you work with Full Care?

Mindfulness is a set of practices and activities for individual or group use that is inspired by Vipassana meditation , an ancient tradition of certain cultures of the Indian subcontinent and the Himalayas.

Full Attention takes the elements of meditation that have to do with attention management and states of consciousness, and puts them at the service of concrete and practical purposes for everyone, detaching this practice from its religious implications.

Thus, it can be said that Full Care is designed to be able to generate concrete benefits and that they can be studied scientifically, instead of being linked to the moral and symbolic systems of religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism. These benefits are linked to the management of anxiety and the regulation of emotions , so it can be used in situations that pose a challenge or that have generated discomfort or unease.

BarnaPsico: Mindfulness in Les Corts to be in the present

The team of BarnaPsico Psychology Center uses Mindfulness both in the context of patient psychotherapy and in courses. Let’s see how they work in each of these areas.

Full Care in Psychological Therapy

Mindfulness is useful for several types of problems that are a reason for consultation by patients. Among these forms of psychological discomfort are anxiety disorders and stress.

Thus, BarnaPsico psychologists use Mindfulness practices to help patients manage attention processes . The aim is to focus the person’s consciousness on the here and now, perceiving all sensations as they occur, and without linking them to concerns from the past, future-oriented obsessions, and prejudices that would lead us to reject elements of the present.

Thus, through Mindfulness we learn to see the present moment from an acceptance perspective and stress is dwarfed by the idea that it is only a reaction to certain stimuli, something that does not have to take control of our body.

Since stress and anxiety play an important role in many of the most common mental disorders and psychological dysfunctions, using it in therapy is very useful, because it allows you to manage much of the discomfort you feel. Being in the present moment, perceiving everything from a mentality free of value judgments, allows us to give a relative value to what previously kept us away from happiness.

On the other hand, the therapeutic principles of Mindfulness can also be applied beyond the psychology cabinets. For example, Mindfulness is useful in the organizational and business context , environments where stress is common. It can also be used in educational contexts such as schools and colleges, to help young people manage their emotions and their response to stressful situations or where there is a lot of uncertainty.

…and in courses

Another of the areas in which BarnaPsico applies Full Care is in the Mindfulness courses it runs at its psychology centre in Les Corts (Carrer del Montnegre) .

One of these training proposals is the Mindfulness Introductory Course, which lasts 6 hours divided into several sessions of one and a half hours. In this course, you will learn the basics of this resource, which in different versions can be applied to yourself in day-to-day situations that require it, or to others in therapy, in company work teams or even in schools with children.

Another interesting option that allows you to learn about Mindfulness in depth is the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program , developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and used in the field of psychotherapy and care of some medical conditions. Through these classes you will learn how to manage stress, anxiety and pain.

This program has 30 hours of training and includes several learning materials: several audios for exercises, a manual, and a Full Care retreat day. Each session lasts two and a half hours.

If you are interested in reading more information about the courses BarnaPsico offers at their centre in Les Corts, or accessing their contact details, click here.