Mindfulness therapy is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. In our country we have a wide variety of professionals specialized in this and other therapies, so today we will focus on the 10 best experts in the city of Pamplona.

In addition to reviewing the best Mindfulness therapy centres in Pamplona , we will also summarise their therapeutic characteristics and specialities.

The best Mindfulness therapy centres in Pamplona

If you are interested in Mindfulness therapy and you live in Pamplona this list may be of great interest to you.

1. Centro Vitaliza

The Vitaliza Centre has a large group of experts in different areas of psychology, who specialise in tackling a wide variety of psychological disorders and emotional or relational problems through highly professional treatment.

Founded in 2004, the Vitaliza centre has a long history in the field of clinical psychology and in the application of Mindfulness therapy, as well as a great diversity of other therapies. Some of the center’s complementary specializations are: neurofeedback, neuropsychology, systemic therapy, cognitive-behavioral and EMDR therapy, among others.

The Vitaliza centre works in the therapy aimed at children, young people and adults , and the therapeutic exercise is developed following three well differentiated phases, each one of them supervised by professionals who are experts in each area of intervention.

Thus, the centre’s classical therapy is based on an interaction of three methodologies: mindfulness, neurofeedback and EMDR. Mindfulness therapy is the essential part of the treatment and it is the phase in which we seek to empower and focus the patient’s performance to perceive himself and channel all his ability to achieve improvement.

  • If you are interested in the services offered, you will find the Vitaliza centre at Calle Irunlarrea number 8 in Pamplona.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

2. Centro Essencia

The centre we will talk about next is the Centro Essencia , another of the best centres specialized in Mindfulness therapy in the city of Pamplona. This center is mainly specialized in classic psychological treatment, psychological orientation, mindfulness and coaching.

The team of professionals of the Essencia center offers a psychological therapy oriented to children, young people, adults and also couples and families. Being multidisciplinary the team of psychologists of the center, the therapies that are offered can be based on the cognitive-behavioral approach, psychodrama, brief therapy focused on solutions and on contextual therapies, among others.

Therefore, the Mindfulness therapy of the Essencia center is one of the most complete and elaborated. The specialist Mª Remedios Berrocal uses the Mindfulness therapy based on the patient’s potentialities, and with which she can treat all kinds of disorders: from the reduction of stress and tension, through the improvement of self-esteem and relations with the environment, to the acquisition of control mechanisms and the improvement of personal balance.

  • If you are interested in the prestigious Essencia centre, you can find it at Travesía Ana de Velasco Number 1 in Pamplona.

3. Navarre Mindfulness Center

The Navarrese Mindfulness Centre has a selection of fully qualified and experienced psychologists specialised in Mindfulness therapy.

The professionals at the Navarre Mindfulness Centre carry out this very specific treatment and also teach the patient all the necessary resources to carry out the Mindfulness therapy, as well as a theoretical explanation of all the benefits that it provides.

Some of the benefits of this way of working with Mindfulness, are, among others, the improvement of the relationship with the environment in any area of the person, reduction of anxiety, stress and cure of depression and also increase of optimism and self-esteem.

  • You can find the Navarre Mindfulness Centre at Avenida Pío XII, number 26 in Pamplona.

4. Iciar Burgos

The center Iciar Burgos specializes in educational coaching and mindfulness programs. This special therapy is given by the professional Iciar Burgos, a transpersonal educator specialized in Mindfulness and systemic therapy.

Thus, the Mindfulness offered by Iciar Burgos is used by children and young people as well as adults, and the fields of application are education, work and health.

  • If you are interested in the centre of Iciar Burgos you can find it in Paseo Santxiki number 1.

5. Aika Psychology

The center Aika Psychology offers psychological treatment based on a varied repertoire of treatments, also in Mindfulness. A large team of multidisciplinary professionals offers all kinds of psychological treatments based on different theoretical approaches, as well as a large number of activities and courses, the main ones being yoga and Mindfulness.

The Mindfulness therapy activity of the center is based on a learning of the patient to achieve awareness of their inner state and acquire mechanisms to change it. The objective of the Mindfulness session is based on improving skills such as attention or perception to improve any disorder that the patient may present.

  • If you are interested in the center Aika Psychology you can find it in the street Alfonso el Batallador number 7 in Pamplona.

6. Ainhoa Campo

The center of Ainhoa Campo , psychologist and coach specializing in the treatment of Mindfulness, a discipline that teaches both courses and specialized workshops.

This professional applies Mindfulness to treat many of the psychological problems that patients may present, among the most common are: stress and anxiety, insomnia and fatigue, lack of work goals, low self-esteem, fear, and everything that may affect the work or personal life.

  • Ainhoa Campo’s office is located at 37 Bayonne Avenue.

7. Auryn Center

Another of the centres specialising in Mindfulness in Pamplona is the Auryn centre . The professionals at this centre have a great deal of experience in applying Mindfulness to treat all kinds of disorders and everyday problems, and their technique is refined and methodical.

Mindfulness therapy is intended for mothers and fathers, couples, educators, people with high work stress, with relationship problems, and in general anyone who needs a change in their life.

  • The Auryn centre is located at Calle Ezkároz number 7 in Pamplona.

8. Georgina Quelart

The Georgina Quelart Centre for Psychology and Mindfulness is another of the options that we should take into account in the city of Pamplona. Georgina Quelart is a psychotherapist specialised in Mindfulness and has a very personal and avant-garde approach to the exercise of this technique.

This professional performs her Mindfulness therapy based on the idea that this exercise consists not in relaxation, but in the knowledge of the mind, and of the own internal intellectual processes to carry out a change that fixes any problem we may have.

  • You will find Georgina Quelart’s office at Calle Cipriano Olaso number 10 in Pamplona.

9. Laskurain Pamplona

Laskurain Pamplona is a centre where a large number of courses and workshops related to psychological well-being are taught.

Among the disorders addressed by Mindfulness therapy are anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain caused by illness, mental disorders of all kinds, and eating disorders.

  • If you are interested in the Laskurain Center in Pamplona you can find it at 11 Bardenas Reales Street.

10. Centro Dekilibre

The last centre on our list is the Centro Dekilibre , one of the most prestigious in the area, specializing in a wide variety of treatments given by a multidisciplinary group of professionals who are experts in different theoretical approaches.

In the case of the Mindfulness treatment at the Dekilibre centre we can highlight that it is a course in which all the theoretical bases about Mindfulness are provided as well as applying it in a practical way to treat any type of problem presented by the client.

  • The Dekilibre centre is located in Calle Río Ega, 23 in Pamplona.