Sophocles (496 B.C. – 406 B.C.) born in Colonos, near Athens, was an outstanding tragic poet of Ancient Greece. Among his most famous works are Oedipus Rex and Antigone.

Although he was a prolific author, only seven of his tragedies were preserved intact, and they were a touchstone for the tragic genre.

Sophocles’ Phrases

In order to get closer to the work and thoughts of this exceptional Greek poet, in today’s article we have set out to compile the best famous quotes and phrases from Sophocles .

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1. The truth may be more than reason.

A sample of their realism.

2. The same story is always repeated: each individual thinks only of himself.

Self-centeredness seems to be an inherent characteristic of the human species, according to Sophocles.

3. It is a noble thing, even for an old man, to learn.

Constant learning gives us a better future.

4. He who is good in the family is also a good citizen.

Affectionate and dedicated family member, civic and responsible citizen.

5. The one who gives up a friend is like the one who gives up his life.

Existence is too short not to have loyal people by your side.

6. Get married; if by chance you meet a good woman, you will be happy; if not, you will become a philosopher, which is always useful for a man.

In any case, being happy is in your hands.

7. You cannot judge a man’s life until death has put an end to it.

There’s always time to change course… until death stops us.

8. For those who are afraid, it’s all noise.

One of those metaphorical phrases from Sophocles that tells us about a kind of hypochondria.

9. Children are the anchors that bind mothers to life.

About motherly love, infinite and eternal.

10. The most beautiful human work is that of being useful to others.

Having others enjoy your company is one of the best rewards.

11. Lying in the midst of misery, the soul sees much.

When we’re sunk, the soul comes out.

12. You ask me whether or not you should marry; for whatever you do, you will regret it.

Sophocles’ ironic phrase in the face of a citizen’s doubt.

13. The heavens never help the man who does not want to act.

If you can’t take action, don’t expect the universe to bring you riches.

14. The greatest joy is the unexpected.

Reflection on happiness.

15. Knowledge is the most considerable part of happiness.

Agreeing with other Greek thinkers, Sophocles placed great importance on accumulating knowledge.

16. It’s terrible to speak well when you’re wrong.

A great use of oratory does not guarantee the truth.

17. It’s common to make mistakes. But when a mistake has been made, it is not a lack of will, nor of courage, to try to correct the error and not to become obstinate in it. Stubbornness is the other name for stupidity.

Correcting one’s own mistakes is a sign of maturity and responsibility.

18. A lie never lives to be old.

His legs are too short.

19. Man’s worst evil is thoughtlessness.

He who does not know how to think, will not know how to live.

20. Constant and perpetual wealth is virtue.

Great reflection by Sophocles.

21. Many things are wondrous, but none like man. He has resources for everything; only death has failed to prevent it.

Optimistic about the human species, Sophocles thus spoke about the creative potential of each person.

22. A perverse man is known in a single day; to know the just man, more time is needed.

About the types of people and their ethical or perverse background.

23. Death is not the greatest of evils: it is worse to want to die and not be able to do it.

A phrase that seems to talk about the need to legalize euthanasia.

24. Never having been born can be the greatest of favors.

A somewhat pessimistic view of existence.

25. It is always good to sail away from evil.

Metaphor to apply to life.