There are people whose ability to spread good humor and motivation is evident. Many times they attract the attention of others (without pretending to) simply by the way they move and talk, and other times, from a discreet role, they make the atmosphere full of optimism and humour.

Detecting these people who transmit positive energy can be complicated , since they are often confused with people with charisma in general. This last category is much broader than the first, and includes even narcissists and people with a high level of psychopathy, who use their personal charm to manipulate. However, there are certain details that help us to discern some cases from others.

What are people like who transmit positive energy?

Next we will review those psychological characteristics and people that transmit positive energy .

1. are not constantly happy alone

When we speak of “positive energy” in this context we are using a metaphor: there is no evidence of the existence of personal auras or “energy fields” that surround people depending on their mental characteristics. It is simply a way of talking about the effect that interactions with certain people have on the members of a group or a social circle .

Therefore, people with positive energy are primarily positive in their interactions with others, not when they are alone. This means that in a situation where they are isolated, their behaviour may not be significantly different from that of the rest , and that it does not have to stand out; these are people who are as human as the rest, and like the rest experience sadness, melancholy, etc.

2. smile with great ease

Strangely enough, many people avoid smiling, either because they think their smile is not nice or because of a simple matter of personal image that is very much internalized.

People who transmit positive energy lack this kind of inhibition , and that simple fact makes their good mood much more contagious. In fact, something similar happens with smiles as with yawns, and unless it appears in a context where it expresses vengeful happiness or mockery, it is very likely that seeing one will automatically make us imitate it thanks to the chameleon effect.

In a sense, this characteristic of people who express positive energy is more about not suppressing their good mood, and therefore the cause of this need not be that they have more reason to be happy or to look at life with optimism. They simply get used to squeezing those little moments.

3. Are honest

If the good humor of people who transmit positive energy is so valued, it is because everyone knows that their happiness is genuine . In other words, the moments of happiness they provide are highly valued, because the moment they appear you know they are true, and not just a ruse to make you like yourself.

That means that these people do not change their charm and their way of expressing joy depending on who they are dealing with, and if they do, it will be to pretend to be serious, not the opposite.

4. They enjoy sharing their good mood

If someone sees them smiling, they won’t hide their expression with a grimace. If something makes them happy, they pass on the good news to others, without keeping it to themselves .

In short, these are people who value the possibility of making their social circles feel better. This benefits other people, of course, but also those who are characterized by their positive energy, as they create a kind of “echo chamber” of good mood. This is a kind of symbiosis, an interesting synergy that is establishing and improving the general mood.

5. Prevent stagnation

This does not mean that you are constantly embarking on new and impressive projects, but that you do not experience life as something that stays the same all the time, which can lead to emotional stagnation. They enjoy the processes of personal evolution and do not get stuck in memories about the past or about hypothetical better times.

This vital optimism is part of that positive energy that they take it upon themselves to transmit to everyone else.

6. Emphasize the good side of things

People who spread positive energy know that the way we live life depends largely on what kind of things we choose to focus on.

Therefore, they spontaneously take away relevance from events that can easily be interpreted as unfortunate accidents or misfortunes, and they construct alternative interpretations to these experiences that are more hopeful or even humorous .

7. Express affection

They are people who are not ashamed to express affection and love not only through words, but also through actions and especially through physical contact (although the degree to which they do so depends on the culture in which they live).

8. They care about others

One part of the empathy these people show consists in taking a genuine interest in the lives of others , which implies that they care about their successes and failures and will often try to offer selfless help simply to see how the other person is starting to feel better.

9. Do not prejudge

People who spread positive energy do so by default with everyone, assuming that everyone deserves to feel happy until proven otherwise . That is why they will express their joy even before strangers, whom they treat as accomplices.