The labor market is constantly changing, and psychology is no exception .

If before the advent of new technologies mouth was almost indispensable to make a living as a psychologist, something has changed in recent decades: it is now necessary to be creative in offering something different and have visibility in the digital world.

Psychologists in the Information Age

While it is positive that patients are recommended by their close circles and it is true that having a good education and experience in the sector is crucial for doing a good job, having many masters and acquiring job skills does not guarantee success or a brilliant career as a psychologist.

To practice as a professional in this field it is necessary to go further, and that is why Psychology and Mind, by the hand of Jonathan Garcia-Allen and Bertrand Regader (two of the founders of the portal), and Miguel Angel Rizaldos and Nacho Coller, two psychotherapists well known on the Internet, help us discover the power of online visibility with their talk: “From the couch to the Internet: how to be a psychologist in the XXI century”.

The conference will be held at the University of Málaga on 16th May 2019 at 4pm, and anyone interested can attend after registering by sending an email to [email protected]

Why is it important to have online visibility?

Studying the Degree in Psychology is an enriching experience both on a personal and professional level. But nowadays there is a lot of competition in this sector, so it is important to differentiate yourself and make yourself visible if you want to dedicate yourself to what you like in a professional way.

The motivation of many psychologists is to help other people, something that is complicated if not many people know us. Thanks to the emergence of the internet, social media and social networks it is possible to exploit new possibilities of promotion and reach many people who need our help or require our services.

The new reality offers us great opportunities for communication and interaction and any psychologist can benefit from this . If you want to boost your psychology business or your own personal image as a psychologist, don’t miss out on the opportunity this talk offers you.

The talk offers advice and tools for digital marketing and personal branding for psychologists

“From the couch to the internet: how to be a psychologist in the 21st century” aims to be a useful talk for both students who are finishing their degree, recent graduates and those psychologists who are active and want to know how to present themselves in front of others and go deeper into digital communication, aware that many potential patients or clients browse social networks daily and Google those clinics or psychologists that generate more confidence. The reality is that those with greater visibility and better branding are the ones that arouse the most interest.

In this talk you will find strategies that aim to provide prestige, notoriety and reputation on the internet and social networks and will help you work on your own personal brand. For example, creating an attractive website or using a blog.

See you at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Málaga

All this knowledge is needed today, but few universities help their students to open their minds and make them aware of what they will find in the field of work.

“From the couch to the internet: how to be a psychologist in the 21st century” has been made possible thanks to the commitment of the Psychology and Mind team and the University of Malaga, and especially the “Master’s Degree in Talent Selection and Management” of this institution, one of the best masters in personnel selection in our country. This training has achieved a high rate of labour insertion of its students because it has known how to adapt to the technological needs of the Human Resources departments of the companies.

The conference, which will be held in Room 010 of the Faculty of Education, has also been possible thanks to Miguel Angel Rizaldos and Nacho Coller , two psychotherapists with a great career who have managed to exploit the benefits of ICT to make themselves known and bring clinical psychology to everyone.

Next May 16th we will tell you more about our experiences. We are waiting for you!