Psychotherapy services are increasingly in demand by all types of clients and patients.

It is no longer only those who have been diagnosed with certain disorders who come to the psychologist; now, professional help is seen as a much more versatile tool. And for that very reason, sometimes it becomes complicated to choose.

In this article we will focus on the capital of Navarre and will see a selection of the best therapy options in Pamplona , with recommended centres to go to in order to treat problems such as low self-esteem, trauma, depression, etc.

Therapy in Pamplona: the 6 best options

Below you will find several psychology offices and centres located in Pamplona whose main service is psychological therapy. In their descriptions you will find the keys to knowing how they adapt to your needs.

1. Vitalise

In Irunlarrea Street we find the Vitaliza Psychology Centre , created in 2004 by the psychologists Javier Elcarte and Cristina Cortés. Today, this entity has a team of more than 10 professionals specialized in psychological therapy, psychiatry and neurotherapies.

In this center it is possible to find treatment for problems as varied as psychological trauma, anxiety disorders, mismanagement of emotions, addictions, cognitive impairment and even problems of coexistence and love relationships, as they offer family therapy and couples therapy.

In all cases, both psychological reality and the mental processes more easily explained by the neurosciences are taken into account, and therefore tools as varied as Mindfulness such as EMDR therapy and Neurofeedback are used .

Beyond therapy for adults, it is worth noting that Vitaliza has an area specifically focused on early care and psychotherapy of neurodevelopment , which works with children from birth to the first years of life. In this way, we work on the global well-being of the children both from the formation of adequate attachment links and from the monitoring and strengthening of their neurofunctional development.

  • To see their contact details or read more information about Vitaliza, click here.

2. GIFT Psychology

The GIFT Psychology Centre , located in the Rochapea district, is another of the best options to attend for therapy services in Pamplona.

This entity is made up of two psychologists who focus on the problems that particularly affect the youngest , such as Internet addiction, child abuse, problems related to the expression of sexuality or cyberbullying.

In addition, GIFT Psychology also offers courses and workshops for professionals and individuals on such diverse topics as the regulation of emotions, the management of trauma and the aftermath of sexual abuse, etc.

3. Center of Psychology Argia

At the Argia Psychology Centre , both individual therapy and couple, family and group therapy are carried out, as well as training events.

Its team of professionals is made up of three psychologists with a solid career dedicated to patient care, especially in the area of children’s mental health and family intervention. They have worked both in the private sector and through involvement in municipal and regional programmes.

You can find this psychotherapy center in Emilio Arrieta Street, Pamplona.

4. Albea Psychology Center

Another of the best alternatives for those seeking therapy in Pamplona can be found in the Albea Psychology Centre .

Located in the San Juan district, it offers a wide range of psychological and sexological assistance services: from couples’ therapy to cognitive-behavioral therapy for adults, and child and youth psychotherapy for children with depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

5. Aldebi Sexology Centre

The Aldebi Centre is specialised in the professional approach to phenomena related to sexuality , both through therapy and education.

Its facilities are located in the area of Plaza de la Libertad, and it provides services in both individual and couples’ sessions. Among the problems to which professional help is offered are sexual dysfunctions, anguish due to doubts or stigmas related to sexual identity, poor regulation of sexual desire, and the expression of emotions in intimate life.

6. Marta Díaz de Rada Psychology

In the Iturrama district you can find the office of the psychologist Marta Díaz de Rada , located in San Juan Bosco Street. Here she offers therapy for adults and children, as well as psychological assistance for couples. There is also the option of online therapy.

Psychological problems such as anorexia and bulimia, phobias, divorce and separation crises or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, among others, can be treated with guarantees in this place.