Online psychological treatment has a relatively short history, but the figure of the online psychologist is becoming increasingly prominent .

Times are changing and nowadays it is already possible to receive psychological therapy on the internet, as new technologies have brought new ways of communicating with patients, and more and more research confirms that this form of psychotherapy is beneficial for people’s well-being and mental health.

Convenience and confidentiality are some examples of its advantages. In this article, we will review the benefits of the online psychologist together with one of the most recognized psychologists in our country: Miguel Ángel Rizaldos. Together with him we will discover what this therapy modality consists of and for which cases it is especially indicated.

Benefits of the online psychologist

Online therapy has opened up new avenues for mental health treatment and for improving people’s well-being. But, what are the real benefits of the online psychologist?

Here they are presented to you.

1. Access from anywhere

Online therapy allows access from anywhere, and the reasons can be varied . “From people who live in rural or remote areas and have difficulty accessing a psychologist nearby; to individuals who, due to problems of reduced mobility, find it difficult to attend psychotherapy sessions on a regular basis,” says Miguel Ángel Rizaldos.

2. Convenience

The online psychologist offers convenience and choice of schedules . “Many times it can be complicated to go to the psychologist because work or studies make it difficult. Thanks to online therapy, it is possible to adapt the therapy sessions to the patient’s agenda and their pace of life,” says clinical psychologist Miguel Ángel Rizaldos.

This allows anyone to have access to this service and therefore see their well-being improved.

3. Comfort

One of the most outstanding benefits of online therapy is convenience . “The patient can carry out the psychotherapy sessions from their own home, with their computer, tablet or mobile phone, without having to travel or go to the Psychology Clinic.

The patient saves time and is also in his own environment during the psychotherapy sessions, which can help him feel more comfortable and calm,” says Psychology 2.0, the platform directed by Miguel Angel Rizaldos. However, “It is necessary that the patient finds a quiet, comfortable and private place where he is alone and without interruptions”, they advise.

4. Lower cost

“In general, the price of online psychological assistance is usually cheaper, since the cost of the online therapy clinic is also lower”.

An online psychologist does not need, for example, a large office with a waiting room or other requirements that are necessary in face-to-face therapy. Although the cost is lower, the quality of the service remains the same .

5. Trust

According to Rizaldos, “The online psychologist is reliable since he also adheres to the code of ethics that regulates the profession and has all the legal requirements to practice his profession. In addition, our collaborators are rigorously selected for their commitment and technical skills.

This empowers them to have a good therapeutic partnership and achieve success with the patient as in face-to-face therapy.

6. Other communication options

Thanks to online therapy, patients can benefit from different forms of communication that may be suitable for them . In fact, many of these online clinics offer a novel service, in which it is possible to connect with a psychologist through both mobile and computer chat (via their website or their iOS and Android app).

The most common is the use of video calls once a week, in which the psychologist holds a one-hour session with the patient. In addition, there is also the possibility of using text messages, voice messages and images.

7. Writing as a Therapeutic Tool

Miguel Angel Rizaldos points out that “especially in the case of chat therapy, writing about our thoughts and emotions is a very effective therapeutic tool. When writing, the patient can often read and review what he or she has written, and it leads him or her naturally to externalize what he or she is feeling, therefore it is very useful to the patient, but also to the psychologist as it increases the patient’s knowledge between sessions. This is what in face-to-face therapy is called recording.

Sometimes, when talking face to face with the therapist some patients don’t get to the bottom of it , but by writing down the thoughts, the patient can take time to explain what they really want.

8. Ease of passage

Online therapy is carried out from the patient’s own home or a place where they feel safe and comfortable and therefore makes it easier for them to take the step without the need for anything more than an internet connection from their mobile phone or computer.

9. Intimacy

“The above factors can help the patient feel more comfortable, relaxed and communicate more openly,” says Rizaldos. This is because he conducts the video call session from a location of his choice where he feels comfortable and safe .

10. Follow-up with the psychologist despite displacement

“Some patients simply decide to use online therapy because they do not want to stop treatment with their trusted psychologist even though, for various reasons, they have to change their place of residence,” says the clinical psychologist. This type of therapy offers the possibility of connecting with an online psychologist from anywhere in the world and at the time the patient needs it most.

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