We all know that opposing is a very hard thing, which requires a lot of sacrifice and perseverance, just like working from home. In these situations, no one sets a schedule for us and greater willpower is needed.

In fact, preparing for a competitive examination or working from home is often something that generates a psychological strain to be taken into account if you do not know how to manage well. Let’s see why.

The psychological effects of opposition or working from home

Although both paths can have clear benefits, it is also very likely that there are psychological consequences that can be harmful . What are the related problems that we discuss in consultation?

1. Wear and tear on insulation

Firstly, we have the risk of the person becoming isolated , since he/she does not relate to anyone else during working or study hours, which means that the basic need for socialization is not covered.

This can be best handled by people who are introverted; however, in the long run it can also make them feel uneasy. Of course, for extraverted people, who need socialization to increase their satisfaction, it is a much more devastating consequence.

2. Need for a structuring schedule

On the other hand, it is essential that the person has a set schedule , as the absence of routines can generate a feeling of uneasiness, greater anxiety and even a perception of emptiness.

It is very common for people in this situation to wake up and think, why am I going to get up with so many hours to go? Thus, they may stay in bed and thus contribute to a bad organization of time and a lower mood.

It is important to emphasize that the schedule must leave spaces for rest and leisure, our attention is limited and we need to stop and then continue. Also, on a psychological level, knowing that we have a deadline when we have to stop or a plan when we finish our tasks, makes us perform better.

3. The need for concrete goals

Equally important is the setting of targets. In the long term, this objective may be to approve or move forward with a project (for example), but if other short and medium-term objectives are not established, we cannot measure whether we are using the right strategies nor can we strengthen ourselves to achieve them, and this may lead the person to become discouraged.

The emotional impact of studying or working at home

In addition to all these factors, there are many others that can trigger psychological consequences, especially in the case of opponents, who often feel misunderstood, tired, and even guilty for not working. On the other hand, people who study or work from home, usually refer that their closest circle thinks they have a lot of free time, they claim them and this can interfere in their schedule and increase their feeling of incomprehension.

One of the most adverse consequences that this type of work usually has is that of decrease in mood , frequently influenced by the factors mentioned, as well as by others such as excess of self-demand, anxiety, etc.

In Mariva Psychologists we attend daily to people who suffer under these circumstances because they do not have the tools to manage it, taking into account that opposing or working from home can become a complicated situation to handle.