Between Granada and Gibraltar we find the magical city of Málaga resting on the shores of the Mediterranean. This city, besides giving us possibly the most influential artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso, is a delight for all lovers of good gastronomy and warm climates.

But it is clear that despite all that makes this city special, this does not mean that its inhabitants may not need professional psychological help to deal with anxiety problems or cases of stress. Below we will see the best psychologists who treat anxiety in Málaga and a summary description of their professional career.

The best psychologists treating anxiety in Málaga

Here we will look at the most recommended options for therapy in Malaga to treat anxiety problems.

1. Rodolfo de Porras de Abreu

In Alameda Principal you will find the first of the recommendations, as far as therapy against anxiety is concerned: Rodolfo de Porras de Abreu, who is in charge of the psychology center PsicoAbreu .

This professional graduated from the University of Málaga and offers therapy in his private practice, in which he embodies his more than 20 years of experience .

His specialties are the treatment of anxiety, impulsivity problems, eating disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He is also an expert in couples’ therapy and mental disorders such as low self-esteem, stress and mood disorders.

  • You will find Rodolfo’s and his team’s contact details by clicking here.

2. Maribel del Río López

This cognitive-behavioral psychologist is another great option if you’re looking for anxiety therapy.

Maribel del Río López has a degree in Psychology from the University of Málaga and since then has acquired extensive professional experience which enables her to effectively treat problems of anxiety disorders and other mental disorders such as eating disorders, stress and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

  • To find out more about his work, access the contact details of his psychology centre by clicking here.

3. Rubén Camacho

Rubén Camacho is another of the best options for those looking for anti-anxiety psychologists in Malaga.

This psychologist graduated from UNED and specialized with a master’s degree in Coaching and Talent Management. Thanks to this training and experience, Rubén Camacho is a specialist in treating problems such as anger management, codependency, coping skills and parenting through cognitive-behavioral therapy.

4. Genoveva Navarro Jimenez

The psychologist Genoveva Navarro offers professional help to people with anxiety and emotion regulation problems. Her work is based on the paradigm of psychoanalysis, focusing on unconscious mental processes and the management of ideas and memories that produce discomfort.

This professional has more than 15 years of experience dealing with problems in patients such as anxiety in social relationships, stress linked to the professional environment, anxiety food binges, low self-esteem, love and cohabitation crises, and many others both in individual and couple sessions.

  • In this link you will find their contact details.

5. Desirée Llamas Díaz

Desirée Llamas Díaz is a graduate in Psychology from the University of Málaga, and holds an Official Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology (UMA) and a Master’s Degree in Sexology, Psychological Guidance and Sex and Relationship Therapy (University of Extremadura), among other degrees. It offers both individual therapy and family and couple therapy.

This professional can help patients with problems such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, phobias, stress crises, psychological trauma and the aftermath of partner violence, etc.

  • You will find more information about this psychologist by clicking on this link.

6. Nora Suárez

Nora Suárez is one of the most recommended psychologists we can find in Málaga if we are suffering from anxiety disorders, thanks to her more than 30 years of experience.

Her international professional background has led her to join the British Psychological Society, and it is also worth noting her profile as a professional who has worked as a psychologist in several countries; she is an expert in empathizing with immigrants and foreigners.

It is interesting to know that in addition to anxiety disorders, Nora Suarez can also treat addictive disorders, trauma caused by sexual abuse and personality disorders.

  • You can find Nora Suarez in her private office in Ingeniero de la Torre Acosta street, in Malaga.

7. Juan Miguel Enamorado Macías

This psychologist is another of the great professionals we can find in the Andalusian city.

After graduating in Psychology from the University of Malaga, Juan Miguel Enamorado studied a Master’s degree in New Technologies Applied to Education, among other specializations. Thanks to this training, Juan Miguel is able to treat problems such as Internet addiction or social problems or offer sex therapy , and is an expert in anxiety problems, depression disorders and sex addiction.

8. Henar Campos

Henar Campos enters this selection both by experience and by training.

After graduating in Psychology from the Faculty of Malaga in 2012, this psychologist studied for a Master’s degree in Health Psychology and it is thanks to this acquired knowledge that he is able to give cognitive-behavioral treatment to people with mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, emotional dependence and similar disorders.

9. Adrián Muñoz Pozo

The work of this psychologist is based on therapeutic tools from cognitive-behavioral therapy and third generation therapies. Specifically, uses resources such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Mindfulness to help patients manage the moments of distress that often appear throughout life.

In addition, he also has experience in cases of addictions, self-esteem and insecurity problems, and alterations in emotional regulation.

10. Rafael Cejas

Rafael Cejas is another professional in psychology who can give answers to people with anxiety problems.

This psychologist graduated in Medicine in 1975 and in Psychology in 1990 , so that his more than 40 years in the field of Health endorse him. Thanks to this extensive experience, Rafael Cejas is now a professional capable of treating mental problems and disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, addictive disorders and low self-esteem problems.